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DirecTV to Internet Router

How To Connect DirecTV to Internet Router – The How To Tutorial

Some people think that connecting a DVR to the router is not necessary and for that reason, the Directv doesn’t need internet to work. Although this is true, you might miss out on a lot of the good stuff. If you don’t connect to the internet, you cannot order pay-per-view movies through the receiver. You might also not be able to use interactive services such as weather and score guide. To be on the safer side, consider connecting the Directv to the internet.

Do you need to connect your Directv to the internet?

To some, it’s unnecessary but considering all the good stuff that you might miss, it’s crucial to connect to the internet. As long as you are subscribed to an internet service, it won’t hurt to get the Directv connected. With that said, you might have to learn a few steps of connecting your Directv wirelessly to the router. Since many people don’t actually use their Directv with internet, they may not know how to connect it to the internet router.

Do you need the Internet for Directv’s Genie?

The Genie system is a development by AT&T and its super-duper. However, the internet is full of unverified information that is misleading potential users. For instance, some people don’t know if they have to connect this device to the internet to start using it. For this question, you will get a couple of answers from different blogs and people. Do you need internet for the Directv’s Genie?

Yes, but not necessarily compulsory because all Directv receivers will work perfectly fine without being connected to the internet. This doesn’t exclude the Genies and all the other hardware. It’s a little complicated but if an AT&T professional installed the equipment, they will try to connect it to the internet to ensure you get all the available features. Another reason is that they are mostly paid after completing the installation process, which includes connecting every equipment to the internet.

You need to connect the Directv to the internet to send notifications to AT&T when they think they’re malfunctioning. The message is always anonymous and safe but the company can turn off the tracking. If the customer rep receives this message and notices an issue with the connection, they will swiftly take action.

Benefits of connecting your Directv to the internet

When the DVR is connected to the internet, you will get all the below benefits.

  • Video on Demand
  • Team trackers, weather updates and other apps
  • Faster searches
  • Enhanced music choice
  • Multiple streaming apps

How to connect your Directv to internet router

To connect your Directv to the router, follow the steps explained below. All the steps will help you get through the whole process with ease;

Press the Menu on your Directv

This is the first step a user should take. On the Directv remote, press the Menu Button and choose the Settings& Help icon. You will do this using the directional toggle. After this, you will see some options where you are supposed to select Settings.

Choose Network setup

The second step is to choose the Network setup from the left sidebar. Go with the connect now option and the DVR will begin to connect to your router. Give it a few moments for the connection to be established. After the connection is established, please select Continue.

Does your router support WPS connectivity?

The third step will involve two scenarios. If the router supports WPS connectivity, proceed to choose the option provided for the Push Button Setup. Check on the router to push the WPS button. After which the DVR will detect the device’s settings. After that, it will establish itself on the internet.

If your router doesn’t connect to the WPS

The second scenario is the case where your router doesn’t support WPS connectivity. In this scenario, click manual setup on the TV. The DVR will start searching for the available internet. Give it enough time to scan and detect the connections. Proceed to choose the home’s network and select Continue.

From here, enter the wireless network password. You can use your remote to type the password. After that, select Continue. Once everything is done correctly, wait for a few minutes as the DVR establishes the connection.

If your Directv is not connected to the internet, forget the pay-per-view feature. You cannot order this feature from the receiver if it’s not connected. Some of the newest versions don’t have a phone jack. Even if you succeed to order pay-per-view without an internet connection, it will only work for a short period of time.


Why is my Directv not connecting to the internet?

There are several reasons why your Directv is not connecting to the internet. Luckily, most of these issues can be solved at the comfort of your home. One of them is the fact that the network is down or there are loose connections. If it doesn’t connect, follow the steps above to troubleshoot.

Does my Directv receiver need to be connected to the internet?

You probably don’t need an internet connection for Directv service. But there are added advantages of connecting Directv receiver to the internet.

How does the Directv work with the internet?

DirecTV doesn’t offer internet services. This means that you cannot get internet-only packages from Directv. But you can bundle your internet-only plan from ISPs such as AT&T, Viasat, HughesNet or any other with Directv.


There are countless benefits of connecting your Directv to the internet. Besides the fact that some people claim this is unnecessary, you cannot afford to miss out on all these benefits especially if you ordered a bundle package from AT&T.

But remember, we are talking about an internet connection. In case you want to watch something from the DVR in a different room in the house, the devices should be connected. This is probably automatic with all the receivers that use a single-wire multiswitch system. This system has been a default installation for Directv for a long time now.