Hulu Not Working On Roku

Hulu Not Working On Roku – Follow These Steps (Solved)

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Having issues with HULU not working on Roku? Here’s a short guide on how to fix the problem.

Streaming on Hulu has always been convenient using Roku TV because it gives the user access to watch uncountable movies, shows and even live events.

Why using this device, an unforeseen problem might just occur, which will result that the Hulu app will stop functioning on your Roku device. This can actually happen without any prior warning mostly as you stream your video(s).

for instance; you might notice that the app will suddenly refuse to load any content or it might just crash. In some case, an error message will be sent to you, which means you cannot continue with the content you were streaming.

When even this happens, it’s essential to first have an understanding of what might be the cause of the sudden problem.

If at the moment you’re faced with this problem, there is no need to bother yourself. This kind of issues can be easily fixed. Hence, in this write-up, prevalent issues that may be the cause of why Hulu is not working on Roku will be discussed in details, and some solution proffered.

Reasons For Hulu Not Working

There are various explanations for why the Hulu app will suddenly stop working on your Roku TV. Some of them might include the following; 

  • Using an unsupported device to stream videos.
  • Hulu service might be experiencing a signal problem.
  • Your app used to stream has already been outdated.
  • Your internet connection might be too week to carry the service.

Older Roku devices no longer support Hulu. 

The information on Hulu support page indicated that Hulu would not be functional again on older Roku devices. The models affected from this announcement are those manufactured from 2012 downwards. It means that Roku players with model number 2400 to 3100 together with their streaming stick (3420 model or earlier) won’t be supported.

If you pay keen attention, you’ll discover that these older models are already running on a classic app which is a limited version when compared to the recent version. This limited version only allows the user to access content from Showtime and Hulu’s library. However, with the latest version, any subscriber can access more such as premium channels, line TV once there is an active subscription.

How Fix Hulu Not Working On Roku

Carefully follow the steps outlined below;

1. Review Your Device To Ensure The Model Is Supported.

In as much as Hulu is available to be used by Roku TV, it does not support all devices. This means that the content viewed by two different subscribers using diverse model will vary. This mainly depends on the plan and app version. The latest model only functions on Roku TV with 8.1 firmware or even higher. On other words, the following devices must be updated if you intend to fix the prevalent problem;

  • Model 4210 Roku 2
  • 4K Roku TV
  • Roku 3 and 4
  • Roku Ultra
  • Roku Express together with Express+
  • Model 3500 Roku Streaming Stick (or later)
  • Roku Premiere together with Premiere+
  • Roku TV

When this is done, on your Roku, navigate to settings >> system >> check the model of the device you’re using and update it accordingly.

Check Your Internet Access/connection

The caching speed and your access to the internet must be checked especially if you’re experiencing buffer as you make use of Hulu to stream and it’s not working. You need to reach out to your internet provider, especially if you notice that the internet speed is below 8MBPS. In case you do not know how to confirm this, simply press your home button multiple times (five preferably), then also press the Rev Scan button three times, then finally select the Fwd Scan button twice.

2. Update The Hulu App

Hulu do usually release app updates. So you must ensure your app is updated with the latest release. By simply doing this as it comes out, you can easily fix certain issues, especially experienced by older Hulu app. Just select and download the released update, it does not take time. In a situation in which after updating you still experience the same challenge, at this point you must reach out to the customer support department to get further assistance on how to resolve it.

3. Reset Hulu

This is the last solution to try when all other methods prove abortive. By doing it, you can indirectly fix any other problem(s) you might be experiencing as you stream your videos. To do this;

  • On Roku, open the main menu
  • On the remote, press the Asterisk symbol
  • Next press on remove channel option
  • Turn off the TV for a minimum of two minutes to make a power cycle
  • Open Roku channel store, navigate to Hulu
  • Select the Add channel option
  • Then reopen the app.

In Conclusion

Listed above are some of the techniques you can easily apply to get your Hulu not working on Roku fixed. Peradventure you need more information or none of the recommended solution worked for you, then contact the customer service department. Alternatively, you can visit their website to check for any update about their device or better still; you can copy the official email from their website and shot them a mail. You’ll be contacted to find a possible solution to your problem.


My Hulu is not loading. What could be the cause? 

Once you experience this at any point, you need to first clear your cache file and secondly check for any possible update. If the issue is about buffering, ensure your device settings are updated. If you’re using Android device, navigate to your device settings, select the Hulu app, clear cache data from the storage.

What are the steps to reset Hulu on Roku?

For hard reset on Roku, you need to do the following;

  • On the Roku device, open the settings.
  • From the system, click on advance settings.
  • Navigate to Factory reset, open its settings.
  • Press yes and wait.
  • You’ll receive a successful notification. Then try opening Hulu again.

What are the steps to take to watch Hulu on my Roku?

From your Roku home screen, click on the home button using your remote control. Go to the channel store and scroll down to select Hulu channel, add the channel to confirm it. That’s all!

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