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Amazon Firestick Not Loading Home

Amazon Firestick Not Loading Home – 8 Step Updated Guide 2021

This article is for those who are asking why is Amazon Firestick not loading home. We have all been there. You just got home from a long hectic Friday at work or school, and you want to enjoy some Netflix or Amazon Prime on your TV. You have your Firestick all plugged in, turned the TV on, only to find an error message across your screen saying, “The System Is Busy…Please Try Again Later.” I think I’m not alone trying to fix this issue day in day out.

This is a frustrating issue for most people because while the Firestick works well across many devices, it seems to cause errors when you want to use it the most. Luckily there are numerous methods that you can fix this problem and get back to your shows! This is mainly why we are here today to help you solve some of these issues. But before we delve this deep, let’s talk about Amazon Firestick and some of its common issues. So what is Amazon Firestick?

Amazon Firestick is a media playing and streaming device that was introduced to the market by the developers of Amazon Prime TV. The device lets you stream videos and install apps and most importantly, play music right on your Android TV.

This means that it’s just an HDMI stick and all you need to do is to put it on the HDMI port of the TV. After this, you will work without any issues. Now, let’s see why Amazon Firestick is not loading home and how you can solve the issue.

What Causes Amazon Firestick Not Loading Home?

There are several common problems that cause the Amazon Firestick not to load home. At this point in time, we are going to talk about each of them separately.

No space on your device

The first is a lack of space on your device; if you do not have enough room, it cannot work properly. This means that you need to delete any media or apps that were previously installed and no longer want before trying again.

Unstable internet connection

Another reason for this problem is with the internet connection. If your Amazon Firestick is not loading Home, then we suggest that you try and see if it works with a different service provider. Many times when the router goes down, it affects many devices within your household in which case you may need to tend to this issue before anything else.

Auto Update

The last and most common reason for this problem has to do with the device being in auto-update mode. If you have not used your Amazon Firestick in a while, it is likely that it may be stuck in this mode which means that if you want to use it again then you will need to restart your device by doing the following steps:

  1. Turn off your Amazon Firestick device.
  2. Now, plug it back into the power outlet and wait about 30 seconds for it to turn on successfully.
  3. Once your device is ready, you should see a message asking if you would like to install the latest update or not, choose “No” because it will just restart your device anyway.
  4. Go to the home menu and then press “Up” on your remote until you reach the settings portion of your device.
  5. Navigate to the My Fire TV area and choose “Device” from there.
  6. Select “System” from this menu, then select “About” in the next subsection, which will show you your device’s current software information.
  7. Your build number is listed next to “Software Version”, which is the version of the Amazon Firestick OS you are currently using. You can also check this by going back to the main menu of your device and selecting “Settings” > “System” > “About”.
  8. Once you have the version number, you can check Amazon’s system update page to find if there are any existing updates for your current software. In some cases, you will be informed of the updates automatically. If there is an update, you will have to install it in order for Firestick to work.


Why is Amazon Firestick not working?

There are many reasons why Amazon Firestick is not working. As stated in this brief, it might be an issue with insufficient space in your device, the poor internet connection or just an auto-update feature turned on. In all three situations, you must know how to solve the issue.

Why is the Amazon Firestick not responding?

There are few other reasons why Amazon Firestick might not respond. It might be struggling to stall the information on the limited space in your device. This means that you should start by releasing some additional space. Moving on, you must make sure you have a stable internet connection. If otherwise, the device might still be struggling to work.

What are the most common issues with Amazon Firestick?

There are several issues that your Amazon Firestick can run into. Depending on the issue at hand, you will have to approach different measures to stop it. The first most common issue is Amazon Firestick not responding. This can be caused by an out of date version. It can as well be caused by lack of space or just an issue with the device. You have to take time to diagnose the problem and know what to do about it.


You don’t have to stop following up with your series simply because you are struggling with fixing some of these issues. The first step is to make sure you understand clearly the root cause of the problem. The second thing will be automatically trying to fix the issue as needed. This will depend on what is causing this issue in real-time. If you keep on facing the same issue with your Amazon Firestick device, you might have to think about a new device. You also should consult with the manufacturer to make sure there are no remote issues with the device.

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