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U-Verse Is Not Available At This Time - how to fix guide

U-Verse Is Not Available At This Time – How To Fix (Guide)

AT&T U-verse, which is commonly referred to as U-verse, is another brand by the popular AT&T telecoms service. At the moment, the brand is only used to refer to IPTV service. The U-verse comprises of;

  • IP telephone (currently AT&T phone).
  • IPTV (which is now U-verse TV)
  • Broadband Internet (currently referred to as AT&T Fiber or AT&T Internet).

All these are available in about 48 states, giving subscribers access up to 55,000 channels that comprise app on demand and movies. AT&T U-verse TV, for instance, makes use of unique technology and enables any subscriber to record any movie or series in other to watch it later.

This is possible because of the HD Total Home DVR, which gives you the privilege to record a maximum of four movies or your favorite shows simultaneously. This means that you can actually be watching an entertainment channel in one of your living room and head straight to another room to resume watching it. This is indeed a unique feature.

Like was stated earlier, the U-verse brand is referenced to the IPTV service, though at the moment, AT&T has paused, offering the U-verse brand. But that does not affect the plan of any existing subscriber already making use of the service. You’ll tend to experience a problem with your AT&T U-verse whenever there is an issue with your internet.

This is because the U-verse service is solely dependent on the functionality of your reliable internet connection. Hence, in this write up, we’ll strictly focus on how to resolve this issue when it occurs.

What Causes U Verse Not Being Available 

Concerning the U-verse brand, there are a series of issues that might affect it. Some of these issues are as follows; 502 bad Gateway, default gateway not available, U-verse not available at this time, etc. The problem being considered in this write-up is the most problem being complained by numerous subscribers. This typically happens at the point when you want to connect your U-verse. Most times, this error signifies that the configuration setting is experiencing an error.

Actually, this error tends to occur because some of the launch configurations are directly built up through the router, in turn increasing the loading duration. During this process, if the configuration gets interrupted due to the unexpected shutdown, it will directly hinder the router from making any connection to the servers.

Furthermore, another thing that may bring out this error is the non-availability of a U-verse network within your residential area. In other words, the service you’ll receive will, to a large extent, depend on your location. To check the availability of the network within your area, you can follow the steps listed below;

  • On the website, click on the ‘Check Availability’ page.
  • Key in your address and conclude the verification.

Now you’ve known what causes this error; let us proceed on how this issue can be solved. Let’s begin!

Resetting U-Verse to resolve Availability Errors

Majority of the issues you experience with your U-verse can be solved by simply resetting it. The good thing about resetting is that it won’t delete any recording you previously have on your device. To achieve this, follow the steps below;

  • On your U-verse, hold the power button for 10-15 seconds. After this, you need to press the power button again so it will restart. On average, the duration for this entire process is about eight minutes. However, any ongoing recording will be interrupted.
  • When you’re done with restarting the device, you can then try to access a missing or frozen program. To do this, pick up your U-verse remote and press the Recorded TV button

Alternatively, you can resolve this issue by troubleshooting or using the resolve app when the previous method did not work out. Follow this method;

  • On your U-verse remote control, press the menu.
  • Navigate to Help, and hit OK.
  • Tap on the information.
  • Navigate to Troubleshoot & Resolve, then press OK.
  • Here, you need to select a suitable area to troubleshoot.
  • You need to exercise patience and ensure the interactive diagnostic test is duly carried out and complete.
  • Then proceed by following the instructions on the screen. This will help you resolve the error issue online.

Peradventure, this still didn’t work; you need to reach out to a technician or better still, you should reach out to the customer service department directly.

U-verse customer service representative

You can reach out to the customer service department from Monday down to down. The time is strictly from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Then on Saturday, the time is 5 p.m. local time. The good thing about their service is that you can access technical support round the clock. This means that you can always access a representative who will help diagnose your loss of signal remotely and inform you of what you need to do. Alternatively, you can also chat them up online, and if it’s an issue that a technician needs to handle, they’ll send one to your location at no extra cost.

In Conclusion

Anytime you experience U verse is not available at this time error, this can be resolved by following the troubleshooting steps listed above. However, if the error continues after trying all the troubleshooting tips, its recommended you contact the customer service department


What do I need to fix U-verse not available at this time?

What you can do for yourself is to unplug your receiver and then wait for like five to ten minutes. Reconnect it and then allow it to restart. Alternatively, you can disconnect the Wi-Fi gateway and wait for like five to ten minutes, then reconnect it and restart.

Is AT&T U-verse no longer in existence?

Yes, the truth is that U-verse issuance is no longer operational, but that does not affect those that already had it. You can check out other streaming services from AT&T, such as the AT&T TV.

Is it possible to cancel just the U-verse TV and keep the Internet?

First, you need to get in touch with the customer service department and explain why you want to disconnect the U-verse while keeping the other TV or internet packages.

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