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Netflix Vs Disney Plus Which One Is Better

Netflix Vs Disney Plus – Which One Is Better

Who wins the supremacy battle between Netflix and Disney Plus?

In all honesty, this is a tough one because we are talking about two giant streaming services, each holding its own power.

Disney plus is a new streaming service that was launched back in 2019, but it has already gained popularity within the short time it has been around. The service is available in the United States, Europe, and the UK.

Many of you might wonder whether Disney Plus can really take on Netflix, considering it carved the way for all the rest. These two streaming services are different in various ways, and each has something better to offer the viewers.

Is Disney Plus worth you switching over completely from your Netflix account, or should you stay put?

That’s the precise reason we are here today. We want to take the time to compare these two streaming services head to head and help you conclude. If you are in a dilemma, we have the details that set each service apart.

The choice between Netflix and Disney Plus comes to what your preferences are in terms of titles, your budget, and additional features like a user-friendly interface. Both are great and have their strengths but if you have to pick one over the other, here is all you need to know when comparing them.

Netflix vs. Disney Plus: General overview

Netflix and Disney plus are both forces to reckon with. The truth is Disney is never an underdog, and it’s the one company that seems to thrive in everything it ventures in. Let’s give the devil his due, right?

Disney plus hit the market and barely two years after its launch, the streaming service had topped 100 million subscribers. Netflix took several to hit this milestone. But it’s also understandable that streaming was that popular a few years back as it is now.

That said, Netflix is a powerful opponent for any challenger. This streaming service already has a whopping 140 million subscribers globally and boasts of an incredibly broad content library.

There are many streaming services available to the viewers, such as Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, HBO Go, and now Disney Plus has joined the league. However, none of them has been able to dominate the market in the same way as Netflix.

Netflix is basically the home of entertainment, including Comedy, drama, animation, kid’s TV, and many other genres. Unlike Disney Plus, it covers more of the adult content, which is what many viewers are looking for in a streaming service.

Netflix does spend billions of money on producing original programming. This is a smart move because many people are really interested in original content. A good number of original productions such as Stranger Things and The Witcher have been quite a success. It’s fair to say that they are making all the right moves. However, the rise of Disney Plus has also been a challenge to Netflix, and it’s among the greatest competitors.

The launch of Disney Plus meant any Disney-owned content had to be removed from the Netflix catalog. This included the films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and other Marvel TV shows such as Luke Cage, Daredevil, Iron Fist, and so on.

Disney must have had so much faith in their new streaming service. This is because the company makes millions of dollars from putting its films and content on other services.

Turns out they were right since Disney Plus has not disappointed both the subscribers and owners. The truth is Disney Plus has been giving Netflix a run for its money, especially with their family-oriented list and classical films suitable for those in the mood to revisit childhood memories.

Netflix vs. Disney Plus: Price and availability

For most people, the first thing that comes to mind before subscribing to any service is the monthly price. The reason why you are looking for a streaming service is probably to cut down on monthly costs.

Cord cutters aren’t looking to spend more money, and it’s good that most streaming services offer the affordability people actually need.

For a start, Disney Plus undercuts Netflix on price. Its price is much lower for the features you get and this is definitely a good thing. People are going through tough times right now and any savings are highly appreciated.

Disney Plus costs $7.99 per month and with that, you get up to four simultaneous streams, HD streaming, 4K video resolution, and access to over 800 movies and shows.

Netflix, on the other hand, has three packages and the basic one costs $8.99 a month. As you can see, the monthly subscription for the basic package is more than that of Disney plus. Also, it doesn’t have the HD option.

If you want to stream in HD, you will have to pay for the Netflix Standard package which costs $13.99 a month. That means in order to get HD on Netflix, you’ll be paying almost twice the monthly subscription of Disney Plus.

4K video resolution is only available on the premium package priced at $17.99 monthly.

Disney Plus is obviously reasonably priced. It offers premium features at less than the Netflix basic monthly subscription. If you are a loyal subscriber, you can opt to pay for a full year of Disney plus subscription at only $79.99.

Believe it or not, there is still a significant saving there. In addition, there is a bundle option made up of Hulu, ESPN+, and Disney Plus that’s meant to cater to the needs of the sports fans. The subscription for this bundle is priced at $13.99 a month and it comes with triple the content you’ll find on the Netflix Standard package.

While Netflix is no match for its counterpart’s enticing prices, all that glitters is not always gold. Netflix really has way more content than Disney Plus. They have been in business long enough and surely know how to make their subscribers happy.

Furthermore, not all the content you’ll find on Disney Plus is actually available in 4K. All in all, we can at least agree that Disney plus is priced well.

Netflix vs Disney Plus: Features and User Interface

Both Netflix and Disney Plus have a user interface that looks similar in one way or the other. With Disney Plus, you will come across horizontal rows of content as well as a recommended section. The recommended section will algorithmically show you content that you’re likely to be interested in. Netflix basically takes a genre-based approach with categories for drama, comedies, action and so much more.

Disney Plus, on the other hand, has logos of the five big brands (Pixar, Marvel, Disney, Star Wars, and National Geographic) portrayed on the main screen and these also have buttons. When you click on them, you are shown movies and shows from particular brands.

There is also an Originals section on the home screen. We like the horizontal scrolling design that ensures you seamlessly dive deeper into the vast library of movies, TV shows, and documentaries. Once you download a film, it’s saved in a different spot so that you can easily find it later when you want to watch it.

When you compare the user interface of both streaming services, it’s easy to say that Disney Plus is certainly at par. You won’t have to feel lost while searching through a vast library of content. That is really what we like about Disney Plus.

That being said, Netflix has not been sitting around dilly-dallying. They are definitely doing something to improve their interface so that it’s more user-friendly and meets the expectations of the fans.

However, the progress has surely been slow. Netflix has an insanely vast content library and you can easily feel lost whilst navigating it. For most people, finding the content they want to watch is a bit of a nightmare. A more condensed selection would be great but it’s still a work in progress.

The most that Netflix fans can do is hope for the best. This is not to mean the Disney Plus design and interface are way better than Netflix but it’s fairly easy to search through. You find the content you need without breaking a sweat.

Netflix vs. Disney Plus: Content

The content on a streaming service is really everything and it’s essentially what the users want. In terms of content, Disney Plus still lags behind Netflix.

This is understandable because Netflix has been in the streaming business longer and it only makes sense that its content library outshines most of the competition.

Disney Plus launched with about 500 movies and 7,500 episodes of TV shows. This was no match to the over 40,000 episodes of TV shows and 4,000 movies on Netflix. While it has continued to grow its library, Netflix still has the upper hand.

Keep in mind, a gigantic library of the content doesn’t mean much if most of it is not worth watching. Netflix has plenty of titles that will keep you glued to the television for hours on end. But then the good and exciting content tends to be hidden and you have to spend your precious time digging through chaff just to find it.

Disney too has old films that no one really wants to watch, but it has a higher quality ratio than Netflix. Most of the content on the service is surely worth your time.

The coronavirus pandemic did come in the way of the plans Disney Plus had for its fans. The delay in big releases means there is less new content to keep the viewers enchanted. People want new movies and TV shows to keep them entertained and Disney hasn’t been able to quite deliver on that.

However, some films such as the live-action Star Wars series The Mandalorian have been the biggest hit for Disney Plus. There are many more films that earned this streaming service a name among the industry giants like the Broadway musical Hamilton, WandaVision, and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

All these also keep the customers from hitting the cancel button. Disney also purchased the 20th Century Fox and afterwards 30 seasons of the Simpsons were added to its catalog.

Among the selling points for Disney Plus is its focus on more family-oriented content. Different generations can easily enjoy titles such as Star Wars and Pirates of the Caribbean. Besides, if you want more adult stuff, you can always get the bundle subscription that includes Hulu. However, you won’t run out of films that you and your kids can binge on like Avatar, Endgame, Black Panther, Toy Story 4, and so on.

Netflix, on the other hand, has been producing and releasing original content every other day. This combined with its licensed TV shows and movies, and Disney Plus may never come close.

Furthermore, a big part of the original content is for adults or a mature audience. That’s why Netflix maintains the more diverse program lineup. But it’s not all smooth sailing because classic shows such as Friends and Office are franchised. There are times contracts are not renewed and that means the content has to be removed from the service. Though, Netflix is trying as much as possible to build a library consisting of mostly original content.

It’s worth mentioning that Netflix hasn’t been immune to the effects of the pandemic either. The film industry at large was affected and a number of streaming services had to postpone theatrical releases.

This streamer for example was forced to cancel several originals including the Society, Ozark, and Altered Carbon. They cited cost as a major contributing factor to the cancelations. Netflix does have plenty of high-profile shows and offers the variety viewers need.

That being said, generally, it seems as if they put their focus on quantity over quality. This is where Disney plus gets the upper hand. If quality is a concern to you, then Disney is the place to be.

Netflix vs. Disney plus: Pros and Cons

Disney Plus Pros

  • Affordable prices
  • The content is more family-oriented
  • Exclusive streaming of almost all Disney and Marvel content

Disney Plus Cons

  • At the moment, there is less adult content
  • Premier Access purchases for some titles costs an additional $30
  • The existence of licensing contracts hinders some content from airing on the service.

Netflix Pros

  • It consists of exclusive original series and films.
  • The streamer has a massive content library and offers more variety
  • A larger selection of adult and international content for the viewers

Netflix Cons

  • It’s more expensive especially for those who want multiple streams and 4K
  • The platform will soon be losing most of its Disney and NBC content
  • Lots of duds in the catalog
  • Seems to put focus on content quantity and not quality

Netflix vs. Disney Plus: Device compatibility

The Disney Plus and Netflix content is basically available on almost all devices. Streaming services have to make sure they reach the customers and various streaming devices are one way to do so.

Netflix has been in business for longer and that’s why it’s compatible with more devices as opposed to Disney+. However, Disney Plus is working tirelessly to add the service to as many streaming devices as possible. When it first launched Disney Plus was actually not available on the Amazon Fire Tablets. But now it’s available on the Amazon Fire TV Sticks and also supports all tablet models that run on Fire OS 5.0 and onwards.

This only means the fairly new streamer supports almost the same number of tablets, smart TVs, game consoles, and mobile devices as its counterpart, Netflix.

The devices that are compatible with both Netflix and Disney Plus include all Android phones and tablets, Chromecast, Apple TV, Android TV, iOS & iPadOS, Fire tablets, Fire TV devices, Roku, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

While Netflix works well with web clients, Disney Plus does experience issues on Linux. There is also a difference in the smart TVs that work with each of the streaming services.

For instance, you can stream Disney Plus on the Roku TVs, Chromecast built-in TVs, and Sony TVs. Netflix works with a wide range of smart televisions including LG, Hisense, FireTV TVs, Samsung, Philips, Sanyo, Sony, Vizio, Panasonic, and Sharp. Furthermore, the legendary streamer s compatible with TiVO and Boxee Box, unlike its counterpart Disney Plus.

Netflix vs. Disney Plus: Which has the most ideal streaming features?

Disney Plus is among the new streaming services to have joined the league but it’s already giving older services like Netflix a run for their money. The reason why Disney Plus has been able to come out strong and powerful is the features it offers the viewers.

First of all, all subscribers get 4K streaming. This is the streaming resolution that enables you to notice even the slightest and miniature details in a film. It’s something that you have to see for yourself to really believe what am saying. As for Netflix, 4K streaming can only be found on the premium plan that’s double the cost of Disney Plus a monthly subscription.

Another upside for Disney Plus is the number of profiles users can create. The users on this streamer can create up to seven profiles. Seven is a huge number especially when we are talking about a household with several viewers.

Large families have more breathing room and people don’t have to share a single profile unless it’s necessary. We can’t say the same for our friend Netflix. Netflix only allows up to five user profiles. This is obviously a limiting factor for large families.

Let’s now talk about the number of concurrent streams because it’s a vital deciding factor for the two services. Disney Plus offers up to four simultaneous streams as opposed to Netflix that only allows one stream with the basic plan.

If you want four concurrent streams on Netflix, you will have to sign up for the more expensive premium plan. As such, Disney Plus has the best streaming features when compared to Netflix. The features might be the same but you must pay for the more expensive option to get them on Netflix, unlike Disney.

Netflix or Disney Plus, which is better?

Isn’t this the moment we have all been waiting for? So here we go. When you look at both streaming services, they all provide many hours of entertainment and contain exclusive programming you won’t find on the other.

Netflix has endless content made up of TV shows and movies. These range from blockbusters to originals, to shows in every genre, we could go on forever. With 20 different categories, Netflix will give you lots of variety. It’s the one streaming platform that has been able to release a fair amount of originals. As you can see, there are many reasons why Netflix is a great streaming platform.

While Disney Plus can’t match the huge content library on Netflix, it has an attractive monthly subscription price on its side. In addition, it offers a wide range of TV shows and movies from our childhood. If you want to feel a little bit nostalgic, Disney Plus is your streamer with older content like the original Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Disney Plus is a haven for those of us who are still kids at heart or the people who simply want to spend their weekend watching a movie with the family. It is the ideal streaming service for the family but lacks R-rated content.

Unless you are a Marvel die-hard or a parent that wants to keep the kids busy with family-friendly movies, shows, and cartoons, Disney Plus may not be the ideal streamer you want to make a part of your life.

Netflix has more variety and offers content for kids, adults, and teenagers. So basically everyone is covered. Netflix is the best streaming service until Disney Plus can include more content for the adults.


Is Disney plus or Netflix better?

Disney plus is great for the whole family but can’t compare to Netflix in terms of originals TV shows and movies.

Is Disney Plus free with Amazon Prime?

Unfortunately, Disney Plus is not available on Amazon Prime.

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