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What Channel Is Telemundo On Roku Updated Guide

What Channel Is Telemundo On Roku? – Updated Guide 2022

There are actually several people who have been really wondering what channel is Telemundo on Roku.

Is the Telemundo channel on Roku? If yes, how do you find it?

Well, thank your lucky stars because we are here to offer answers to most of the questions on your mind.

Roku needs absolutely no introduction. It’s one of the first major brands to develop and introduce a stand-alone streaming player to the market.

Since then, it has become a top streaming platform in the industry, with the likes of Amazon Fire TV following at its heels. Currently, Roku provides a variety of streaming devices, each with a unique set of features.

If you are a Roku user, it might interest you to know Telemundo is available on the Roku Players and Roku TV.

This means it’s pretty much possible to stream Telemundo on your Roku device. You will not be forced to miss your favorite programs on Telemundo.

A word on Telemundo

Formerly NetSpan, Telemundo is a Spanish-language terrestrial TV network. It is owned by Comcast and provides nationwide content.

The programming on the Telemundo channel mainly includes telenovelas, reality television, films, and news.

The content is often imported or Spanish-dubbed. The programs and content on Telemundo are aimed at the Latin American audience.

That being said, it’s not just the Spanish language speakers who watch the Telemundo channel. English language speakers are also charmed by the incredible and gripping programming on Telemundo.

Where else would you find fascinating Telenovelas that will keep you at the edge of the seat?

With Telemundo, you will get a perfect mix of general entertainment, lifestyle, news, and family. It’s a channel that brings you quality content for Spanish speakers and other audiences. Furthermore, the entertainment only gets better and better.

How to add and stream Telemundo on Roku?

Telemundo is really the complete entertainment package. This makes it a must-have Spanish channel. Since it’s a Spanish channel, you can also watch programs with English subtitles.

So, how do you watch Telemundo on Roku? Or rather, what channel is Telemundo on Roku?

How to stream Telemundo on Roku?

Like many other channels, Telemundo has its own application on Roku. You have to download this application.

But before you can start streaming Telemundo on Roku, you will need the following, a wifi connection, Roku account, Roku TV or TV with a Roku device, and Roku remote or a mobile app.

  1. Use the Home button that’s right on the remote control to find the Roku Home page
  2. From the side-bar on the screen, go to the Streaming Channel option
  3. Under the streaming channels option, find the Search Channels option and proceed to search for Telemundo
  4. Tap on the OK button to launch the channel
  5. Next, select the Buy option to download and eventually install Telemundo on your Roku device
  6. The last step is to use your credentials to sign in to your Roku account.

Telemundo on Roku from other service providers

There are other alternatives to streaming Telemundo on Roku. For instance, you can use other service providers. These are service providers that also stream Telemundo.


The FuboTV offers over 70 channels at a fair price of $64.99 a month. You will get the Telemundo channel, among many others. In addition, it comes with 250 hours of cloud DVR for you to record channels and watch later.

Hulu + Live TV

This is one of the notable streaming platforms with Hulu Live TV and on-demand shows. You can add several channels as add-ons. Live TV streaming includes Telemundo at only $5.99 monthly.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV does stream the Telemundo channel in its basic package at only $64.99 a month. The package comes with over 80 live channels alongside Telemundo. It also includes unlimited cloud DVR.

Top shows to watch on Telemundo

If you’re looking for the best telenovelas and fabulous shows, Telemundo is the channel you should be watching.

Here are a few of the best from Telemundo;

La Reina del Sur

This is really one of the most beloved and greatest telenovelas on the Telemundo channel.

The show is about Teresa Mendoza, a young woman who attributes her success to running a big drug trafficking business in South Spain. The show is filled with suspense to keep you intrigued to the end.

Zoro: La Espada y La Rosa

It may be an old show but without a doubt one of the best. It’s about Don Diego la Vega, a vigilante who is hell-bent on fighting the corrupt tyrants in the state of California. To hide his identity, he wears a mask and goes by the name Zoro.

Fallen Angel

Angel Salvador is a jewel thief, better known as Devil. He is released from jail but still plans to steal some jewels to clear a huge debt. How will his new life unfold?

El Fantasma de Elena

After finding him unconscious in the forest, Elena falls in love with Eduardo, a wealthy young businessman. Eventually, they get married, but so many things in her new life make no sense.

El Senor de Los Cielos

Aurelio Casillas is left with no other choice but to fake his death and even change his face. This is because the police are hot on his heel. Casillas is involved in drug trafficking encompassing the US, Mexico, and Columbia.

La querida del Centauro

El Centauro falls in love with Yolanda, a beautiful and intelligent prisoner. While in prison, she becomes the mistress of a drug lord in Mexico. She finds herself in a dilemma when the police want to use her to lure out the drug lord lover.


Luckily for the Telemundo fans, it’s super easy to get the channel on Roku. Therefore, you will get all the fabulous entertainment.


What number is Telemundo on Roku?

Telemundo on Roku is number 47.

Is Telemundo a free channel?

It is possible to view Telemundo for free using a quality TV antenna. This means you may not need a cable TV or streaming subscription to watch the channel.

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