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Directv Customer Service for Outages Billing & Technical Support

DirecTV Outages In Your Area – Updated Fix Guide 2021

Have DirecTV Outages In Your Area but want to make sure its not just you? then you have come to the right place for our 2021 guide.

DirecTV is a leading direct broadcast satellite service provider that is based in El Segundo, Califonia. Its a was launched on June 17, 1994, as a subsidiary of AT&T to transmit digital satellite television and audio to households in the United States, Caribbean and Latin America.

This company is one of the two premium television offerings from AT&T and also the first television provider to begin offering 4K ultra-high-definition content.

They also offer local channels like MeTv, Laff, Comet, CBS, Telemundo, and some independent stations in markets owning over 99.2% of U.S. TV households. Its the building block of today’s digital world as well as machine learning and communication satellite. This company provides local HDTV channels to the largest markets in the digital space.

Types of DirecTV outage

DirecTV Internet Outages

DirecTV Internet outage commonly referred to as internet blackout can occur in situations like cyberattacks and disasters and this is via AT&T parent company. The world we live in today depends on the internet for important communications and when an internet outage occurs its cause might range from complex to be mundane. AT&T Internet outages are mostly seen in areas in a state or city that has poorly developed infrastructures.

Human errors and manipulations can also be a major cause of internet outages aside from disasters like tsunamis and earthquakes.

Most of the time, the problem comes from our localized equipment which would prevent our connection to the internet. It could be software glitches, unplugged cables or hardware failure. About our geographical location, regional internet outages can be caused by severe electrical outages, weather, or even physical damage to a data centre.

DirecTV Cable TV Outages

This kind outage exists when there is failure or breakdown of the DirecTV TV cable due to natural or unnatural reasons. Cable TV operates through the transmission of radio waves/frequency via coaxial cables. Anything could be the cause when it comes to cable TV outage. It could be a failure of the TV cables about cable TV distribution/broadcasts or failure of the TV cables about the broadcast internet services. If you experience any cable TV outage you can contact the corresponding agencies because they will help analyse the potential cause of the outage and will take up necessary actions in fixing it.

DirecTV Cell Outages

A cell outage is referred to as a partial loss of a cell phone signal (these signals are normally transmitted from a cellular network to mobile phone). Put it in mind that whenever a cell outage occurs it always depends on the factor that’s causing the outage.

Immediately someone experiences an outage on his or her cell phone, what comes next is how to figure out what’s causing the outage.

A step to step guide such as making sure the aeroplane mode on your device settings is turned off and data roaming is turned on, your cellular data is enabled, your sim card is properly placed and hasn’t come loose and also resetting your phone settings and checking for an update.

But if you needed to make an urgent call or just go through the internet as soon as possible, remember that Wi-Fi can be a good alternative to keep you connected until your network connection is restored. Using Wi-Fi to place a call would be a great help when you are in a bad network coverage area. However, when there is a complete network outage, Wi-Fi calling won’t be able to help you either.

DirecTV Wireless Internet Outages

There are two different ways we can connect to the internet and they include wired connection and wireless connection. Most of the products we have today are all based on wireless internet. It involves the use of radio waves instead of the use of wires to connect one’s device to the internet.

Research has shown that it has proven to be a lot faster and simpler to use. Internet service providers and companies like AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Boingo, Clearwire provide users access to the internet via a DirecTV wireless connection.

Many factors can lead to wireless connection outages and they include a failed link to service providers, the difference in internet speeds received from ISPs, device failure, human errors and network congestion.

How to reach DirecTV customer support for all services?

Most users of DirecTv products normally contact their customer service for different reasons such as ordering new service, changing or cancelling service, technical issues with current service, billing issues, setting up and changing service, cancelling service and arranging for equipment return, reports of technical and equipment issues and scheduling technician appointments.

Even though most of these issues can be managed online, some customers would still prefer to talk to live person. That’s why DirecTv offers extended hours every day of the week for customers service calls.

Their customer service is available every day from 8 am to 12 am eastern time while their technical support is available for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In case you experience any technical issue with any of DirecTV products you can contact them at 1-800-531-5000. you can also check their technical forums at there you would find other DirecTV customers that will be able to help resolve your issue.

Cases of repairs or equipment replacement, a phone representative will help arrange for a technician to come to visit or collect the malfunctioned equipment.

DirecTv also advises callers with a question relating to technical support to call when they are in front of their television set with a receiver in hand. Because it would be easier for the representative to help the caller to figure out the issue and resolve it.

One of the good things about DirecTv is that with your caller ID they can identify you when calling, as long as the number you use in calling is linked with your account.

But in situations whereby you are calling with a number that is not linked with your account, it would be better if you have your recent bill in hand so it would be possible to give the representative your account number.

Sometimes you can find it difficult or impossible to get your issues fixed with DirecTV over the phone despite the effort you put into it. But don’t worry, there are other options for communicating with DirecTv customer service.

You can visit the DirecTV websites and post your issue on the site’s community forum or demand for a live chat. You can contact DirecTv via Twitter or Facebook. Their customer service is been managed on twitter by @ATTHelp. The following information will be useful:

Phone number to dial 888-238-3712
Call-back available YES
Call picked up by a real person YES
Department you’re calling Customer Service
Call centre hours Mon-Fri 8am-10pm, Sun 8am-1opm EST
Best time to dial 3:30 pm
Navigate phone maze to a human Press 2 to order new service, press 1 for customer service, or press 3 to hear current promotions
Average wait  
Current wait 42
Rank (overall) 1
Alternate methods Phone, Chat, Facebook, Twitter, web
Quality of communication 69%
Quality of help 37%
Customer votes 74,386
Information last updated Sun Jun 14 2020 10:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)


Things you need before you call DirecTV customer service

Be sure to have had a problem with their services before you contact DirecTV customer service. The step by step procedures explained above is the easiest way to get in touch with DirecTV customer services. Most customer service would want to verify if you are a true customer so make sure you have an account with DirecTV before doing that.

Also, make sure the number you use in calling them is the same as the number you used in registering your account. And once you call DirecTV customer service and follow the instructions given to you, your issue would be fixed immediately.

How to troubleshoot your DirecTV internet on your own?

If you have any issues with your internet connection, then a series of troubleShooting steps will help determine where the fault is from and how to fix it. Many things must have gone wrong for your internet service to stop working and the best way is to check if anything is broken or if the problem is from a certain program or website.

If you are unable to see sites hosted across the country but can view local content then this means there could be a blockage in the internet grid.

You would have to take a look at internet traffic and then monitor the flow of data around the world. Internet connections can either be wired or wireless and whichever one you use there is most likely a router involved.

So in case you have any issue with your internet connection, you will need to get details from the person responsible for that network on how to fix it. Most times changing the proxy settings can disable your internet access. This what some malicious software and malware do to gain control of your computer. That’s why users should leave their proxy settings at default.

How to troubleshoot your DirecTV receiver

There are many reasons why your receiver won’t turn on, and this might be associated with your receiver’s power supply. The following steps below would help get your receiver up and running.

  1. When your TV is on, press the power button and see if it powers on.
  2. If it doesn’t, unplug the power cord at the back of your receiver and plug it back in. Do same for the other receiver power cord and plug it back in.
  3. If your electrical outlet is been controlled by a wall light switch, make sure it turned on. And if you plug your receiver to a power strip, make sure it turned on.
  4. After all, this, press the power button located at the front panel of your receiver.

If you’ve tried all these steps and your receiver still doesn’t turn on, you would have to check your electrical outlet and test the power outlet you use for your receiver. If the issue persists, visit Troubleshoot & Resolve tool for diagnosis.

Troubleshoot no signal issues

The INFO button on your remote control might be able to help you in resolving your signal issues. If a banner showing a program title and description appear at the top of your screen, you would have to use this information.

  1. Refresh your service: Doing this can fix a lot of issues.
  2. Reset your receiver.
  3. Know when the program airs: Go through the program schedule and know the time of each event.

If you see any wave lines appear on your TV screen, you would have to check the connections on your receiver.

Top Reasons for Outages

There are lots of reasons why outages occur and most times this reasons can affect the time it takes to restore service to your home. Below are common causes of outages:

  1. High Power Demand: During the period of more heatwaves, high power demand, overburdened transformers can cause electrical equipment to melt and fall.
  2. Excavation digging: underground cables are normally disturbed by digging. That’s why it’s important to inform the authorities in charge before any digging or gardening project.
  3. Lightning: when electrical equipment’s, transmission towers, wires, and poles are been struck by lightning, outages can occur.
  4. Earthquakes: this kind of natural disaster can damage electrical facilities and power lines.
  5. Vehicles: outages would occur when vehicles collide with utility poles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions:

How do I fix my DirecTV remote when it doesn’t work?

One of the first things to check when your DirecTV remote isn’t working is the batteries. Also the remote might not be paired to the receiver. But one of the best ways to fix your DirecTV remote is to press and hold mute and enter while pointing the remote at the receiver.

How do I fix poor quality DirecTV video?

To fix this, go to the DirecTV menu, check the settings and help options and choose TV resolutions.


I believe this article has explained everything anyone would love to know about outages. In case you experience any, make sure you do follow the procedures stated above.

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