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What Channel Is UP TV On DirecTV Updated Guide

What Channel Is UP TV On DirecTV? – Updated Guide 2021

Not all channels provide programming that caters to all age groups. You will find that most channels focus on a particular genre or age category. But never UP TV. This is reason enough to want to know what channel is UP TV on DirecTV.

UP TV will make the family time worthwhile because it comes with programming that both youngsters and elders can enjoy together.

This channel has something great and enjoyable for every member of the family. It’s designed to bring the whole family together through its family-oriented educational programs.

A word about UP TV

UP TV was founded in 2004 by Charles Humbard. Initially, it was referred to as the Gospel Music Channel (GMC) and featured various gospel or Christian music genres.

It aired all kinds of gospel music, from Christian rock and metal to contemporary gospel. In addition, the network developed some original shows that involved singing competitions and even concerts.

America Sings was a Christian singing competition, and it turned out to be a great success during that time. Another show that found great success and a vast audience was Faith and Fame. It delved into the biographies of various artists and acknowledged their work.

The shift in programming started around 2010, even before the network was relaunched as UP TV in 2013. When it rebranded and became UP TV, the channel took on a slightly different vision.

However, you can rest assured it remained family-friendly even with the new programming being introduced. Today, UP TV is all about family-oriented programs, including TV shows, comedies, movies, holiday celebration shows, music shows, and more.

When it comes to the holidays like Halloween, Christmas, and Thanksgiving, UP TV is one of the few channels that make it a point to celebrate with full enthusiasm.

During each of the holidays, it airs awesome content. Expect plenty of soulful music and family-friendly music to get you in the spirit for the Christmas holidays.

You will also be looking forward to Halloween and Easter programming as the days approach. With a channel that has so much to offer, there is no way DirecTV would pass it up on the lineup.

What channel number is UP TV on DirecTV?

DirecTV subscribers have access to a plethora of TV channels with offerings from every type of genre. If you are newly subscribed to the service, UP TV will take care of your family essentials.

The only thing that might be frustrating is finding UP TV on the massive DirecTV guide. It’s especially challenging when you have no idea where exactly to look. The table below will help you find the respective channel number for UP TV on DirecTV.

Channel Name Channel Number
UP TV 338

Top shows to catch on UP TV

There are lots of fantastic shows on UP TV that you should be watching right now. Check out our list of notable shows you should consider binging on.


Heartland is a family drama set in the foothills of the Rockies. Amy Fleming, her sister Lou and her grandfather Jack are all trying to run a ranch that has stayed in the family for generations.

They stick together through all the troubles that life piles on them. Heartland is considered to be an exceptional ranch where sick and neglected horses are brought to rest and recuperate.

The show has a massive fan following, and it’s evident when it was renewed for the 14th season.

800 Words

This is a comedy-drama featuring a grieving widower who just started working for a newspaper company. To soothe his miseries, he decides to buy a house close to the seaside in New Zealand.

He has to break the news to his two children Arlo and Shay and get them to accept moving to an entirely new place. Leaving everything they’ve known behind and dealing with the loss of their beloved mother must have been hard for the children. Will they be able to bond as a family in these trying times?

Gilmore Girls

This comedy-drama has been one of the most successful shows and amassed millions of fans from across the globe. It is centered on a single mother and her teen daughter. The show covers a variety of themes ranging from romance, friendship, family, and social class.


It’s exciting to bring a new life into the world, but it’s not exactly a bed of roses. Instead, it’s a rollercoaster ride with plenty of ups and downs, but with love and support from the right people, it’s the most fulfilling journey. In addition, expecting takes the blinds off and lets you experience every emotion in a raw form and with deep intimacy. Well, this is one heck of a reality show that gives you a glimpse into the chaos and joys of parents.

The Librarians

This is a series based on the lives of several librarians who study bizarre occurrences and often collect dangerous artifacts. The fight against magical threats to save the world and each episode has a mystery. Join them in the journey to solve mysteries and neutralize threats, ultimately protecting the world from unknown dangers.

Little House: New Beginnings

This show is set in the 19th Century, so get ready to witness the way things were back then. While there was a change in the storyline, it remains to be one of the best shows on UP TV with solid characters. The new storyline is centered on two characters, Laura and Almanzo.


UP TV offers wholesome entertainment for your entire family with no one being left out. The storylines are designed in such a way that every family member will be interested. There won’t be such a thing as content that’s too childish to appeal to adults or too mature for a young audience.


How much is UP TV on DirecTV?

The Entertainment Package from DirecTV includes UP TV and costs $69.99 per month. The channel is also available on the Choice package for $84.99 per month.

How do I get UP TV?

You can stream UP TV through live streaming services or get a subscription with a satellite or cable TV service.

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