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Best Internet Download Manager apps

Best Internet Download Manager – The Fastest And Reliable Apps

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Download managers make the process of downloading content, whether files, music, or videos easy and straightforward. They also offer better management options that can include faster downloads. In simple terms, Download managers are regarded as browser extensions or programs that facilitate the download of large files, audios, and videos from the internet. Besides helping download files and content, download managers help organize content and make it easy to access specific videos.

In many situations, you don’t need a Download manager to download your videos and music. However, there are some special occasions that Download managers come in handy. Besides the fact that Browser extensions make it easy to download music and videos, the process can still take long. Like copy managers that help in copying content on your computer, download managers increase the speed of Downloading most content.

Using Download managers, users can equally download multiple contents from different sources simultaneously, which is not possible using browser extensions. Some other download managers facilitate pausing and resuming downloads, which is similarly not possible with Browser extensions.

With that information, you probably want to get the best download manager in terms of performance and affordability. This guide discusses ten paid and Free Download managers and Music downloaders that you can go for today.

Download Accelerator Plus

Download Accelerator Plus is a reputable download manager packed with a couple of features to help you download and organize your content. You can actually get access to the Free or paid version of Download Accelerator Plus. The Free version of this download manager is more than just a demo version. It contains some essential features, such as reliable and quick downloads.

However, if you wanted the DAP Premium Privacy protection, you better go with the paid version. The free version contains a Link checker, file extension, safe downloading, multiple connections, and video previews, among many other features.

So, are you a media fan and want to have the best download manager? Try Download Accelerator Plus, and you’ll avoid some frustrations such as internet congestion and slow servers. Among the many features, we like the fact that the Accelerator manager is highly private and facilitates quick downloads.


The Premium version license costs $18.95

Adding the Video Accelerator would cost $23.95


  • Impressive speeds
  • Media File previews
  • Safe downloading
  • Link Checker
  • File conversion
  • Multiple connections


  • The Free version lacks DAP Premium’s Privacy protection

Free Download Manager

This Download manager is called Free because you won’t incur any cost to download your favorite music, video ad files. The main selling point for Free Download Manager is that it can monitor and intercept downloads in the web browsers. This doesn’t mean it cannot work independently of web browsers. Furthermore, you can create multiple downloads and preview Zip files even before you download them. Maybe you wanted a download manager that can download Torrents, which is exactly what this download manager offers.

In a Zip file, you can deselect the files you don’t want after previewing. Another unique feature that comes with Free Download Manager is the fact that you can download the entire website and resume broken downloads. The user equally can download all the links from the clipboard and eventually be able to control the bandwidth allocation for different downloads. These are the best features you can get with a free download manager.

Everyone wants an organized download manager that will complete downloads in the way they are listed. Free download manager sorts files depending on the order they were added, and most importantly, you have the power to move files up and down the list. The Free Download Manager is compatible with Android, Mac, Windows, and Linux and it works with popular browsers, including Firefox. Chrome and Internet Explorer.

For people that want to manage their disk space, you can click on download FDM lite. This version takes less disk space than the regular version. This is possible because FDM lite removes everything else added like Torrent client and just gives you a download manager that you like.


Free Download manager as the name certainly suggests, is downloaded and used for Free


  • It can integrate with your web browser
  • Users can pause and resume download
  • You have the ability to move files up and down a list
  • It enables Bandwidth control for specific downloads
  • FDM can download the entire website
  • You can preview downloads
  • It allows you to download specific files out of the archives.
  • It’s compatible with major OS
  • You can add plugins for extra features such as BitTorrent support.


  • FDM can be marked as a malicious program by your antivirus and get blocked.


The main selling feature for JDownloader is its remote management ability. This means that users can remotely use their mobile app, the My JDownloader website, to stop, start, and monitor all the downloads. Another feature is the LinkGrabber in JDownloader. This feature adds any download link from the clipboard into the program. This will help you to download almost immediately after the link is copied.

A bundle of download links can equally be saved as a password protected encrypted file. This gives you the ability to manage download and easily import them again later. Users have the ability to play, pause, and stop content using the icon at the top of the program. This icon makes controlling all pending downloads easy.

Do you want to complete a download fast enough? If yes, then you can control the download speed and set the maximum number of simultaneous downloads and connections. This is easy using the download button at any time. The JDownloader Free Download Manager is compatible with Mac, Linux, and Windows OS only. Unluckily, android users cannot use JDownloader on their gadgets. But this doesn’t mean you cannot download other content because we have a list of other Download managers compatible with Android OS. Lastly, JDownloader integrates with Chrome and Firefox Browsers. Does that mean Internet Explorer and Opera Mini users cannot use this Download manager? Yes, but read on for other Download managers that can work perfectly well with other Internet Browsers.

JDownloader supports about 300 decryption plugins and also supports password list searching and OCR to complete the CAPTCHA.


It’s Free


  • Users can remotely manage downloads
  • There are options at your disposal that can be customized to fit your preference
  • You can save a list of downloads as an encrypted file.
  • It works on major OS: Linux, Windows, and macOS.
  • It completes CAPTCHA automatically
  • Its Free, Open Source
  • Install contains adware
  • Web-based remote control


  • You might be asked to download other programs during installation

GetGo Download Manager

GetGo Download Manager is another unique download manager supporting a couple of simultaneous downloads. Another unique feature is the floating drop Box that helps to facilitate quick downloads. Users can easily paste links directly to this Download manager. Alternatively, you can import an LST file containing all the download links. You can choose in the list where to save your downloads. The list comes with a couple of categories that rank content like Movies, Music, Audio, and Files. Furthermore, you can specifically click on a file extension that you want it to be considered as a category. This automatically places executable files into the software folder. But AVI and MP4 files can be added in Video folders.

The list of features for this Internet download manager is endless. In fact, if you want you can store login credentials for downloading files that are password protected. If you are downloading files or videos, you can easily preview image files before downloading them. What makes GetGo Download Manager unique is the fact that you can capture video from your favorite streaming app and, at the same time, run downloads on a schedule.

Unfortunately, the GetGo Download manager is only compatible with Windows OS. This clearly shows that macOS, Linux, and Android users will not enjoy the above features. But don’t worry; the list for the best download managers for other Operating systems is long. GetGo download manager can also be added to Chrome, Internet Explorer and FireFox.


It’s Free


  • You can schedule start and stop for downloads
  • The program makes importing downloads very easy
  • Multiple downloads simultaneously
  • You can view images before downloading
  • You can record your favorite movie or TV show from Streaming apps.
  • Unlike other Internet Download managers, you can download content from password protected websites.
  • You can set downloads as auto-save to your preferred folders.
  • You have a built-in web browser to download videos easily.


  • Only compatible with Windows OS
  • It can get a little sluggish

EagleGet Download Manager

This is a modern download manager smartly working to help users download all content from the internet. It makes downloading all forms of content a piece of cake mainly because it accelerated downloads. Additional features include automatic and batch downloads and automatic malware checking. The browser extension will work with Opera Mini, Internet Explorer, FireFox, and Chrome.

This is the first Internet download manager that works with Opera Mini on this list. If you love using Opera Mini, then you have an automatic downloader for all forms of content. The Download manager can automatically detect downloadable content on the pages and lets you grab exactly what you like from the list. However, you should know that all the other Open Browser windows will be closed after installing the EagleGet Download Manager. This means that you can easily lose your data if you haven’t saved the links.




  • Compatible with all major Browsers such as Opera Mini and Internet Explorer
  • You can Bundle extra software
  • No ads
  • It downloads all kinds of content
  • Can automatically detect downloadable content
  • Automatic malware checking
  • Automatic and batch downloading


  • Its relatively expensive

Xtreme Download Manager

This is one of the oldest and reknown download managers we have in the market. It works for windows and can handle video, audio, and file downloads. Another selling feature is the fact that it supports link parsing for many media platforms such as Vimeo, Google Video, Facebook, Dailymotion, and YouTube. It’s not just good for downloading videos because you can also easily download music and audio files. It has the ability to download an entire playlist on YouTube.

This program integrates with Mozilla, FireFox Quantum, Opera, Chromium, and Firefox based browsers. Another prominent feature of this download manager is the fact that you can pause and continue a download. You can equally manage the speed of individual downloads. It also has a built-in smart scheduler and supports proxy servers. With all these features, the Xtreme download manager deserves a place on this list.


It’s Free


  • Playlist download support
  • Pause and resume a download
  • Supports download scheduling
  • Support for all popular Video platforms
  • It’s Free
  • Fast downloads


  • The user interface could be better.

Ninja Download Manager

Ninja Download manager is a well designed top-performing Download manager in the market today. Unlike some other Internet downloaders, its interface is simple and modern. Its performance is almost ten times faster. It makes it easy to download fast by splitting each file into chunks and downloading a specific chunk using a different server connection. This is what makes downloading spontaneous. In case you’re downloading movies or music, you’ll be surprised at how fast the program will download them.

Another selling feature is the built-in video downloader that supports Vimeo and YouTube. In case you need to convert your content, there’s an in-Built video converter that can easily change the file format immediately after the file is downloaded.

For music, film, and TV Lovers, there are a couple of options. This is what makes Download Ninja the right Download Manager for you. You can get pretty much of the content you need very fast. The Free version of Ninja Download Manager is free, but you may end up paying for the premium manager.


The price ranges from $19-$49.


  • The download speed is almost 20 times faster than other Download Managers
  • It offers sequential file writing
  • You can pause and resume downloads
  • Ninja Download allows you to schedule downloads
  • You can manage your downloads in queues by setting the download limits
  • It’s equally easy to manage specific download Bandwidth.


  • You cannot download content from password locked websites.

DowntheMall Download Manager

A few years ago, the downthemall Download manager had more than 2.5 Million active users worldwide. It was known as a trendy Firefox extension, but after introducing Palpably fast FireFox 57 or better known as Firefox Quantum, many active users were eagerly waiting for an upgrade. This Download manager made it very easy for people to download files in pieces and resume download even when there are some significant interruptions such as power outages or internet outages. The lack of upgrades left many users looking for alternatives.

Besides the fact that there are no upgrades recently, its equally very easy for you to use this extension and have the best downloading experience because of its many features. Being integrated into Firefox makes it advance the download capabilities to the Browser. You can easily download links and images from a website. Its most significant feature is how easy it is to completely integrate with Firefox and the many options for advanced auto-renaming. Another key selling point is that you can customize the time-out intervals. If you want to limit the number of simultaneous downloads, this is very easy.

Depending on what you’re currently doing, you can preview the downloads, pause and resume them when you want. Lastly, you can download the files of a page through the last remaining filters and masks. It’s now up to you to choose this Download Manager as Firefox extension for all your needs.


It’s Free.


  • Easy to pause and resume downloads
  • Fast downloads
  • Options for auto-renaming
  • Integrates with Firefox automatically
  • You can manage simultaneous downloads


  • It doesn’t integrate with other Browsers such as Opera Mini.

uGet Download Manager

uGet was started as a URLget and has transitioned to become one of the best download managers out there. It has been renamed severally but now works to help people download all sorts of content online. Though, you’ll be expected to add the GTK+3 package to the system. Among the many features, this download manager helps you download content super fast. It downloads files in segments to facilitate fast downloads. Another thing is that it can be integrated with many Download managers including Vivaldi, Opera, Chromium, Google Chrome and FireFox. This automatically makes it easy for you to download regardless of the Browser you’re currently using. You equally can use the command-line to download files and pause and resume downloads any time of the day.

Additional features include downloading Videos from some of the most popular video platforms such as YouTube. Users can add an unlimited amount of files to download. But if you want it to download faster, you should limit the number of simultaneous connections and downloads.


It’s Free.


  • You can pause and resume downloads
  • Use command-line to download files
  • Adds an unlimited number of downloads
  • Integrates with popular browsers
  • Fast downloads through segmented downloads
  • You can download videos from YouTube.


  • You cannot download content from protected websites.

Download Star

This is another major alternative to Downloadthemall Download manager. It is compatible with Firefox version 48 up to Firefox Quantum. The download manager works similar to the latter, meaning that you can load videos, images, files, and audio files and it will parse the site for them. What you are supposed to do after this is to click the addon icon on the toolbar to see a sortable list of downloads. You are then supposed to check the box for the file type that you want to download. The main issue is that the download manager doesn’t have an in-built converter.

The Download star equally has a search Button to help you search for different contents and download them. It is similarly easy to search for more than one filetype. The most important thing is that you can take care of conflicting options. This is easy through reaming, skipping, or overwriting them.


It’s Free.


  • It offers a lot of features
  • Fast downloads
  • Integrates with Firefox
  • You can download different types of files.


  • The ability to simply pause and resume downloads is missing
  • It’s compatible with Firefox only.


What is the fastest Internet downloader?

There are many download managers that someone can use today. However, Download Accelerator Manager is one of the fastest download managers that you can use today. It has the power to facilitate the download of large internet files, music, and web videos. This download manager can download from every platform, including streaming apps, Firefox, and other browsers.

Is Download manager worth Buying?

For many users, download managers have not been worth it. But whether you should or shouldn’t buy a download manager depends on several factors, including what you want to download. It’s pointless to invest in a download manager if you are downloading a few software setups once in a while. But if you’re a serious internet user downloading YouTube videos more often, it’s very important to invest in a download manager.

Is JDownloader 2 Better than IDM?

JDownloader 2 and Internet Download Manager are two popular Download managers. However, when comparing the two, most people recommend JDownloader 2 because of the price and performance.

I’ve included Free and paid Internet download managers for all Operating systems so that every person can get a perfect Video download manager for their needs. Depending on the browser you opt to use, the Operating system, and how fast you want the downloads, you can pick one from the list. Lastly, it’s very important to compare and contrast different Internet download managers to make a better decision regarding the prices and the features to avoid frustrations.

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