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How To Get Free Satellite TV

How To Get Free Satellite TV

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The reality is many of us have suffered the wrath of cable bills. Everything seems quite expensive nowadays and cable subscription is no exception. As a result of the increasing expenses, people are forced to look for alternative ways to avoid such hefty bills. Fortunately, you can get satellite tv without paying a single dime. The free satellite tv allows you to watch all of your favorite tv channels at no cost. This means that you will not be paying any subscription fee.

There are a lot of questions from consumers regarding the free satellite tv. For instance, people want to know if its legal, the kind of channels they will receive and how to get it. I went the extra mile to do some research and provide the answers to all of your questions.

Free to air satellite TV

The free to air satellite system is designed to receive unencrypted satellite transmissions that everyone can access with the right equipment. It’s totally legal and you are allowed to receive tv signals without having to pay the subscription fees. In order to receive the channels from the free to air satellite, you require an MPEG-2 video satellite receiver. This is where the signals are encoded.

The free to air satellite system allows you access to unscrambled satellite broadcasts. The number of channels may be unlimited depending on your geographical location. Furthermore, they cover all areas of interest. You will get some channels on sports, news, religions and even foreign languages. This kind of a satellite system is considered convenient for those people who really want to stay tuned on their local programming without paying cable subscription fees.

In many of the state, the free to air broadcasters are sponsored by the government to provide this particular tv service. This is basically a way to ensure all the citizens get access to some form of affordable TV service. Additionally, FTV satellite tv is a great way for people to stay in line with the recent developments across the country and the world at large. This is especially useful to the seniors who may not have smartphone or even internet to surf the web.

One thing to keep in mind is that the free satellite tv does not deliver premium channels such as FOX, CNN and MTV. If you want to enjoy these channels, then you’ll have to opt for the paid options. However, don’t lose heart because there are a variety of sources that deliver their broadcasts through the FTA satellites. Therefore, you will still have access to a wide array of programming free of charge.

FTA satellite equipment and components

Nothing is ever completely free and in this case, there is some required equipment that may cost you a few bucks. There is really not much that you need so as to receive free satellite tv content. It’s just basic equipment including an FTA receiver box, a satellite dish and coaxial cable.

The reputable brands dealing with the free satellite tv equipment include Coolsat, canaxsat, pansat among many others. The dish has to be compatible with the satellite so that the tv signals are transmitted. A basic DTV dish is available online or in many of the electronic shops around you.

Satellite tv installation sounds simple when explained to you but it can be quite difficult to get everything right. If you are not a pro, chances are you will have problems with signal reception after the setup. For this reason, it’s wiser to get a professional to do the installation. What happens is that the contractor will take the coaxial cable and run it all the way from the dish to the FTA receiver box and then connect it to the television set. Additionally, the dish should be securely fixed on the roof and pointing in the right direction.

Factors to consider when setting up the free to air satellite tv

There are a couple of things that you have put into consideration for an unflawed FTA reception. I will go into the details to make sure you understand the basics and get the best TV sigma reception.

is satellite tv legal

Clear line of sight to the satellites

This goes without saying when satellites are involved. It’s usually the first factor to consider because it affects how you will receive the free t air satellite signals. Make sure the sky is clear and there are very few objects that potential obstruct the reception. Things like tall building and tall trees contribute largely to impaired satellite tv signals.

In this situation, you have to determine what works best for you. Most of the time, it’s hard to avoid obstacles such as trees when receiving signals from multiple satellites. As a matter of fact, it’s a requirement to locate a clear view if you are working with more than two satellites. On the other hand, its super simple to find an unobstructed view when you are getting your free to air signals from only one or two satellites.

The size of the dish

The size of the dish may also affect reception depending on the geographical composition of the area or the weather conditions. We all know that satellites tend to get affected by adverse weather condition such as heavy rains and storms. Therefore, if you live in an area that experiences heavy rains regularly, a larger dish diameter is the most suitable choice. This may work to prevent the signal quality from going down during bad weather. The same goes for people in a locality with an abundance of trees.

On the other hand, a standard satellite dish with a diameter of 75cm is appropriate in most cases. This is when there is relatively no obstacle within sight and the weather conditions are favorable.

Mounting the dish

Mounting the satellite dish antenna is literally an easy process. As a matter of fact, most of the consumers can do it themselves. The issue is usually with mounting it the correct and secure way. For a standard or smaller dish, you can place it on the building or rooftop. A large dish is best mounted on a pole firmly put in the ground and reinforced with some cement or concrete to ensure stability.

The main aim is to minimize movement. When a satellite dish keep on moving, the signal quality will ultimately be poor which is not what we all want. Carefully select a location that will ensure very little movements especially if the area is prone to movements.

How to get satellite tv for free

At this point, you already know that free satellite tv is a reality and there are thousands of people enjoying programming without paying any subscription fees. Before you receive this enticing freebie, you will require the following items;

  • A satellite dish which is basically an antennae. According to your preferences, it can be 1meter in diameter or more. However, I must mention that the bigger satellite dishes offer the best signal reception.
  • An LNB (Low Noise Block) is a small device placed at the bottom or focal point of the dish that collects all the incoming signals, amplifies and then sends it to the receiver for decoding. There are two choices; the single and multi LNBs. For instance, if you have two television sets the dual-LNB would be more appropriate.
  • The receiver box. You can buy a high quality receiver at your nearest electronics store or online. In addition, make sure it has all the features you are looking for such as good sound quality.
  • Cables and connectors. The cable length should be enough to go through the dish and reach the television set.
  • An antennae motor. This is only useful if you wish to capture TV signals from different satellites. It works to rotate the dish.

Once you get all this equipment, the next step is to install them. Some vendors may offer installation services free of charge or at a small fee. It’s prudent to take the offer if you have no idea about what to do. After the satellite dish and the TV cables are successfully installed, configure your receiver so that it receives signals from a satellite of your choice.

Other alternatives to get free satellite tv

The free to air satellite TV basically offers you unlimited access to thousands of TV channels on various genres. Hence, you are likely to get most of your entertainment from among these channels. However, there are people who still want to enjoy some premium channels but at a low cost. Well, there are some notable alternatives that will provide you with the kind of entertainment you need.


Netflix does not require a cable subscription which is often expensive. If you want to add to your entertainment and enjoy some good movies or series along with the free satellite TV, Netflix would be a suitable companion. Their basic plan costs only $7.99 per month after which you can enjoy all the latest tv shows.

Over the air HDTV antennae

Over the air antennae (OTA) is one of the ways you can watch a wide array of TV channels and shows at absolutely no cost. The antennas are sold in the media or electronic shops at an affordable price. As we speak, a good number of Americans are already making use of this cost-effective option. You also be thrilled to access some of the premium channels available within your area. The quality of the signal captured by the OTA antenna is dependent on your geographical location.

It’s common for antennas to be affected by the weather conditions in the area. Furthermore, the people who receive the high quality signal reception are those living within a 35 mile radius to the nearest broadcast tower.

Roku TV

The truth is most people lead a busy lifestyle, working from morning till evening seven days a week. Whenever you can get the time to relax and unwind you have to utilize it very well. Roku TV is that invaluable tool you need on those boring weekends you are at home. It’s basically a device that you fit on the TV in order to stream movies and television shows. All the latest movies you will find them here at Roku TV.

Mobile applications

Technology is advancing and developing at a very fast rate. As a matter of fact, you’ll be surprised to realize just how many things have changed over time. One of them is the use of mobile phones to get accession to free TV.

With a smartphone in hand, you can comfortably watch some of the basic channels. Nowadays, all of the televisions sets contain the HDMI port. It lets you connect your smartphone to the tv and watch all your favorite channels from there.

In addition, some of the channels have their own apps that you can easily download and watch the shows from there.

how to get free satellite

Frequently asked questions (FAQS)

Is it really possible to get free satellite tv?

Yes, you can receive satellite tv channels free if you using the free to air satellite TV.

What exactly are the free to air channels?

These are simply tv channels that are not encrypted or scrambled and don’t require a subscription. You get to watch all these channels without paying for them.

Is there a guarantee that the free satellite channels will always be free?

Actually, there is no guarantee. There are different broadcasters who offer such channels but you can’t be sure that they will keep on providing this service.

Are there any costs associated with free satellite tv?

Despite the fact that you will receive free tv channels, you will have to pay a small investment in the equipment required to receive this service. Afterwards, there will be no hefty subscription fees. The investment amount might be as little as $100 or $300 maximum.


Many people are forced to cancel cable subscriptions simply because of the skyrocketing prices. Am glad you now know there are ways to watch different tv channels free or at an affordable price.

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