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What is AVS Foreground Service - Full explanation

What is AVS Foreground Service – The Full Explanation

With very many mobile carriers in the country, there are chances that you can get different services from each of them. However, not all the carriers that presents the same services to their customers. Verizon for example is marked as the best carrier when it comes to AVS Foreground service. Despite the claims, very few people know what is AVS Foreground service.

What is Foreground Service?

The AVS Foreground service is a verification service that is commonly used by banks. Its mainly a Verizon address verification service that is very beneficial in the industry. Companies use the AVS Foreground service for identifying and verifying address details when you’re shopping online. Its main benefit is to enable online shopping through credit cards and debit cards. There are chances that an authentication error can occur if the verification doesn’t work. This will automatically lead to failed transaction because your credit cards will be denied. The funds, money and the current transaction will be held for a number of days.

However, this doesn’t mean the transaction will not work for you, as a matter of fact, it will be completed by the issuing bank. The bank will be required to verify you are the original owner of the credit and debit card you are currently using to complete the transaction.

What happens if the verification process fails?

As I have already stated, if the transaction fails because of similar issues, the bank will be required to manually verify the ownership of the cards in use. The verification can take time depending on the queue. It will automatically, be completed when the banks will match the address on the files and the location where the cards are being used.

AVS Service Stopped: How to solve this error?

I have come across few users claiming that they are getting useless notifications such as the AVS service has stopped. If you are one of them, then I have a list of tips that can help you get rid of such notifications.

Factory Reset

This is not always the best method to go by but if the issue persists, it can help you get rid of this annoying notification. I personally feel like this method of getting rid of the notification is a bit tough mainly because you will have to get back all the stuffs. You may also end up losing a lot of your data and settings. Before you think of factory resetting your phone to get lid of such applications, its advisable to back up all your data.

Google Updates

You are probably getting these notifications because you don’t have recent Google updates. So, there are high chances that you need Google updates especially if you are using an android handset. Update the Gadget for the latest Google Updates or use the Phones update software.

Force Shutdown

This is the most effective method of solving AVS Service stopped error. You can either shut off the notifications and get rid of it. If this is the only alternative, then the below steps can be beneficial.

  • Settings-Open settings in your phone if you are using Verizon and head to the application’s tabs.
  • Navigate the application manager-What follows is to head to the applications manager and open the download tab.
  • Click all
  • Vzwaysservice-Now head to the Vzwaysservice and tap it.
  • Eventually, clear cache and force shut down.

Another way to go about it is to swipe on the notifications using the managing screen. But you should note that these are temporary fixes. If the notification doesn’t go away, its important to call Verizon for permanent fixes.

What if all the methods above don’t work?

If all the methods explained above are not working and the notification is still bothering you, then you can easily follow the below steps to manually get rid of such annoying notifications.

  • Head to settings-The first step is to open settings and head to apps and then notifications.
  • All apps-Head to all apps section and choose the show system option from the menu.
  • Search for Verizon from the search bar and click on Verizon Services
  • Force stop-After this, force stop and the notifications will stop bothering you.

Des Verizon use my GPS to verify my Credit card purchases?

Verizon uses the Vzwaysservice to verify card purchases and the address. However, this service has contradicted with Android Google+. This has made the other service to crash on startup. But reverting Google + to its original version can greatly help


what is a foreground service?

An audio app usually uses foreground service to play an audio track. This in short means that a foreground service is a kind of service that performs some operations that are visible to the user.

What is foreground in android?

This is a started service in any android device that android users can see and interact with. It’s something the user is actively aware of.

What’s the difference between foreground and background?

The foreground unlike background contains all the applications that the user is interacting with. The background contains applications that usually work behind the scene.


The AVS Foreground service is an address verification service that helps respective banks verify the addresses whenever you are using a credit card or a debit card to shop. In case the service fails, there are chances that the credit cards and debit cards and the entire purchase can be delayed or declined. This is mainly because the online retail shops are not able to verify the address and confirm the purchase.

The transaction can only work after verifying the details of the purchase and matching your address to the billing address. In case of any issues with the service, Verizon fails to help fix the software issue. In most cases, users are advised to factory reset the device or try Uninstall Google + updates. This may not solve all the issues but it can help to disable unresponsive service and constant notifications.


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