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How To Set Up a Teleconference

How To Set Up a Teleconference – Best Free & Paid Options

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Communication is the most important thing everywhere, especially in business. If the members of a company are not connected well then it may hamper the company in many ways. That’s why communication is more important in the business sector. There are many ways of communication such as face-to-face communication, over phone calls, online meetings or teleconferencing and many more. Teleconferencing is the most efficient way for every business to communicate conveniently.

Teleconferencing is a very easy and effective way to organize meetings online so that anyone can join from anywhere. There are many ways of teleconferencing that includes mostly the video conferencing and conference audio calls. Video conferencing is perfect for organizing more intuitive and long time-consuming meetings. On the other hand, audio conferencing will be efficient to have a short meeting with few agendas.

So, if you are not a tech-savvy person and also don’t have much experience about teleconferencing then you may face extreme difficulties to set up teleconference calls. Though making teleconference call is not so easy but if you know how to set up teleconference calls then it will be easy to set up, all you need is an internet connection and a computer.

To help you out with this nightmare we have made this guide super easy with great efficiency. In here, you will find all the best possible methods or ways to set up a teleconference call.

Benefits of Teleconferencing

Below are the benefits of Teleconferencing which will let you know the importance of conferencing as well as the advantages.

Reduced Cost

Teleconferencing is a cost-effective way for most of the businesses for communicating. In typical meetings you need to be present in physical for which there is a cost of travel and also you need a place to host the meeting. You can eliminate these costs just by using teleconferencing for your meetings. All you need to do is just before conferencing inform all the members with whom you are planning the meeting.

Saves Time

One of the excellent benefits of teleconferencing is that it saves a lot of time as all the members can join the meeting from anywhere. Meetings can be arranged with a short notice to the attendees. So, everyone doesn’t need to come over to a place in physical which will surely save time. All the attendees can join the meeting from their own locations easily with PC, laptop, and smartphone.

Taking Quick Decisions

If you can connect with your important team members to take some decision instantly then teleconferencing is the ideal way to do that. Taking an instant decision is very crucial for businesses depending on the situation. While such a situation arises and you don’t have time to meet other team members to get the opinion, you can easily communicate with them by a teleconferencing call. This will help your business to grow more.

Very Easy to Co-ordinate

In business, there are different departments depending on the work category and every department is connected internally. That’s why proper coordination between teams is must need. Otherwise, for communication gap work progress will get slower. It may decrease the productivity of your company.

To get rid of communication gap you can easily set up a teleconference call. It will save time and all teams from different departments can communicate smoothly and conveniently.

More Participants

Sometimes, in business meetings, the number of participants is huge which can create few difficulties. For example, the location of the meeting is not large enough and also don’t have all the equipment needed for this large number of participants.

Teleconferencing will let you eliminate these types of hassle to get the job done. With a premium teleconferencing software, you can add as much as participants you want. There are many varieties of amazing software, apps, services, and websites from where you can set up a teleconferencing call.

how to setup voip teleconference

Best Ways to Make Teleconference Call

This is the very first step you need to follow while trying to set up a teleconference call. You need to choose the platform in which you are going to set up the conference call. There are good number of software, websites and some other services which provide free as well as paid teleconference calling system.

Below we’ve listed some of the best ways for teleconferencing that you can use simply on your business.

RingCentral: It is one of the most popular VOIP providers for businesses which offer both audio conference and video conference services. This platform offers great modern features such as built-in chat, audio conferencing, video conferencing, screen sharing, and many more.

The great fact about this service is that you can have remote meetings without paying anything. With this free service you can add up to 100 members in a meeting, but the meeting time is limited and the time is 40 minutes. To get unlimited meeting timing with lots of other premium features then you need to pay at least $19.99 per month.

Overall, it is an awesome and professional platform for teleconferencing.

Zoom: If you are looking for the best video conferencing and online meeting then Zoom is the perfect software to use. Zoom is used worldwide by lots of professionals to have met online and the reason behind using this popularity is its simplicity. You don’t have to be an expert in the technology sector to use the app for teleconferencing. It can be used very easily by everyone and from installing to hosting a meeting the steps are very easy.

Once, you have installed the software then you can easily create an account with your email and jump directly on to the conferencing. You can easily share the meeting link with all the other participants to join. The app is very versatile and it can be used on any devices including pc and smartphones.

Using Zoom you can host a free meeting with 100 participants which is maybe enough for every small business. On the free mode, you can have as many meeting as you want, but you can continue meeting for 40 minutes and after that time limit meeting will automatically be closed.

To enjoy all the awesome features and unlimited meeting time you have to pay $14.99 per month. If you think you can cover with its free plan then you can continue to use that. However, if you spend money on the Zoom for your official meeting then it will be very productive for your company.

Webex: it is another great conference call service that is owned by the big tech giant Cisco. They offer conferencing with an affordable price so that you don’t have to spend too much money. The Webex from Cisco offers excellent features for conferencing with which you will be connected to your team without any hassle.

Free Software: There are several free software and apps for every device which will let you make conferencing easily. You can try these free apps which may deliver you the service you are looking for. Few popular free teleconferencing apps are Google Meets, Skype, UberConference, and many more. Though these apps offer teleconferencing, you can’t expect good video and audio quality from these. Many of the free apps also have limitation in the number of participants as well as meeting time limits.

Now Let’s Dig into The Steps of How to Set Up A Teleconference Call

Most of the teleconferencing software or services require the same basic procedure to set up conferencing call. Depending on the conferencing software or services the setup procedure may vary a little bit. Below are the basic steps to follow when you are going to set up a teleconference call.

  • First of all, you need to choose the service from where you want to make your teleconference
  • Then create an account on the service or the software that you have selected.
  • Fix a convenient time with the exact date to make the teleconference call. If you arrange the meeting then you will be joined in the meeting as a host or you can join as a guest in the meeting that is hosted by someone else.
  • Before starting the meeting you need to check everyone is present or not.
  • Now, select the type of conferencing whether you want to host an audio or video-based conference.

For Audio Conferencing There are Three Simple Steps

  • To arrange an audio-based conference you need to use a phone system to dial in a specific number.
  • You can increase the security of the conference by dialling the pin code. So, whenever anyone wants to join the meeting you need to share with him the pin code.
  • As this is an only an audio conference, that’s why the system will require participants to save their names so that everyone can easily know with whom they are talking.

Steps to Follow for Video Conferencing

  • All the participants need to click or tap on the shared link of the meeting room so that they can easily join the meeting.
  • If you don’t have access at the time of the meeting you can simply join the meeting using the dial-in number of that specific meeting.
  • You can add participants in the meeting by inviting them.

Setting The Conferencing Pin for Dial-in

Setting the conferencing pin for dial-in is very important in terms of adding members with ease. Members can easily join the meeting by using the pin and it will also increase the security of conferencing. Without the dialling pin no one can join the meeting. If you are the host of the meeting then you should set the conferencing pin.

  • Following steps you should follow to set the dial-in pin:
  • Find out the conferencing dial-in setting in the software or app you are using. Usually, you should find it in the tools option of menu tab.
  • Now, reset the pin in the pin section
  • After resetting provide a new pin that should fulfil the pin criteria based on the app or software you are using.
  • You should now press enter to set the new pin and you also need to save the pin so that you can share it to other participants.
  • Finally, click or tap ok to complete the dial-in pin setup.

free and paid ways for teleconference

FAQs About Teleconferencing Calls

What is A Teleconference?

A teleconference or conference call is an audio or video call where numbers of people can talk at the same time. In easy language, it is like a virtual meeting.

How to Invite Participants to A Conference Call

You can invite people by sending them the meeting links. In some apps, you can invite people using their email address. There are also several other ways to invite people depending on the software or service you are using.

How Many People Can Join in a Teleconference Call?

A number of participants in a teleconference or conference call depend on the software or app or service you are using. However, most of the free software allows you to add 10 to 25 people in a meeting with free of cost. And paid services allow more than 100 participants in a single meeting.

Can The Participants from Other Countries Join Teleconference Calls?

If you are using internet-based software or service then it the location of the participant doesn’t matter. Anyone from anywhere can join the meeting using the link or pin you’ve shared with them. But, there are few teleconferencing services which may require local phone numbers to get connected which may cause difficulties adding international participants.

How Do I Join in a Teleconference Call by Dial-in?

Well, that’s not a big deal at all. You can join the teleconferencing meeting just by dialling the relevant number at the time of the meeting and then it may ask you for a PIN to enter into the meeting room. You will get the PIN from the host of the meeting.

Bottom Line

So, by now you know how to set up a teleconference call easily just by following some basic steps. You see that you don’t have to be a techy guy to set up a teleconference call. Once you know the setup procedure it becomes very easier for you. Teleconferencing paved the way of communicating with each other remotely. It is one of the greatest features of the technology that will increase communication widely.

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