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What Channel Is A&E On DirecTV Updated Guide

What Channel Is A&E On DirecTV? – Updated Guide 2021

This write-up will answer the question, what channel is A&E on DirecTV. Fantasies and imagination have always offered an ideal escape, especially when you’re in a cozy environment.

Despite this, it’s essential to blend it with an element of reality to position you well. The implication is that you need to have a channel that offers such programming.

This is where A & E channel comes into the picture. A and E company manages this pay-tv channel that is known for Arts as well as entertainment.

Before now, their emphasis has been on drama and fine arts. Their rebranding saw them shifting base to true crime, non-fiction, reality programming, and much more.

Hence, for those who want to experience real-life accounts after being fed up with make-belief, you’ll undoubtedly be glad you have this channel. You do not need to look far; it’s available on DIRECTV.

Since they came into the picture, DIRECTV has been consistent, and this has proven to be among the best satellite TV providers.

They’re reliable for delivering quality TV feed to their subscribers. Apart from exciting channels that can be watched on the network, they also can have On-demand service, Live TV, and some premium channels they offer for free, but that will depend on the package you choose to subscribe to.

Another exciting thing about this network is that they’re readily available in an urban and rural environments. Now A & E has been included in their channel list; it’s an opportunity you don’t want to miss out on.

What channel is A&E on DirecTV?

Channel Name Channel Number
A & E 265

Top shows on A And E

The truth is that on A & E, you’ll get to watch unlimited programming that will keep you engaged. They’ve numerous TV series, reality programming, and of cause documentaries. Some you won’t want to miss are not limited to the following;

60 Days In

What are you viewing when you see people behind bars? It’s a place where nobody wants to be found. But in this series, some citizens decided to be part of the program known as 60 Days In.

The aim is to spend some days in the prison as an undercover agent to identify some of the things going on there. In this series, you’ll be able to witness drug infestation, the war between gangs, corruption in the facility. Just sit tight and enjoy this series because it will be worth the time.

I Survived a Crime

Follow Benitez Gio on this journey as he brings you some people’s experiences of a horrible crime. You’ll see their encounter with the attacker and the events that preceded this unplanned meeting.

The stories are authentic because its real-time surveillance and footage. The show is all about human instincts, the need to make quick decisions, and the extent to which individuals are suitable to protect the one they love. It comes up every Wednesday.


A group of experts decides to visit different homes and rugged terrains to tackle hoarders in the United States of America. The show will bring to your notice some hoards currently going on, how they quickly adapt to a new lifestyle and the resultant effect of the un-hoarding process.

Emmy has nominated the show as one of the best TV series. In addition, the series has won a Critics Choice Award. Be sure to follow the season.

Biography Presents

For those that have an interest in Journalism, this show is for you. You’ll love it; hence do not hesitate to add it to your channel outline. It’s a documentary-style TV series that is the flagship program of A & E.

The series cuts across several subjects, hierarchy of people in the society & their stories, footage on stock, photographs, and interviews. On each episode, you’ll surely get to watch something new that will keep you engaged.

The First 48

Some experienced detectives have to be on their toes to discover a lead that will help them solve a homicide case. But first, they’ve to cross-examine some witnesses, search the crime environment, and conduct forensic to unveil the culprit.

The faster they solve the case, the earlier the victims get the justice they deserve. All these must be solved within 48 hours. Watch as they experience an adrenaline rush in a bid to unravel these mysteries.

In Conclusion

With A & E being a part of the DirecTV outline, you’ll now get more value to your subscription. At all times, you’ll be offered the best hits that will keep you engaged.

All these will enable you to experience entertainment interestingly. With the Directv Genie, you’ll not miss any of your favorite programmings. On the other hand, there is also the DIRECTV app that can still grant you access if you have an excellent signal. The signal is readily available.

Frequently Asked Questions

On Television service, what do A and E mean?

It means Arts and Entertainment, aka A&E. It is a pay-tv channel available in America for years now.

On DIRECTV, what channel is A&E?

You can access it on channel 265.

What is another guaranteed way to watch the A&E channel?

Apart from the A&E channel being available on the DIRECTV channel, You can also access the channel on the following streaming platforms: Sling TV, Fubo TV, Philo, YouTube TV, Hulu Live, etc.

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