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Wave Broadband Outage

Wave Broadband Outage – Troubleshoot And Fix Now

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Wave Broadband is a fairly new internet service provider in the market that has been trying to offer nothing but the best to its customers. They offer their services to a few states on the West Coast of the country. With their services, you can enjoy up to 250 Mbps speeds, which is good enough for most small households.

While their prices are fairly more affordable than most other service providers, the service is often spotty. Among the problems, you will run into while using the Wave Broadband internet service is outages. What do you do in such situations to solve the problem? Well, for starters, you need to know the cause of the problem. Afterwards, you can fix the outage issue. With that said, we have covered the reasons for a Wave Broadband outage issue and how to fix it.

Reasons for a Wave Broadband outage

A power outage

A power outage is typically among the apparent reasons people experience residential and business internet outages. For instance, a power outage can potentially damage the cables or your internet equipment and cause an interruption in the service. The same goes for an unstable power supply. There are times when you have power at your place, but there is an outage upstream from your network connection. As such, you might experience an internet outage the same way as the people in the affected areas.

Equipment failure

Whenever there is an outage, check for any changes in the setup. If you recently installed new hardware, it could be the reason for the internet outage. There could be a hardware failure that has disrupted your internet connection. Even just a partial failure or error in any one of the devices could be the cause of a complete network failure. Equipment that is not grounded correctly can lead to short circuits and eventually damage the modem and cables due to power surges.

Operation error

You might be experiencing an outage because the internet connection is not installed the right way. A misconfigured firewall and router can also be the culprit. Cables that are plugged in the wrong port, an incorrect IP address, or duplicate IP addresses can cause internet outages. Most of these are usually operator errors.

Weather disasters

Harsh weather is another culprit of network outages. Floods, high winds, hurricanes, and storms might cause the network links to fail, resulting in temporary or even permanent disruption of your internet connection. Damage to the infrastructure and outdoor equipment may result in slower speeds than normal, spotty service, or worse, a lost internet connection.

A congested network

The truth is the number of people getting connected to the internet is increasing day by day. It becomes even more difficult for the service providers to keep up with the ever-increasing load. Network congestion occurs when there are so many people using the same network, and it becomes overloaded. This causes a slowdown in the connections or a total internet blackout.

How to fix a Wave Broadband internet outage

People depend on a stable internet connection to get many things done. For that reason, a Wave Broadband internet outage can be a considerable inconvenience. You will definitely not be able to send emails or perform any of the typical online activities. Luckily, you can do something about the issue and fix it. Here are tips on fixing an outage on Wave Broadband.

Check for a service disconnection

With a busy schedule, getting caught up in so many things and not realizing when the internet bill creeps up on you is possible. You might have forgotten to pay your bill, and the service was disconnected. It would surely help if you ruled this out first before taking any action.

Reboot your modem

Rebooting the router and modem often solves many of the issues with the internet connection. If you’re experiencing a lost connection, what you should do is unplug the router from the power source. Press the power button on the router for about ten seconds before releasing it. Afterward, plug it back in and turn it on. Wait for several minutes and then try to connect to the internet once again.

Check your connections

Take the time to check the cables connected to your PC, the router, and the modem. Ensure each one of these connections is secured. If any loose ends or cables are not properly secured, fix them properly and try to reload some web pages.

Check the internet speeds

For some of the ISPs, the internet speeds keep on fluctuating. You might have paid for 50Mbps internet speeds and find that you’re only receiving 10Mbps or less. Unfortunately, internet speeds are not always guaranteed, and people are often forced to deal with whatever they get. If there is an intermittent connection or loading a web page takes too long, there is a chance the speeds are too low for a stable enough connection. Perform a speed test to confirm your internet speeds.

The wifi signal is compromised

There are plenty of things that can actually interfere with the strength of your wifi signal. For instance, some of the electrical appliances at our homes tend to disrupt the wifi signal resulting in issues with the internet. Microwaves and washing machines are the common culprits for this. Avoid using any of the appliances likely to interfere with the wifi signal and lead to lost connections.

Your ISP is experiencing an outage

Sometimes outages originate from the ISP side, and the best thing users can do is wait patiently. Perhaps Wave Broadband is carrying out a system upgrade or maintenance. This could be the reason there is an outage. However, you don’t have to fret in such a case because your internet connection will be restored once everything is okay.


Whenever there is a Wave Broadband outage, check the websites that often report this issue to confirm it’s happening in your area. If there is really no outage in the area, the problem might be with your network. Use any of the tips in this brief to find the perfect solution.

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