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Comcast RDK 03033 Error

Comcast RDK 03033 Error – How To Fix (Guide)

Looking for answers on how to solve the Comcast RDK 03033 error then followed this quick guide on how to fix it.

Comcast Cable Communications is one of the largest Internet Service Providers in the USA, having been in business for more than 50 years. Aside from this, globally, they’re also rated as the second, this made them have a large subscriber base. Despite a flawless support system, there are specific issues that the users have continued to make reference to. In this write-up, we’ll focus on the RDK 03033 Error.

In recent times, so many users constantly complained about their inability to watch their TV because of RDK 03033 error, which usually shows up when using the Comcast network. This particular error has been a great hindrance, especially when streaming TV via cable. In fact, refreshing it to rectify this still yields no result. In this write-up, much emphasis will be made on the reasons that trigger this error and the possible solution on how to fix it.

Meaning of code RDK 03003 on Comcast

Various reasons can give rise to this error, making it difficult to find the exact thing causing the error. Below are some common causes which can give rise to the RDK 03033 error;

  • Bad power outlet – Any time the device stops getting the required electricity (voltage) supply, it indirectly implies something is wrong with the AC outlets. This triggers the Comcast RDK 03033 error.
  • Loose cables – In another scenario, you can still experience the RDK 03033 error if any of the cables are not correctly configured or that the AC outlet is unfastened. All cables must be plugged appropriately.
  • Cache – Most applications we use utilize the router to save their cache, which indirectly helps in network connection. In the long run, these cache files disrupt the internet connection, leading to the RDK 03033. The best place to connect the internet is the Comcast cable box to function efficiently and prevent any error from happening.

I’m sure you now have the basic idea of the true nature of the RDK 03033 error. Next, the solutions to eliminate these errors from occurring will be discussed below;

How to Fix Comcast Error Code RDK 03033.

Below are some methods you can apply to fix the error code RDK 03303 on Comcast;

Inspect the cable connection – There is every tendency that you’re experiencing this problem due to a wire that is loose on the cable box or the AC outlet. This situation is just enough to prevent you from having a better network connection. At this point, you must gently unplug all the wires joining the device and the AC outlets in other to connect them appropriately. However, it is essential to make sure that you’re establishing the right configuration in doing this. When you’ve completed this little exercise, now you can try again to confirm the Comcast connection. If you can successfully access the server, what it means is that the configuration is correct, but if not, then you need to try other recommendations below.

Modify the connected devices – When there is a corrupted configuration anywhere, it is enough reason to trigger the Comcast RDK error code. At this point, it’s necessary to reinitialize or modify the devices to help configure the device appropriately. To successfully actualize this, you need to do the following;

  • Disconnection all the router’s power code together with other devices.
  • Press and hold the power button located on the cable box, including the router, for 30 seconds.
  • Now reestablish the connections on the device again.
  • At this point, you need to wait for internet access to be reestablished.
  • Try and recheck whether the Comcast Error RDK 03033 has been rectified or not.

Replace the Power Outlet – In a situation where the power voltage supplied to the cable equipment is not sufficient, it can hinder the equipment from properly functioning to the extent that it won’t power on. Therefore, at this point, changing the power outlet for the cable equipment and the Signal Amplifier is non-negotiable. After changing it, check if the issue has been sorted out.


Despite the good feedbacks concerning the Comcast network, that does not exonerate it from errors. Suppose you’ve dutifully carried out all the recommended solutions to rectify the Comcast RDK 03033 error outlined in this write-up, and the problem persists. In that case, there might be a random hardware issue that is wrong with the connected device. At this junction, a technical expert needs to be consulted to take a good look at it. Hopefully, the above-listed solutions will enable you to rectify the RDK error on your Comcast.


What message does Comcast code RDK 03033 error display?

When this happens, you’ll notice this error “We’re Having Trouble Connecting – X1 Error Message,” which will be displayed on your device. Although this error can be temporary in most cases, it will be corrected within a short period. So you need to wait for a few minutes to see if it will be sorted out.

What is the actual meaning of the RDK 03030 error?

What this means is that the XG1 DVR/Gateway must be restarted. Note it is not the Xi client receiver. To do this, disconnect the power from your DVR for a minimum of 2 minutes, then reestablish the connection.

What does Comcast RDK mean?

This is a pre-integrated software bundle that was developed initially by Comcast. The function is to help put together a standard structure needed to power IP, tru2way, or hybrid set-top boxes. These gateway devices help to speed up the development and deployment of the next generation’s video services.

How do I resolve my Comcast RDK 03033?

First, to get this done, it’s essential to check the cable in the outlet located at the back of the set-up box, including that of the cable wall. These cables must be finger tight. If the error message continues, at this juncture, you need to restart your set-up box. This can be done by holding down the power button for at least 10 seconds. If the problem persists, reach out to Comcast at 1-800-Xfinity for further assistance

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