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comparing the best family cell phone plans

Best Family Mobile Plans – Top 6 Cell Phone Packages in 2021

Looking for the Best Family Mobile Plans in 2021 then check out these amazing options that we have compiled. 

One of the good habits that all people should emulate is saving money and cutting down on costs and for that reason, we decided to review the best family mobile plans for 2021 that offer the best prices and affordability. It’s vital to compare family cell phone plans so that the entire household is using the same mobile carrier and the needs of everyone are met.

This brings about convenience, and most importantly, saving a bunch of money paid for monthly phone bills.

Nowadays, kids as young as five years want to talk to their friends on the phone. There might be teenagers in the house who want to chat with their college or schoolmates without worrying about data or texts.

All these reasons call for the need to get the whole crew under the same provider and on a single plan. However, you will need to look around for a family mobile plan that is not only budget-friendly but also will meet your needs.

Comparing The Top 6 Best Family Cell Phone Plans

It’s never easy to pick one among the many mobile carriers in the market. Each of the carriers has its perks, and it can be quite tricky to choose the right one. To make things easier for you, I have decided to review some of the major carriers and what they have to offer so that you can make your decision based on that.

Whether you are looking for something affordable or benefits such as unlimited data and HD streaming, we have it all here. These are some of the best family mobile plans available in the US market;

AT&T family plan

AT&T comes first on the list not because it’s the cheapest family plan on the table but because it’s the most reliable and offers unlimited data. Furthermore, its coverage is second to none, and you will probably not find that anywhere else.

With that in mind, you might have to set aside a considerable amount of money because their plans can be rather expensive.

AT&T has three family plans with different pricing so that the customers can go for what they can afford. The best plan is the Unlimited Elite, which is the one I will specifically talk about today. This plan comes with some notable features that will definitely take family entertainment to a whole new level.

For one thing, you are allowed accession to the HBO max streaming service. With this, you can watch all of your favourite HBO TV shows, series and movies.

Aside from this, you are allowed 5G service for free. This means that you will rarely deal with slow internet connections or poor quality streaming when using this service. Another perk is the 30 GB LTE hotspot data which is more than enough to last the whole family for a month.

The unlimited elite plan costs $200 for a maximum of four lines. This is a heft amount but considering all the features you receive; it’s worth the price.


  • Good nationwide coverage
  • Unlimited data and talk time
  • Some music streaming options such as amazon music and Pandora
  • Consists of a watchTV app that allows streaming of movies and TV channels


  • A bit pricey


Most family members would want a mobile family plan that will work in their best interest. That’s why I have chosen T-Mobile magenta plan, mostly because it’s not really expensive and has some great extras too.

At only $160, you get access to unlimited data, HD streaming quality, 5G service coverage and 3 GB hotspot data.

Even those people with a small household can opt for the T-Mobile plans. If it’s just you and your spouse, you can decide to share the costs and get this family plan. There are a couple of things that make the magenta plan a juicy deal.

For starters, you get a free Netflix subscription if you are using more than two lines of data through the service. Keep in mind the maximum number is basically four. Furthermore, they provide discounts and waivers for their customers. This means that you stand a good chance to cut down on your costs.

While not every family phone plan is the best, this one has proven to be a good fit. For one thing, they are quite affordable. Another thing is that there are no hidden charges that will spontaneously appear on your bill at the end of the month.

One thing is noticed about a number of carriers is that they tend to slow you down when you are halfway into your data. This is something that doesn’t happen with this carrier. The only drawback would be the fact that you are not allowed to mix and match the unlimited plans. You can only choose one from the list.


  • Generally good coverage
  • A free Netflix subscription
  • Unlimited calls to Canada and Mexico as well as international texts to over 200 countries
  • Free access to the 5G network
  • A basic plan with 50GB of unthrottled data
  • Fast speeds


  • Poor coverage notably in the rural areas

Verizon family plan

Verizon is a big name, and there are barely any people living in the US who have never heard of it or even used its services. It may be a little pricy but will offer you the flexibility you won’t find in other carriers. They have different plans so that you can choose the specific one that matches your needs. Basically, Verizon has two notable family cell phone plans which are the Verizon Do More and the Verizon Play More. Both plans cost $180 per month for a maximum of four lines, and you can decide to go for both options or just choose one.

On one side, these are the best family plans from these carriers and come with all the features you are looking for. You receive unlimited data, 5G service and 15GB of hotspot data. When you compare with other carriers, they seem to offer more. On the other hand, it’s difficult to mix your options since they both have the same price. In this case, choose the Verizon plan that suits your needs. Play more is suitable for music lovers because it consists of a free apple music subscription. It’s also a great plan for streaming content. Do More is equally good.

Verizon family plans may be the best fit for you, especially because of the carrier’s wide coverage. They also have an app that you can use to track the amount of data already used. While their service is great, there are other competing carriers that will provide the same features and plans but at a lower cost.


  • The carrier with the best coverage
  • Quite high data speeds
  • 75 GB unthrottled data for the Verizon Do More plan
  • Free apple music for Verizon play more subscribers


  • They are likely to slow you down during peak times
  • Quite expensive

Sprint family plan

If you are looking for a cheap family phone plan, you better look the sprint way. This is actually one of the most affordable family plans around. However, you will get what you pay for because Sprint does not have great coverage. This carrier has three different plans, each with its own unique features. The most basic one is the unlimited basic, which currently costs $100. This is nearly half the amount you will pay for the same service if you chose some other carriers in the market.

Secondly, they have an unlimited plus and unlimited premium. I would recommend these particular plans for those people who need extra features for the family. For instance, the unlimited plus plan costs $140 for four lines of data, and this is still not much. It consists of 50 GB LTE hotspot data, a free tidal music subscription and 10 GB data to use any time you travel to Canada or Mexico.

The other option is the unlimited premium, and it comes at a price of $180 for four lines. Just as the name suggests, this plan has some premium features such as tidal subscription, Hulu, amazon prime for the avid amazon shoppers, 5G service and 100 GB hotspot data.

Aside from its low prices, there is a lot to like about the sprint family plans. For instance, you can mix the various plans according to the family needs without spending too much. Furthermore, they offer great discounts to customers. The only issue would be its poor coverage, especially for the rural areas.


  • Consists of some of the cheapest family plans around
  • A free Hulu subscription
  • Unlimited data for the whole family
  • A whopping 50 GB data
  • Free texts to Canada or Mexico


  • Not so great coverage, it’s ranked in the 4th position

Red pocket family plan

While we were talking about the cheapest family mobile plans, I had earlier mentioned Sprint. Red pocket offers family plans that beat Sprint in terms of affordability. This is a mobile carrier that will give you value for your money. At $90 per month, you receive free international calls to more than 70 countries in the world, unlimited talk time and texts together with 5 GB LTE data.

I understand that some households don’t require premium features or extras. As a matter of fact, a good number of families already have home WI-FI. Therefore, they don’t need a large amount of data. This is when a carrier such as Red pocket comes into the picture. You basically have access to all the data that you need but at an affordable price. Keep in mind; the company requires you to have your very own phone to access their services.


  • 5GB worth of high-speed data
  • Operates on any chosen carrier network
  • Unlimited talk time and text messages
  • Free international calls to more than 70 worldwide countries
  • Affordable


  • Does not provide a mobile hotspot
  • There is no unlimited data
  • You are required to have your own phone for their services

Which family plan am I supposed to choose?

It’s certainly important to pick a family mobile plan that is right for you. Basically, your choice will depend on your specific needs and the amount of money you are willing to part with. Are you looking for a plan with streaming capabilities? Do you want a family plan with huge amounts of data? Is good coverage concern for you? You have to answer all these questions so that you can determine the appropriate family plan that will work in your favor.

While many of these carriers provide unlimited data, there is always a cap somewhere. For instance, Verizon gives you 75GB as its highest threshold. On the other hand, T-Mobile has a 50GB limit before you start experiencing throttling. All these have to be put into consideration before you can settle for a particular carrier.

Frequently asked questions

What carrier has the best family plan?

I think your family will largely benefit from the Verizon family plans. Verizon has great coverage and flexibility, both of which are attributes that are rare to find in other carriers. However, if the price is a concern, you are better off with Sprint.

Are family plans really cheaper than individual plans?

Yes, family plans will save you a whole lot of money than having to buy individual plans for two people or more.

Which company has the cheapest unlimited plans?

If you are on a tight budget but still want access to some great unlimited family plans, Sprint and T-Mobile are the most suitable candidates in this category.

Is it possible to get a family plan for a household of two people?

Yes, any of the above family plans can work for a family of two. It can even be just you and your spouse.


As much as it can be challenging to find a reliable carrier with great family plans, hopefully, the information in this article will water down things. Remember to look at the needs of the family when making the decision.

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