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DirecTV Black Screen of Death - How to Fix (Guide) - error fix now

DirecTV Black Screen of Death – How to Fix (Guide)

Directv black screen of death can really prevent you from enjoying your favorite shows or stop you from completing an interesting game you’re watching. This happens because of loss of signal, which will prevent your remote from working and even make your receiver slow. If you’re currently experiencing the error, we’ll outline some of the things you can do to rectify this error and get your signal back without necessarily waiting for any Directv technician to come around. Below is what you can do to fix the problem on your own, but before then, we’ll outline some factors that result in this to make you aware of it.

Causes of the Directv black screen of death.

There are several root causes why this will suddenly happen without prior notice; the most common factor that results in this error is a power failure, usually from the supply board. In case you don’t know, television has different supply boards in addition to other internal components. Other factors that can cause this problem is as follows;

  • Problem with Cable connection – Your Directv is most likely to experience a black screen issue due to a cable connection problem. For instance, damaged cables, loose connections, inactive power source. These are some of the possible causes on your TV.
  • An issue with sources – This issue can be linked to the cable box or some external sources. To ascertain if the problem is from the sources, pick your remote and press the menu button. Once the menu shows up on the screen, this is a sign that it’s from the sources.
  • Problem with inputs setting – The black screen of death could also result from the setting problem. For instance, your DirecTV might be mistakenly set on a wrong input. To avoid this, make sure it’s on the right input.
  • Firmware update problem – Obsolete firmware can also result in this error. It’s essential to ensure that the firmware is always updated.
  • Power saver mode/ Sleep timer – Allowing your energy-saving mode or sleep timer to be always on can also cause your DirecTV to go black randomly. Hence, it should be turned off, then check if the problem will continue.
  • Hardware failure – Faulty circuit board, faulty LED, or faulty panel can also result in this error. To rectify this, professional technicians are needed. For this case, you’ll need to seek for professional service for your DirecTV to be fixed.

Now, you’re aware of some of the causes that can result in this error. Hence we’ll proceed to outline some solutions. It’s important to carefully implement these suggested solutions correctly to avoid any form of conflict(s).

How to fix it

  1. Check and turn off the energy save mode or the power saver – In some cases, your DirecTV will turn off, but you’ll still be hearing the sound, especially if there is no movement in the room.
  2. Did you mistakenly turn the sleep timer on – Some people will mistakenly press the sleep timer on from the remote, and your DirecTV will suddenly turn to a black screen.
  3. Recheck if demo mode or store mode is turned on – In case you’re not aware, demo mode or store mode is especially a factory setting, generally used for demo or display.
  4. Try using a different HDMI port for your components – Get a different HDMI cable from the one you’re using, unplug the former one and check if something is wrong with the port. Alternatively, there might be a hidden fault with the HDMI cable. If it’s so, endeavour to replace it with a new cable. You can purchase either of these; Cable High-Speed HDMI 2.0, Rugged High-Speed HDMI 2.0
  5. If possible, try connecting the same component to another DirecTV – This is important because the component already used can be the cause without you knowing it. For instance, it can be faulty and needs a bit of reset. With this, you can turn it off and back on.
  6. Unplug your Directv for 5-10minutes – Unplugging it will enable it to attempt a reset, thereby eliminating any temporary issue causing the black screen.
  7. Factory reset your Directv to resolve the issue – Navigate to the menu, look for factory reset. When this is done, any saved picture will be lost.
  8. Update the firmware – It’s always advisable to update the firmware to eliminate any issue that can likely result in a black screen. To do this, go to the menu, click on firmware.

In Conclusion

The possible causes that can result in the DirecTV black screen of death and the solutions on how to rectify it have been outlined in this write-up. It’s essential to go through them gradually. However, if the problem persists after these, you can reach out to DirecTV for help resolve this issue.

Frequently asked questions

Why did my DirecTV screen suddenly turn black?

If you cannot view any picture, you need to reset the receiver by unplugging it from the power source. Then wait for few seconds for the receiver to reboot. This often solves the situation if it’s a minor error.

What can I do to fix the black screen on DirecTV?

You can unplug the receiver’s power code, which is usually plugged directly into the electrical outlet, and wait for 20 seconds before plugging it back again. Next, press the power button and wait for it to reboot.

What are the things to do when the TV turns to a black screen?

  • First, switch it off, then unplug it.
  • Please wait for a minimum of 20minutes before plugging it back in again.
  • For a couple of seconds, press and hold power.
  • Release the button, then turn it on.

What will make my TV screen suddenly turn black?

The bad driver board is the first factor to consider. Other factors that can lead to this are faulty T-Con board, bad LEDs inside the TV. Also, in some cases, it can result from a loose cable, bulging capacitors, and ribbon connector. For the correct problem to be ascertained, the TV needs to be opened.

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