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Reset AT&T Uverse Router

How To Reset AT&T Uverse Router – The Exact Steps (Guide)

There are several claims that the AT&T uverse router is a bit problematic. For instance, people complain that the connection is unstable and the router keeps on overheating. Others say that their internet connection goes wonky after every few days and they have to keep unplugging and plugging the router back. So what causes this issue and how can you deal with it? Most AT&T internet users have to hand reset their Uverse router daily to fix some of the issues, which is incredibly annoying.

To address such claims, I have to state that there’s no one universal cause or solution to these problems. This sadly means that the problem might be complicated and difficult to solve. The issue might be originating from the fact that your provider changes the IP address for the router more often or just that the router is getting bogged down by the number of simultaneous connections.

The issue can as well occur if the router is overheating and certainly there’s no one simple method of solving it. Though, there are solutions and ways to address the issue.

Why do you need to reset the router?

Is your router the source of the whole issue?

Before you rush to any conclusions, make sure you are certain that your router is the cause of the issue at hand. Don’t mess with the router until you determine the problem isn’t originating from the ISP side. To verify this, try to connect the computer directly to the modem. If it connects seamlessly, then the issue lies on the router.

Is your Router Overheating?

You should also check if the router is overheating. If it is overheating, you don’t necessarily need to reset it for any case. You just have to make sure it’s in an open area with proper air circulation. Simply position the router in a new part of the home with enough air circulation to prevent overheating. This will go a long way in solving the issue at hand.


There are two reasons why the AT&T router might need resetting. The first reason is when there is an issue with the router itself. The second one is when you have forgotten your password. Factory resetting your router is very necessary in both situations. The process will erase all the data including your username and the current passwords.

How to reset the ATT Uverse router

Now that you have all the reasons to consider resetting your router to the factory settings, proceed with the below process to reset it;

Where is the factory reset button?

Various routers have the start and the factory reset buttons at different parts of it. The first step is to locate the specific router’s factory reset button. In most instances, the factory reset button on your att uverse router is red in color and is located at the back of this specific device.

Press and Hold the Button

To start the reset process, you need to press and hold the reset button for almost half a minute. After releasing the button, the reset process will start immediately.

Give it time for the reset to complete

After releasing the button, give the router enough time to reset. The process might take up to 5 minutes depending on the type. The router will automatically restart after the reset process is done. Few seconds later, the device will be reset to the factory settings. You will have to set the password and the username afresh.

AT&T uverse router reset didn’t work?

There are some instances when the router fails to reset to the original settings. If this happens, there are countless reasons for it that you should familiarize yourself with. The first one is that the router is defective. There is also a possibility that the reset button is faulty or there are issues from the provider. To be sure, retry the process and if it proves futile, call AT&T customer support for assistance.


Why is my att uverse router not working?

There are countless reasons why your uverse router may fail to work. Firstly, there might be some issues with the uverse router or the connections. Unplug the gateway from the power outlet and wait for several minutes before plugging it back in. This should rectify the issue. Another thing to do is to check whether the router is securely connected to the internet.

What happens if I reset my AT&T router?

It’s important to reboot your AT&T router whether for troubleshooting or for setting a new network. Resetting the router will solve most if not all of the issues at hand. It will also remove all the settings and restore to factory settings. This means you will lose the passwords, username and any other information that was previously customized.

Can I replace my AT&T uverse router?

All uverse accounts requires you to use the AT&T routers. However, you can at the same time purchase a third party router for better speeds, network security, range and coverage. So, yes, you can replace your AT&T uverse router.

What lights should be on my AT&T router?

The router should contain a couple of lights which all represent different information. The first light is the power status light that is usually solid green and the Flashing green which shows that the router is starting.

Do I need to reset my AT&T router daily?

Definitely no, but there’s need to reset your router most frequently. Resetting gives it a fresh start and at the same time solves a couple of connectivity issues.


The main reason why you need to reset your AT&T uverse router is to troubleshoot issues and at the same time set a new network. The process is very necessary when your router is overheating or when you’ve forgotten your password. If that is the case, the steps above can greatly help you. If the router doesn’t reset automatically after using the above methods, contact the customer support for assistance.

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