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What Channel Is Pac 12 Network On Optimum Updated Guide

What Channel Is Pac-12 Network On Optimum? – Updated Guide 2021

Being one of the biggest TV providers in the US, Optimum offers thousands of TV channels to their customers which makes it hard to discern, what channel is Pac 12 Network on Optimum.

If you are having trouble checking Pac 12 Network on your channel list, then we are here today to just make it easier for you.

As it turns out, Pac 12 Network is on the list of available channels and it can be found under the sports category.

If you want to watch broadcasts of your favourite teams play live, then you need to check off Pac 12 Channel Number on Optimum.

But before that, what is Pac 12 Network? Is Pac 12 Available on all the Optimum TV packages? Let’s find out here.

What is Pac 12 Network?

Pac 12 Network is an American sports TV channel that was formed back in 2010. It has its headquarters located in San Francisco, California and the CEO of the company is Larry Scott. It offers broadcasting content related to different sports like basketball, baseball etc.

All about Pac 12 Channel Number on Optimum

If we take a look at the channel list on Optimum, we will find our favourite Pac 12 Network under the category of sports channels.

As it turns out, you have to opt for a higher level package for being able to watch all your favourite teams compete.

The following are different packages from Optimum that make up their 3 tier offering that everyone can enjoy.

  • Preferred Package – It offers more than 100-channel which will require you to pay $54.99 per month. It also offers local free channels like ABC, NBC etc. Though, it does not offer Pac 12 Network channel on its list of channel packages.
  • Classic Package – This package costs $64.99 every month and includes more than 200-channels for your entertainment needs. This package offers local free channels too, but if you want to watch Pac 12 Network, then this package won’t be of use to you.
  • Premier Package – This is the highest level package which goes for $74.99 every month and it includes more than 285 channels for your entertainment needs. All the sports channels are included in this package, including Pac 12 Network.

What Channel is Pac 12 on Optimum?

You can watch Pac 12 Channel on Channel number 616 and channel number 957 for both HD and SD quality respectively. Check the table below for more guidance.

Channel Name Channel Number
Pac 12 Network 616/957

Is Pac 12 Channel Number the same for all Providers?

No, the channel number can vary from one provider to the other. The following table will help you find out what channel is Pac 12 Network on Optimum;

  • Channel Name: PAC-12 Network
  • DISH Channel Number: 616 HD & 957 SD
  • DIRECTV Channel Number: 616 HD & 956 SD
  • Verizon FIOS Channel Number: Not Available (Must use 7-digit dialling)
  • Optimum Channel Number: 616 (HD) and 957 (SD)

When it comes to Optimum, Pac 12 Network is available under the Premier Package, which offers more than 285-channels.

If you opt for this package, then you will be able to enjoy watching your favourite teams playing live on Pac 12 Network.

The channel is available on the same number as indicated by other providers as well as listed in the table above.

If you want to watch Pac 12 Network live, then all you need to do is purchase an Optimum package and tune into your favourite channel using your remote control. So now that we know what channel is Pac 12 Network is, we hope you have a good time watching your favourite teams play live!

Top 6 Most Popular TV shows to watch on Pac 12

Being a sports channel, Pac, 12 has some of the best TV shows for sports fanatics. The channel has a variety of programming to offer in different genres.

It has a vast list of TV shows in live sports, analysis and documentary among others. Here is the list of the top 6 most popular TV shows on Pac 12 that are trending in 2021.

  • The 12 Greatest – This is the TV show on Pac 12 that analysis the legends in the game. They are the Hall of Famers that have made the play that has changed the way the game is played.
  • The Pregame – The pregame is a TV show on Pac 12 that gives previews of the games so fans can get ready for an all-out fight.
  • Pac 12 After Dark – This TV show airs after dark, analysing all the best occurrences in sports. It airs every Sunday to give you some of the best actions in football.
  • Pac 12 (Final Score) – This is a TV show that analyses all last week’s best plays in football, It also follows the best coaches around to give you an inside look at the game.
  • The 12 Best – This is a TV show that goes over the top 12 best plays in football. It also features commentators who give you their thoughts on what will happen next.
  • The Pac 12 Championship Game – This is the finale of every year, this game usually decides if one team will go to play for the national championship or not.


Now that you know what is Pac 12 channel is and the channel number to watch some of the greatest Pac 12 TV shows like After Dark, The 12 Greatest and the Pac 12 Playlist, enjoy your weekend.


Does Optimum have Pac 12 Network?

Yes, this channel is on the list of the best sports channels on Optimum Channel Lineup. You can watch Pac 12 Channel on channel number 616.

Where can I find Pac 12 Network?

Pac 12 Network is in the channel list of major providers including Dish, Optimum, Spectrum and AT&T Uverse. However, the channel number for this sports channel can vary from one provider to the other.

What Channel is Pac 12 Mountain?

Pac 12 Mountain features all the events at the University of Utah and the University of Colorado. You can find this on channel number 591 on Optimum.

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