Comcast status code 101 fix

Comcast status code 101 – How to Fix Guide

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Comcast status code 101 is one of the errors you might likely get as a subscriber. Aside from these error codes, Comcast has the pedigree of providing excellent cable TV services across the United States. When it comes to picture quality, their service is flawless. As a subscriber, you have the chance of enjoying the best channel lineup, low billing, and value-added service that are top-notch. This cable service can come as a standalone or part of the home plan, encompassing telephone, internet, and TV needs. There

As stated earlier, these services work perfectly well, but errors like Comcast status code 101 can sometimes prevent subscribers from having a wonderful experience, especially when viewing On-demand videos. When this error code, you’ll receive a message describing what happened and apologize for the inconveniences caused. In this write-up, we’ll outline all the details you need to know about it and how to rectify it possibly.

What to do Comcast status code 101

Pinpoint the problem.

This is actually the first thing you need to do for effective troubleshooting. In most cases, the error is linked to On-demand videos or things related to it. Hence, it’s important to observe the pattern, which will enable you to get to know the problem perfectly well. Furthermore, the error message should also be tested in different situations. For instance, you need to try more than one On-demand video and check if the error will reoccur. With this, you’ll get to know if the error occurs during a particular video or all of them.

Resetting of Cable Box.

In a situation where you’ve previously streamed the channel or currently streaming it when the error code occurred, it implies that a temporary error needs to be fixed, which leads to the resetting of your cable box. In case you do not know, the cable box is an old device, and resetting it does not just end by pressing a specific button.

First, the cable box needs to be unplugged from all the TV connections, including the power outlet. After unplugging all connections, wait for at least two minutes before plugging it back in again. Once all the connections are established, the cable box will commence the resetting process. You need to be patient for it to finish before it starts again. At this point, you’re now free to navigate to your most preferred channels and continue to stream without encountering any further issues.

Change your Gateway to another location.

Repositioning your wireless device might be another thing to do, especially when this happens in certain areas around your house. You can take it to a more centralized location, then restart it. This is important because, in most cases, the error might result from your internet connection. So, doing this helps to clear it. However, if you’re certain the error is not related to your browser, you can try router rebooting, which can also help solve the issue. The essence of rebooting is to help remove any cached bugs or data that may have accumulated over time. When you’ve done all these, you can then open your browser and replay those videos again. Most likely, it will start functioning smoothly.

Reach out to Comcast support

If you experienced this error code on a channel you’re yet to view, then it’s important to reach out to support. The good thing is that Comcast has a support department that is knowledgeable and very friendly. They’re always eager to offer you any assistance, no matter the challenge you’re facing. Another good thing about reaching out to them is that you get to know if the channel you’re viewing is supported by Comcast and included in your current plan. With this, you can now know the main reason why the error occurred. If you’re on the right plan, they’ll help you fix it.

In Conclusion

It’s important to mention that Comcast status code 101 is rarely experienced by subscribers. It means that most users always have a smooth experience with the On-demand. Those that have actually experienced this were watching specific series on Comcast. But peradventure you experience this error any time, follow the suggested troubleshooting steps outlined in this write-up to resolve the issue.

Frequently asked questions

Why does Comcast On-Demand not work?

Whenever there is a problem with the video On-demand feature on your Comcast cable box, you’ll immediately see an error message on the screen. Most times, this signifies there is an intrusion in your cable signal, which is often caused by faulty wiring on your splitter box. The fault might also be from the cable line that directly feeds into your house.

What is the meaning when Comcast displays “case”?

The meaning is that there is a problem preventing it from effectively communicating outside the house. You can troubleshoot it to rectify the error. In a situation where the cable box is having an issue together with the modem, then most likely, the problem might be from your account, or it might be emanating outside your house.

What measures do I need to take to resolve Xfinity On Demand?

When you notice that the Comcast system is experiencing an issue, making your On-Demand streams not function effectively, you need to quickly reach out to Comcast using their hotline – 1-855-399-1542 quickly. Alternatively, you can decide to talk to a chat agent by logging into This will further help you to confirm if there is an outage where you’re residing.

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