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Lenovo Utility Is It Essential For Windows What Does It Do

What Is Lenovo Utility – What Does It Do & Why You Need It

For those asking what is Lenovo utility, this write-up is for you.

Lenovo Group Limited belongs to a Chinese global innovation organization with its headquarters in Beijing.

The company is into fabrication, creations, selling of PCs, cell phones, servers, workstations, electronic capacity gadgets, TVs, IT board programming.

These products from them display the Think-Book and ThinkPad business lines of journal PCs.

Lenovo Utility Explained

Lenovo owns the product program, Lenovo Utility. The most predominant version is the with over 98% of these installations making use of this software.

As part of the setup process, the program will outline an enlistment point in Windows to start whenever any client boots the PC.

Below are Idea-Centre Lenovo machines that make use of this software;

  1. Series – 100, 300 500, 700.
  2. Legion Series – Legion Y520-15IKBN.
  3. B, E, Edge, Flex, G, N, P, S, S, U, V, Y, Yoga, including Z Series.

The name of the executable program is known as ‘utility.exe’. The bundle for the setup presents about five different records which belong to the mast part of 2.26 MB.

Majority of those that have this installed run on Windows 10 and a chunk of their client base in the United States, Italy, and the United Kingdom.

This software comprises the following files;

  1. KbdHook.dll
  2. Utility.exe
  3. CamDll.dll
  4. LenovoSetSvr.exe

Utility.exe is not essential for Windows and most times will result in issues. The utility.exe record can be seen in the subfolder of C: \Program Files (x86) \Lenovo\Energy Management\.

The approximation of the completed document on Windows 10/8/7/XP is about 6,193,152 bytes, 911,272 bytes, and other variations. The link is

It comprises anything but not a Windows center document because the program lacks a real window.

From the records, it’s a Verisign marked document that has a computerized signature.

Utility.exe has the capacity to record screen application, console, and mouse sources of info. The rating for the security is 45% extremely hazardous.

What does Utility.exe do?

It is possible to deal with your Bluetooth, Wi-Fi connector, sound yield, webcam, Dolby settings.

The force used can also be changed, capacity keys altered, and as well view framework data. In addition, it’s possible to also back the console hotkeys, Windows 10 on-screen show for Lenovo Notebook items, touchpad on/off, number lock, caps lock, etc. Camera protection mode, and much more.

Initially, it was offered as a preloaded app that comprises management option choice, especially for new PCs.

It combines spring-up windows especially when Number Lock or Caps Lock is pressed in Linux Mint cinnamon.

Furthermore, it offers flight mode on/off, camera privacy switch, mic volume, etc. The program normally runs out of sight with no UI being displayed. Most times you get to see messages appear on screen captures.

Another important feature is the Flight-mode which was integrated first in version of Lenovo utility.

When this utility has successfully been installed, the old flight mode driver should be manually uninstalled following the guide below.

After this, it can fix any issues related to BSOD 0x18 that came about as a result of similarity issues between RS2 OS and flight mode driver;

  1. Navigate to Control >>> security & framework >>> framework >>> device director.
  2. In the device director, search for Lenovo V-hid Device.
  3. Double click the Lenovo V-hid Device. You’ll see the UMDF HID mini-driver Device.
  4. Right-click on it, and choose to Uninstall on the correct menu.
  5. Click ‘Confirm Device Uninstall’ from the popped-up message, check the delete button, and delete the programming driver for this device. Click the ‘OK’ button to begin the uninstall process.

From the Task Manager, the Lenovo Utility program can be stopped if you don’t like it running in the background.

The procedure below will out how the pop-up screen indicator for Number lock or Caps lock can be removed using the Lenovo B, E, K, V series notebooks and the Idea-pad.

Method 1

  1. From Windows to begin the Task Manager, press Ctrl + Alt + Delete.
  2. To open up Lenovo Utility, change to the Startup tab. Right-click the utility >>> select Disable.
  3. Start PC Reboot. The marker will stop showing. If the Lenovo Utility is turned back on, it will bring the marker back.

Method 2

This is mainly for Lenovo B, E, K, V arrangement note pads.

  1. On the work area, right-click >>> display settings or screen goals.
  2. Click on advanced settings. For those using Windows 10: click display connector properties >>> Screen Configurations tab.
  3. Tap on the On-Screen Display tab.
  4. Uncheck the ‘Enable on-screen’ show box.

Many believe it’s bloatware, hence prefer to directly uninstall it because it has no function. So, to uninstall the Lenovo

Utility software successfully, follow the steps below;

Tap the Start menu, >>> Control Panel >>> Programs, and follow the next steps;

  1. Click Uninstall a Program if you’re using Windows Vista/7/8
  2. Click Add or Remove Programs if you’re using Windows XP.
  3. Search for Lenovo Utility program, click it, then do these:
  4. Uninstall if you’re using Windows Vista/7/8.
  5. Click the Remove or Change/Remove tab if you’re using Windows XP.
  6. Follow the screen prompts. You’ll get to see a program bar displaying the duration it will take for the program to be uninstalled.

In Conclusion

Lenovo Utility is a software program that can be used for multiple purposes that can benefit the user in different ways.

The various uses mention in the write-up above is an indication of why the program is needed in your system.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the importance of Lenovo utility and must I use it?

Lenovo Utility brings forth special key functions and offers On-Screen Display messages.

The message is an indication that the feature has been enabled or as well disabled if a special key combination is pressed on the keyboard.

Normally, the program runs in the background without displaying any user interface.

Can Lenovo utility be uninstalled?

Yes, it can be uninstalled to fix any problem. In the task manager tab, it can also be disabled. From the startup task manager, search for Lenovo utility, then disabled.

In startup what is Lenovo utility?

It is a software program developed by Lenovo. During the setup, the program will create a startup registration point in windows. This will automatically start the PC is booted.


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