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What Channel Is Telemundo On DirecTV Updated Guide

What Channel Is Telemundo On DirecTV? – Updated Guide 2021

If you’re among those asking what channel is Telemundo on DirecTV, this write-up will give answers to your question.

Since the Latin Americans started thriving, the media industry capitalized on it to dedicate content solely for them.

Telemundo will be mentioned when you speak of the Spanish-Language TV channel. Apart from it being a free-to-air channel, it can be accessed locally and internationally.

You can as well get the best of Latin American stories. All these target the Latino audience. In all, you’ll enjoy reality programming, melodramatic telenovelas, sports, news, and films with subtitles.

What is Telemundo?

Telemundo is a channel based on the American Spanish language. NBCUniversal owns and manages the channel with the slogan ‘Together Unstoppable’ (Juntos imparables).

This speaks volumes about how they’re set to fulfill their mission when it comes to uniting American viewership through entertainment.

Apart form Telemundo, there are other related channels such as TeleXitos, Universo and Telemundo Puerto Rico.

They also operate a video-on-demand service which is referred to as Telemundo Now.

Being a free-to-air network, a wider reach of people has access to it especially people without cable subscriptions. Its recommended watching Telemundo using the platform of the DirecTV network.

What channel is Telemundo on DirecTV?

DirecTV Channel Channel Number
Telemundo (East) 406
Telemundo (West) 407

Popular Shows on Telemundo

Un Nuevo Dia

This is a Spanish talk show held during the morning hours. It has been running since 2008 till date. Here the anchor of the show will discuss different topics that are related to entertainment, fun, humor, and other hot topics that are interesting.

La Esclava Blanca

This is a Colombian telenovela that narrates a story about slavery, family, and love. The storyline is about Victoria, who came to America to get married to a wealthy man.

Nobody knew that Victoria had lived first lived with a slave family that took her in and raise her when she lost her parents.

Now, her mission is to return and set the family free together with other families they showed her kindness when she was a child.

Silvana sin Lana

This American telenovela follows the story of Silvana and her family. They’re wealthy and enjoy a great life.

A time came and Silvana’s husband disappeared from town when he was wanted for fraud. Left without any money and an unstable home, Silvana and her family had to navigate this troubled water in a bid to find a way to survive in the absence of their father.

Soccer Games

Currently, you can watch the ongoing Premier League Season on Telemundo. Apart from this, you can as well watch other FIFA-organized tournaments.

Telemundo signed a huge deal with FIFA which made it possible for the channel to broadcast soccer games for eight years.

The good thing is that you must not be in front of your TV. With the Telemundo En Vivo app, you can watch any match from your chosen location and at any time.

Suelta La Sopa

Are you interested in celebrity gossip, then you’re going to enjoy this show that brings you all the latest updates concerning different celebrities.

You’ll find out what is going on with some of your favorites, the secrets in their homes and dressing rooms. Apart from this, there are also exclusive interviews, TV news about sports, and movie stars.

El Final del Paraíso

This brings the new season of your favorite characters. At the moment, El Final del Paraíso is in its fourth season on Telemundo.

Come and follow Catalina Santana who is a DEA director of Colombia, must fight to protect herself and her family. Later her daughter was involved in drug trafficking. Now, will Catalina be able to stand against La Diabla? Tune in to find out.

Más Sabe el Diablo (Fallen Angel)

Though she bears the name ‘Angel’ there is nothing angelic about Angel Salvador. She is a known thief who was jailed.

The moment she came out, she made it her mission to steal some just to clear her debt. Unknown to her lawyer, Manuela Davila, what will turn his life world around is incoming.

Coming in contact with the girlfriend of your biological father that made him leave his wife and son, is something to worry about.

What do you think will be the outcome of this especially when both men knew of their biological bond?

In Conclusion

On Telemundo, you’ll have the opportunity to watch the latest news, telenovels, sports, talk shows, children’s programming, and music videos. The signals are transmitted from Mexico and the United States.

Frequently Asked Questions

On DirecTV, what channel can I find Telemundo HD?

The channel can be found on channel 406. Telemundo (East) can be accessed on DirecTV channel 407 while that of West is available on high definition, channel 407.

On DirecTV in Texas, what channel is Telemundo?

In Texas, Telemundo (East) can also be accessed on DirecTV channel 406 while Telemundo (West) still occupies channel 407.

What is the best method to watch Telemundo live?

For you to watch Telemundo online, navigate to their official website at The good thing is that majority of the channels have Android apps and IOS. With this, you can still perform the same task.

In the absence of a cable subscription, can I still watch Telemundo?

Telemundo can be streamed on Hulu free of charge. Hulu’s live TV streaming service offers a Telemundo Livestream. The same applies to FuboTV, streaming Telemundo is free as well.


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