Comcast Emails Not Sending

Comcast Emails Not Sending – How To Fix (Guide)

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When it comes to email clients’ services across the globe, Comcast email needs no introduction. This is because of some unique features that make it easy to use, such as quick sending & receiving email, secure login, etc. These listed features make using the service worth it. Despite these, errors are inevitable when technology advancement is concerned. In line with this, subscribers who make use of Comcast still experience uncountable email issues most times. One of the major problems being faced by Comcast users is the Comcast email not sending.

Despite Comcast email being among the best, it still has flaws. There could be more than one reason why this might happen daily. In this write-up, we’ll outline the various troubleshooting methods on how to rectify this error.

Reasons behind Comcast email not sending

There are several reasons why you find it difficult to send or receive email through Comcast. Below we’ll outline some of the primary reasons why this happens. The awareness of these reasons will enable you to know how you can effectively troubleshoot this problem.

  • Internet Drawback – In a situation where your internet speed is not up to required, there is a tendency you’ll find it difficult to send or receive any Comcast email.
  • An issue with your Settings – Once there is an error with either the POP or the Comcast’s IMAP settings, you’ll experience difficulty in sending emails unless it is resolved.
  • Elapsed the daily sending limit – There is always an allotted limit for the day. Once it has been reached, you cannot send a Comcast email for that day.
  • An issue with the receiver’s address – You’ll also find it difficult to send an email if the receiver’s address is misspelled.
  • Unrectified issue from the receiver’s end – For instance, account blocking or setting issue from the receiver’s end can also hinder you from sending any email.
  • An issue with the Browser – Making use of an incompatible browser or an obsolete browser can also result in problems when sending emails on Comcast.
  • An unresolved issue with your device – Once there is an unresolved issue with the particular device you use to access Comcast, you’ll experience issues when sending emails.
  • Issues with Attachment – There is always a prescribed size for every attachment depending on the format. You’ll receive a sending error if it is beyond the recommended limit.
  • Brower’s Plug-ins & Extensions – Sometimes, the plug-ins or extension added to your browser can also be a hindrance to why you can’t send any email.
  • An issue with your Mail app – if you access Comcast via any mail app, you’ll have a problem with it once the app has an internal issue.

How to Rectify Sending and Receiving Issues with Comcast:

Recheck your internet Connection

Internet connection is very crucial and must be checked at all times. For instance, endeavour to restart your router or Wi-Fi if you’ve any. Those who make use of cellular connections should also make sure to restart their device. Other things to check include; network settings of your device and the aeroplane status of your device.

Check The Spam Folder for New Email

In most cases, you’ll notice that emails do not enter the appropriate place (inbox); instead, they do get redirected straight to the spam folder. Other places you need to check for new mails include the social media tab and the promotion tab.

Check the list of Blocked Contacts

You might mistakenly block a contact without knowing it, and this hinders you from sending emails to them. So whenever you’re unable to send an email using your Comcast account, endeavour to recheck your contact blocked list. This is also needed to be repeated by the person you’re trying to send an email to. If the name is among the blocked contacts, unblock it by navigating to the setting section of your email platform.

Empty Cookies and Cache

Cookies, together with cache, play a significant part in problems with email sending on Comcast. So by simply emptying both folders, the problem can easily be solved.

Check if you’ve exhausted your Daily Limit

Like every email service, Comcast also has a daily limit, and once this has been exhausted, you cannot send any email. It’s essential to cross-check. If this is the case, you’ll have to wait for it to be renewed the next day.

Check the Size of the Attachment

You might not be aware of this but know that heavy attachments affect email flow. There is a prescribed limit which must not be exceeded. Furthermore, ensure you do not send more than one heavy attachment at once. The file should be compressed and sent separately.

Recheck the receiver’s address

Once the receiver’s address is misspelled, there is no way the email will be sent. Before you send an email from your Comcast account, always recheck the domain name, email address, mainly if the email contains special characters.

Upgrade the Browser you often use

When a browser is incompatible or has not been updated, know it that your emails can be halted. Always update your browser to the most recent version to avoid problems like this. This can be done by navigating to your browser’s settings, then click on updates.

Get rid of add-ons and Plug-ins on your browser

If you check, there are insignificant plug-ins and extensions that you’ve not used for a while. These can be why you can’t send an email from your Comcast account because sometimes they hamper your email process without prior warning. So you need to remove them. Also, third-party applications can pose a challenge. So it’s either you remove it or disable it.


As you can see from the write-up, so many factors can pose a challenge to why your email service is not functioning effectively. When these factors are properly checked, you won’t experience any unpleasant incident when sending a mail. The reverse is the case. These recommendations are something you can quickly troubleshoot without the aid of an expert.


What is the Comcast outgoing mail server?

  • Comcast SMTP username – your Comcast email address.
  • Comcast SMTP password – your Comcast password.

My server is rejecting outgoing mails; why?

This happens when a copy has already been deposited in your outbox. A recipient email can also be rejected, especially when it does not accept relaying. This means that when your mail server notices you’re about to relay without authorization, the error automatically pops out.

Does Comcast have an email address?

Yes, it does. The app helps you to easily access your email as well as voice messages on the go. You can use this app on either the iPhone or the Android tablets, smartphones, or iPads.

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