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how att smart wifi works

What Is AT&T Smart Wifi – Is It Worth It?

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When it comes to AT&T services, there are numerous things to say. Taking a look at their history when they commenced is inspirational; from being a Bell Telephone Company subsidiary to transforming to a giant partnering with famous brands like Warner Bros and HBO. With these big names behind AT&T, the company keeps delivering exciting and revolutionary products in the industry.

To a lot of people, Smart Wi-Fi means a lot of things to them that some tend to believe it’s kind of a wish and not a reality. You may want to know that in today’s technology advancement, Smart Wi-Fi is a reality.

In this write-up, we’ll help you to understand better what Smart Wi-Fi is, how it works and its uses. In other words, it’s going to be a quick guide to help you.

What is Smart Wi-Fi?

Imagine if you’re in the middle of an important task and your Wi-Fi begins to slow down, it’s frustrating. If this happens in an office, next will be to log a complain ticket with the IT department; some will even lose their patience and proceed straight to a coffee shop just to calm down. This is where Smart Wi-Fi comes to play. With it, your router on its own will be scanning for the best frequency available automatically. This will ensure you’re hooked up to the best connection without experiencing any delays.

For those who might be familiar with SD-WAN, it’s just the same with Smart Wi-Fi. What SD-WAN does is to proactively recognize and alleviate risk by altering your internet to another neutral connection. Smart Wi-Fi, on the other hand, discovers a reliable and stable internet frequency it is plugged into.

How’s AT&T Smart Wi-Fi Stack up with others?

AT&T Smart Wi-Fi App is a free manager for incoming Wi-Fi connections to your phone. It routinely searches for any hotspot that is available and connects to it. This comes handy and saves you some time in executing your work and money as well. In a situation where your data is low, the app assures to use Wi-Fi network whenever it is possible. This, in turn, makes the data usage of your phone, evidently, more effective.

Another essential thing about this app is that it gives a detailed analysis of the missed time it took trying to secure a connection and the actual network that finally provided the data usage. You can source this app through the Google play store. It is not available on iOS.

Furthermore, AT&T Smart Wi-Fi functions when you have an active data plan on your mobile device but also uses a free Wi-Fi spot if it’s available. Regrettably, it does not automatically deactivate your data connection, which is a downside. That’s not all; your Wi-Fi toggle must be turned on most of the time for all these to effectively function if not, it will keep trying to find a signal which has its consequences on the data together with the battery usage.

Features of AT&T Smart WiFi App

Now to a large extent, you’re now aware of the app functions. Below are more details

Wi-Fi connection 

This app automatically connects to the best available Wi-Fi connection, which saves you data and also makes your life easier. To avoid some security challenges, an inbuilt layer of touches is designed into the app to fight critical security issues. However, AT&T does not allow all automatic connection to all public Wi-Fi. This is not encouraging since this is one of the app’s main feature.

Connectivity information. 

The idea of generating a detail report on all the connection and its location is to enable you’ve a map where you can make good use of the app. This works perfectly well, but the inability to work with the security of the public Wi-Fi networks is a drawdown to this feature. Since its being blocked by public Wi-Fi, it simply makes the report less useful.

Unique Accessibility Services 

AT&T Smart Wi-Fi app uses accessibility services which are special inbuilt features designed to ease the use of a mobile phone by people facing different physical abilities. Some of these specialized services include hearing aid pairing, talkback screen reader and Brailleback. They are very much available on Android and iOS. The only challenge is that most dishonest developers of malware make use of this feature to steal and cheat unsuspecting users. They usually steal their details and lock them out of these services. In other words, these services by AT&T serve as a threat to users. That’s the sole reason why the Nougat (7.0) Android version not affected by these threats.

Difference between Smart Wi-Fi and Normal Wi-Fi

The typical router you use at your home or office can perform various functions which you’re not aware of. Beaming the internet directly to your connected devices remains one of the significant functions relevant to you, the user. Any typical wireless router will do this very well. In other words, once you’re connected, you can easily surf the internet for your business.

A Smart Wi-Fi router delivers a unique collaboration with mobile applications and devices. Once these apps are frequently connected to the internet, they perform certain functions that enhance your Wi-Fi experience in an automated and smart way.


  • Alteration of router settings – Several frequencies and channels are being provided by a wireless device. With Smart Wi-Fi, you’ll be rest assured of the best frequencies at any point in time.
  • Network device Monitoring – It can constantly stream messages and data concurrently to help monitor any devices on the network.
  • Access restriction to malicious websites –It can block access to, particularly malicious bandwidth website.


  • Detect unanticipated circumstances – In a situation, you’re hooked to an internet connection, and it’s suddenly shut down, you’ll need a failover or backup solution in place to salvage it.
  • Filter bandwidth – Certain task require more bandwidth, such as uploading or streaming. To use it, you’ll require more bandwidth, but the challenge is that the connection will still be shared between everyone connected to the Wi-Fi.
  • It can double as wireless repeaters – A typical wireless used in our homes or business can be irritating. However, a Smart Wi-Fi router generally has more antennas for additional coverage.

What Are Smart Routers?

Two smart routers cannot be the same. The right router for you’ll be based on what the requirements Wi-Fi router. These technology devices are very scalable. The following benefits and features are seen in the majority of Smart Wi-Fi:

  • Smooth access through smartphone apps.
  • It uses next-generation security, such as content filtering and predictable blocking.
  • An easy user interface that can be used and properly managed by anybody.
  • With just a click, you can easily connect to your business and Smart home appliances.
  • Device monitoring that is proactive with built-in instructions together with the controls.

Smart Wi-Fi should be your ideal choice unless you’ve buoyant enough to provide personal connection per user in your business. But you need to know that it’s much easier to provide your visitors and employees with a consistent Wi-Fi experience, which is necessary to please your staff.

Does AT&T Smart Wi-Fi App has the tendency to Bloatware?

Some reports making rounds indicates that AT&T Smart Wi-Fi has the tendency to crash repeatedly, which erases hotspot definitions and also leaves the Wi-Fi turned off. This causes the disastrous to burn off about 1 Gig of cellular data inadvertently.

In a situation, where the device can’t connect to Wi-Fi, it will automatically revert to cellular. However, if the capability is disabled within the device, it won’t. Because of these, the majority of users tend to consider the “AT&T Smart Wi-Fi” app bloatware, which can be removed or inactivated at the first opportunity. The disadvantage of Bloatware is that it ties up your device’s device. Furthermore, Smart Wi-Fi monopolize resources which is a background app uses the battery power and your precious data. When these are removed or disabled, they won’t run secretly in the background or receive updates. This, in turn, further frees up the resources of the device. Your device can do this feature on its own because Smart Wi-Fi can manage your phone’s Wi-Fi settings.

You can have more access to exclusive AT&T hotspots when the device is disabled. But in a situation where you’re anxious to reduce your data usage, you might need to think twice about using this app.

Major problems and issues experienced with AT&T Smart Wi-Fi App. 

You can be more relaxed when an app is managing your settings if you’re in turn with the reason why it’s happening. One of the significant advantage linked to the AT&T Smart Wi-Fi App is related to AT&T hotspots. There is no doubt the company is doing so much to ensure their software in line with their networks—however, it’s always frustrating when it comes to the issue of the software or saving data. Majority of the reports noticed an increase in data usage.

Furthermore, there is every tendency that when the mobile data access feature is enabled, more problems may affect other apps from accessing the internet connection. The reason behind this rationale is that AT&T Smart Wi-Fi default configuration will not work properly function with other popular app seen in the market today.

Finally, there is an impact on the battery usage though this is not exclusive to this app. Any application or software you decide to activate it on your device has that tendency to affect the battery life even without charging it. It’s the same issue in this case but from the reports, it appears that the impact is enormous and unbearable.

In Conclusion

Smart Wi-Fi technology works flawlessly to provide consistent coverage. A family of plugged nodes means you easily circulate your home and be rest assured that you’ll always get the very best available connection. For business areas, rather than planning to set up a series of routers and hoping to expect the best service, it’s advisable to choose smart Wi-Fi solution. This will make sure that the specific needs of the business and internet need at home are taken care of. An intelligent Wi-Fi solution would enable you to scale the connectivity and available speed based on the demand and area. Some areas can be configured to have the utmost bandwidth availability, other less populated areas can be scaled back to make sure you utilize your available resources.

A significant part of smart Wi-Fi is ensuring the hardware is repeatedly updated consistently to provide a high-quality connection without any risk of failure. AT&T Smart Wi-Fi will adapt to your lifestyle and space. Its does not require much to set up and manage. It is reliable and super-fast. Offering ultrafast performance, AT&T Smart Wi-Fi provides the performance required to support streaming on numerous Wi-Fi devices.


What does smart WIFI mean?

A Smart Wi-Fi router is responsible for the communication between mobile devices and their applications. Being frequently connected supports the apps to respond to issues and improve your Wi-Fi experience in automated and smart ways.

Is Smart Wi-Fi gotten at any cost?

Smart Wi-Fi brings together your 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi networks into a single potent system. This new combination is so smart it knows exactly the location of your device in your home. This guarantees you’re always connected to the top signal available.

What procedure do I need to do effectively connect to smart Wi-Fi?

First, turn on your phone’s Wi-Fi connection and select SmartWifi manually from the list of available Wi-Fi networks. Next, you need to locate your Internet browser, which will direct you to the Smart Wi-Fi page. Type in your mobile number in the provided space and wait until you receive the verification code via SMS.

Is there a presence of wireless Wi-Fi in smart TVs?

Majority of the latest edition of Smart TVs has Wi-Fi. This means that they’ve got a built-in wireless adapter. Getting connected to the web takes a few seconds– but it will work best if your router and TV close to each other. You can easily key in your Wi-Fi password with the aid of your remote’s button.

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