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What Is Live Streaming

What Is Live Streaming? – The Parental Internet Guide

What is live Streaming?

Live streaming is broadcasting yourself/f to an audience on the internet using your computer or the mobile device. Live stream broadcasting services Twitch and youtube enable easy accessibility to anyone to start their own live stream online. Unlike pre-recorded shows that air on TV or the internet live streaming is raw unedited footage that an audience consumes live.

Why is live streaming popular?

If you are a parent then you move have heard about live streams and live streaming which has become a big deal among younger audiences. Famous internet celebrities like Pew Die Pie and Ninja who play popular games like Fortnight and battle game royals are appealing to children for fun and engaging personalities.

Live streaming from your computer has never become easier than ever for people to get started and that’s why many are using services like Twitch, Steam, Origin, and Youtube to broadcast themselves playing their favorite games to engage an audience.

Installing broadcasting live streaming software is free and easy to do, and with the help of free tools like OBS (Free on Mac and Windows) You or your child could be up broadcasting their live show in minutes without any technical knowledge.

What’s appealing about live streaming?

It seems only a few short years ago that music and movie stars like Justin Bieber were idols for many young audiences across the nation where you need to have the talent to be famous.

Now with the ability of live streams, now fame can be obtained with little skill or talent with only so much as an online internet connection to make a broadcast. It could be the reason why Youtubers have surpassed movie stars as the traditional celebrities we’ve grown up with.

Figures like Jake Paul or Logan Paul have become controversial in the YouTubing space which has shined a new light of concerns about the platform for young audiences.

The potential fame and fortune for playing games make way for big brand deals and an audience for popularity.

And its not just live streaming of gameplay

IRL Streaming, also known as real-life streaming has become the new norm from popular streamers like Ice Poseidon, Andy Milonakis, Anything4Views and many more who’ve become famous for streaming every minute of their daily life for thousands of Twitch and youtube audiences to see.

Why live streaming could be risky for children

IRL and gaming streamers have their own antics that can potentially be detrimental for influencing child behavior problems due to the mass influence.

Here are the key focused concerns

  • Explicit content – The nature of streamers and YouTubers are not regulated by the federal communications laws and policy like traditional tv and cable tv. This means young people may be exposed to inappropriate content, including but not limited to bad language, sexual themes, and violent content.
  • Digital Footprint – live streaming cannot be edited which means any outtakes and bloopers will be hosted on the internet forever which can be found with a simple search by a prospective employer which could strain the chances of many important life opportunities.
  • Leaked information – We alluded to the digital footprint, live streaming means the person in front of the camera acts ‘in the moment’ which means they could share intimate details to the world without even realizing it. Things privacy, phone numbers and home addressed could be leaked to the public and land in the wrong hands which have been proven to be fatal for fake police calls that have introduced the risk of swatting homes where the unsuspecting streamer has their front door kicked down by 10+ SWAT team members brandishing weapons.
  • Online Bullying – Online harassment could lead to real-life threats of harm. These are harmful for families who do not take care of their children’s content viewing.
  • Grooming – Streaming tightly anchored to a donation system where your audience can donate to your live stream to communicate with the streamer. Donations can give the audience members power over the streamer to react to different situations on the fly with little control of the perceived outcome. Too much flattery and the high volume of donations may be used for sinister intentions in order for the audience to get behind the curtain of the live streamer and into their life offline.

How to keep your family safe

As a viewer or streamer, it may be important to you to have control over your child’s internet habits.

  • Monitor your childs online behavior
  • Watch the streamers that they watch and closely monitor their streams

We recommend viewing what streamers and YouTubers your child is watching to see if their content is suitable for your child.

How to start live streaming for Free?

It’s now easier than ever before to start live streaming. You dont need any expensive display cards or equipment. If you have a gaming or a gaming computer then all you need is a high-speed internet connection with the appropriate upload speed

Recommend Streaming Upload Speed

  • 3 Mbps for 480p
  • 6 Mps for 720p
  • 13 Mbps for 1080p (Full HD)

Visit to check your highest speed.

If your upload speed is not fast enough for high definition broadcasting and streaming then check out the best internet services for live streaming here.

Live Streaming Application

Whether you are live streaming to facebook, twitch, youtube or any other live stream platform from your desktop then you will need a broadcasting application like OBS to connect everything together.

Free download of OBS for windows & Mac OSX

  1. Download and install OBS onto your PC or Mac
  2. Create a new Source in OBS for your webcam and computer screen to display on your broadcast.
  3. Create a new Scene in OBS for different scenes for different sources of your live streaming show. The Scene section acts as a switcher for different scenes of your live streaming show which can enable you to show top donators, custom splash screen and etc
  4. Get the steam keys from the streaming platform – Facebook, Twitch, and Youtube all have their own unique stream keys that can be found in their backend offices for streaming.
  5. Click start live stream on OBS and you are ready to go.


Live streaming a new form of live entertainment for all age groups to enjoy. It takes the rule book of traditional entertainment and throws it out the window and Anything goes which comes with its own benefits and challenges.

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