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What Channel Is Golf On DirecTV Updated Guide

What Channel Is Golf On DirecTV? – Updated Guide 2021

When you have chosen golf as the sport to fall in love with, it becomes crucial to learn what channel is Golf on DirecTV.

The one thing about sports is that everyone has their favorite. Some people will watch soccer match any time, while others are into hockey or basketball.

Then, some wouldn’t miss a golf match for anything in the world. Fortunately, with TV networks like Golf Channel, you can bring the hair-raising action to your home without the need to buy a ticket or step on a field.

Please keep reading to discover more about this fantastic channel and its offerings. You might be surprised to see that it has much more to offer than just some golf matches.

Without further ado, let us proceed to answer the questions lingering in your mind.

A short history of Golf Channel

Golf Channel, simply referee to as Golf, is an American sports TV network owned and run by the NBC Sports Group, a division of NBCUniversal and subsidiary of Comcast.

The channel was founded in Birmingham, Alabama, but it’s currently headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut. Clearly from its name, the channel focuses primarily on the coverage of the sport of golf, including live coverage of tournaments, factual and instructional programming.

Furthermore, it has rights to various golf-related sporting events like the US Open, The Open Championship, PGA Tour, LPGA Tour, and golf at the summer Olympics.

The concept to create a 24-hour gold network came from Joseph E. Gibbs, a media entrepreneur. He first thought of the idea in 1991.

Gibbs felt the general public had enough interest in golf as a sport to support such a network. With the support of polls, Gibbs and iconic golfer Arnold Palmer managed to secure $80 million in financing from a couple of cable providers so that they could launch the network.

The sports network was eventually launched in 1995 with a ceremonial flip from the legendary golfer and now co-founder Arnold Palmer.

Just as the founders predicted, the Golf Channel has been highly successful. It’s dedicated to providing quality coverage of golf tournaments and events, attracting the attention of millions of sports-crazy fans.

Golf is a popular choice when it comes to watching this kind of sport. Being a sought-after channel, it’s available to approximately 70 million pay-tv households in the country.

What channel number is Golf on DirecTV?

DirecTV is one of the two major satellite TV providers in the nation, serving people from all walks of life for decades. DirecTV offers an outstanding channel lineup with many TV networks to cover the entertainment needs of everyone.

For this reason, you can surely rest easy knowing your favorite sports network, aka Golf Channel, is most certainly available in its lineup.

Oftentimes, it’s not surprising for people not to know where the Golf Channel is on DirecTV. You are dealing with a significantly huge lineup, and it’s not possible to instantly spot your desired TV network.

Instead of rummaging through the channel guide trying to figure out where the Golf channel is, take our help and ease your burden.

We agree it can be such a hassle locating a channel or even finding the respective number. That’s why we have right here the channel number for Golf on DirecTV.

Channel Name Channel Number
Golf Channel HD 218

Popular shows on Golf Channel

Are you looking for some golf shows to reminisce on your golden days in the green? Well, Golf has a perfectly curated lineup of shows to get your juices flowing. Here are the flavors of some popular shows on the Golf channel.


Feherty is a show hosted by retired professional golfer David Feherty. It involves one-on-one interviews between the host and renowned personalities in golf. This is one of the most realistic and engaging golf shows and one of the best on the network.

Golf Central

This is a signature show that has been running on the Golf network for decades. It helps you keep up with everything that’s currently happening in the world of golf. It’s the perfect place to know everything about golf, including the breaking news, highlights, analysis, scores, and live games.

School of Golf

Watch this show to enhance your golf game and get more information on the technicalities of the game. The series will take you through all the basics of golf as a game. There is a lot that you can learn and take home from this two-season show.

Shell’s Wonderful World of Golf

This is a TV series featuring golf matches. It started as part of a tradition of challenge matches between pairs of professional golfers. This was the earliest form of golf competition in those days. The show includes conversations between contestants to make the audience feel like they were part of the competition.

The Big Break

In this show, contestants battle for a lifetime opportunity to compete in a professional golf event. Each episode is an hour-long, with the season finale being two hours long.


Now that you are armed with the correct channel number of the Golf Channel, don’t let yourself miss out on any happenings related to this sport. There are lots of exciting shows and entertainment on this channel waiting for you to explore.


How do I get the golf channel on DirecTV?

Get a subscription to a DirecTV package with Golf Channel included in the channel lineup. After that, you can watch all the content on this sports network without any limits.

What number is Golf Channel?

Golf Channel is available on DirecTV on channel 218.

When did the Golf channel start?

Golf Channel was founded back in 1995. It’s now a top destination for the diehard fans of golf sport.

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