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Centurylink Customer Service for Outages Billing & Technical Support

Centurylink Outages In Your Area- Troubleshoot Internet, Cable TV, WIFI

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CenturyLink is a global technology company that’s a member of the S&P 500 index and the fortune 500. They were formerly known as Central Telephone and Electronics, Inc. Its services include communications, network services, cloud solutions, security etc. In the area of communication, they offer Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS), local and long-distance voice, Ethernet, private line (special access included), data integration, network, public access, video, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) etc.

This company has its headquarters based in Monroe, Louisiana and also serves global enterprise customers across Latin America, North America, EMEA, and Asia Pacific.

Types of Centurylink outage

Centurylink Internet outages

A Centurylink internet outage or internet blackout would occur in conditions like cyberattacks, disasters, censorship, police or security services actions. Its disappointing to experience an internet outage when in the middle of something important. Also when there is disruptions of submarine communications cables, it would lead to internet blackouts or outage. This type of outage are mostly seen in countries that have less-developed internet infrastructure based on their small number of high-capacity links. Human errors and manipulations can also be major cause of internet outages aside from disasters like earthquakes and tsunamis.

Centurylink Cable TV Outages

Cable TV is a basic technology we use most of the time. They typically transfer radio waves through coaxial cables and are different from most forms of television programming. Centurylink Outages usually occur when there is breakdown or failure of the cable TV due to natural or unnatural reasons. Corresponding agencies could be informed when there is an outage because they will help analyze the potential cause and will take up the necessary actions to needed to restore the outage. One of the good source of entertainment is cable TV because they can help you relax when you want to. But aside this, various factors such as storms or car accident on a telephone pole could affect the system that generates the signal need for your cable television.

Centurylink Cell Outages

This is a situation whereby there is a partial or complete loss of phone signals. Cell phones have been one of the fastest-growing technology in the world are bound to have outages. Most times outages can come from a DNS problem routing web traffic, a failure at a local tower, or from settings on your cell phone that needs to be updated. If you experience an outage with your cell phone make sure it isn’t the settings on your phone that is causing the connectivity issue before you think of placing a call to your service provider.

Some steps such as making sure your cellular data is enabled, your SIM card is properly installed and hasn’t come loose and reset your network settings and check for an update. Most times, we blame wireless carriers when things go wrong not knowing the fault is sometimes from us. Other factors that hinder cell signals thereby resulting in cellular blackout or outage includes underground areas like tunnels and subways, tall trees and buildings, nearness to cell phone towers etc.

Centurylink Wireless Internet Outages

The two basic ways whereby we can connect to the internet are the: wired connection and wireless connection. Most homes, telecommunications networks and business installations makes use of this wireless connection in other to avoid the costly process of introducing cables into a building or as a connection between various equipment locations. Instead of the use of wires to connect your device to the internet, wireless connection makes use of radio waves and signals. Many internet service providers allow their users to access the internet via Centurylink wireless connection. There are many factors that contribute to wireless connection outages and they include a failed link to service providers, the difference in internet speeds received from ISPs, human errors and network congestion.

How to reach Centurylink customer support for all services:

If you face any issue with any of your services from CenturyLink and you want to file a complaint about some of their product you can contact them via their social media handles:

Twitter handle;

Tweet to @CenturyLink (you can also reach them directly via this handle)

Facebook /CenturyLink

You can “Like” or send a Facebook Message via this handle.

You can also visit their global office in the:

States Address
Atlanta 3340 Peachtree Road, NE
Suite 200
Atlanta, GA 30326
Boston 1 First Avenue
Waltham, MA 02451
Chicago 10 S. LaSalle St.
Suite 2400
Chicago, IL 60603
Dallas 14901 FAA Blvd.
Ft. Worth, TX 76155
Denver 931 14th Street
Denver, CO 80202
Herndon 2355 Dulles Corner Blvd.
Suite 300
Herndon, VA 20171
Irvine 17836 Gillette Ave
Irvine, CA 92614
Los Angeles 200 N. Nash Street
El Segundo, CA 90245
New York 1919 Park Avenue
Weehawken, NJ 07086
Santa Clara 2101 Tasman Suite 100
Santa Clara, CA 95054

Things you need before you call Centurylink customer service

Its often better you encounter a problem with their service before placing a call to the CenterLink customer service. Aside that, write down the problems you encountered and be ready to listen to what the customer call agent has to say.

Also take notes of what they say in other not to forget or in case such incident repeats itself. Before you place a call to CenterLink customer service make sure your account details are ready so that they can verify if you are truly a customer. Make sure you follow the instructions they give you and soon your problem would be resolved.

How to troubleshoot your Centurylink internet on your own?

There are many issues that could arise with your internet speed, but this tips can be a helping hand.

  1. Unplug your modem: Unplug your device for some minutes and make sure all the lights on the front of the modem are off. After some time, plug it back and attempt to reconnect to the internet.
  2. Make sure your modem is updated: Visit CenturyLink site to check if your firmware is old so you can update.
  3. Check your cables: If the cable you use in connecting your device is pulled from the jack, plug it back. Also, check if the cable is frayed or broken so you can replace it because it would prevent you from having an internet connection.
  4. Ensure your modem doesn’t have a filter: you will have to remove the filter on your modem if it comes with it or else, it would slow your internet connection.
  5. Check your home wiring: Most old homes have faulty wiring and could prevent one from getting a fast internet connection. You will have to test your home on the network interface in other to locate where the problem is coming from.
  6. Check your high-bandwidth background activities: Slow internet could be seen when your device is updating at the same time downloading software in the background. You would have to check your web-enabled devices when you start experiencing slow internet.
  7. Update your devices and browsers: If your browsers and devices are out-of-date, you are liable to have a slow internet connection. In other to avoid this, you will have to make sure your devices and programs are up to date.
  8. Make sure you have the right modem: You would need a more advanced modem than you would for slow internet speed if you have more than 1 Gig internet.

If you still not sure what the issue is, you can turn off your web-enabled printer, smart TV and other web-enabled devices. Then make sure your computer is connected to a modem using an Ethernet cable. Also, check if all these improve your internet connection. If there was an improvement, then that means the problem could be your router or one of the web-enabled devices. This would require you to have more bandwidth to support internet browsing. Reach out to CenturyLink customer service representative for over the phone troubleshooting and advise in case you need additional help.

Here are some steps you can take to fix the issues you experience with your internet connection.

  1. Make sure your network adapter is turned on and check the network icon to see if you have internet access.
  2. Check for any changes in your proxy settings
  3. Check the network cables to know if your computer is wired to the router.
  4. Reset your router
  5. Check your security software and firewall.

The next few sections would explain these steps in details.

  1. Check the Network: Enabling your network adapter gives you access to the internet via your ISP and also it connects other computers in your network. Depending on the operating system you use a network icon would appear at the top or bottom of the screen.
  2. Check the wireless settings: If you are connected to any network, you will be able to see a list of available wireless networks including the one you are currently logged into. If you have any issues trying to connect to a particular network try and diagnose it. If you have no control over the network you will have to request for the password and also need additional help diagnosing the problem.
  3. Check the wired settings: If the network cable you are connected to is CAT5 0r CAT6 network cables you would need to check the cables to ensure are plugged and not damaged. Ensure the network adapter isn’t disabled. You might reset your router then reboot your computer.
  4. Check the proxy settings: Its not advisable for users to touch the proxy settings because changing the proxy settings can disable your internet access. This is something that most malicious programs do to gain control of your computer.

How to Troubleshoot your Centurylink Cable TV devices on your own?

You can know the status of your equipment by logging in your account details into on centurylink.com site and search for the technical support area. You can also make use of their frequently asked questions to see if there are any information there that might be of help.

Though most cable companies have problem-solving tools available on the site to help reduce the load on phone lines. Most companies have their own mobile apps for account management in other to improve the flow between users and their products. For users who don’t have an online account with them, they can go ahead and use the live chat, general support tips and a service-disruption map available on centurylink.com site. Another good source of information is CenturyLink customer-service account on twitter or any of their social media handles. If your cable modem employs a USB cable instead of connecting to your computer with Ethernet, ensure you check your windows devise manager to see if it’s turning off USB devices to save power.

Top Reasons for Outages

There are various factors that are responsible for an outage, but here are the most common cause of outages.

  1. Storms: the most common cause of widespread power outages are wind, ice, heat and snow.
  2. Vehicles: if a vehicle collides with a utility pole, it can cause a power outage.
  3. Earthquakes: earthquakes of various sizes are capable of damaging electrical facilities and power lines.
  4. Animals: Even though barriers are placed between wildlife and electrical equipment, smaller animals like squirrels, snakes may still cause a short circuit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my CenturyLink so slow?

This might be as a result of physical barriers or electronic interference from common households like microwaves and cell phones. That kind of devices can slow down your internet connection.

How do I reset my CenturyLink remote control?

To do that, You will have to press and hold the setup key till the current mode key blinks twice. After that, you can choose the mode key you want to set-up then press and hold the OK key till your TV turns off.


Based on the above information given above I believe this article has covered the basics. Whenever you encounter any outage in your area, the first you should do is to file a complain to the company you registered it with. And also remember that outages are always bound to happen.

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