Discovery Plus on LG TV

Discovery Plus on LG TV – How To Watch Guide

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If you want to stream Discovery Plus on LG TV then pay attention to our short tutorial article. New content is now available to viewers any time they want with the launch of the Official Discovery Plus streaming service. The app works with many devices but many people wonder whether there’s an app for the WebOS-the Operating system used by LG smart TVs. This brief offers you exactly everything you need to know about the Discovery plus service on LG.

Discovery Plus TV service on LG Smart TV

If you are a streaming fanatic, you know the pain of not being able to throw a certain service directly to your big screen. Unfortunately, Discovery TV doesn’t put LG on the list of the supported devices. What this means is that the Discovery Plus app is not available as a native app for the LG OS. This even makes it harder for you to stream shows directly from Discovery Plus to LG Smart TVs.

With this information, it only means that you can watch Discovery Plus on your LG smart TV using external devices. However, before you set your external streaming device to watch Discovery Plus on LG, you have to subscribe to the service.

Subscribing to Discovery Plus

I personally recommend getting a Discovery Plus subscription first before doing anything else. This will get the service to you and at the same time let you watch shows and series directly on your device. To sign up, visit Discovery TV site and Click to Start a Free Trial. You will equally be asked to create an account and fill in your billing information. Immediately after the account is set, you will be prompted to go to the next step.

How to watch Discovery Plus on LG Smart TV

There are countless ways you can watch Discovery Plus on LG TV. However, in this regard, we will only talk about Firestick TV, Chromecast and Roku. The three methods will work for you regardless of whether you have regular Digital LG TVs and Smart LG TVs.

If you have a Chromecast, Fire TV or a Chromecast, there’s no reason you shouldn’t watch Discovery Plus on LG TVs.

Watch Discovery Plus on LG Smart TV using Chromecast

The first method to watch Discovery Plus is using the Chromecast Device. It’s actually one of the best and the easiest ways of streaming shows and TV series direct to your TV. Luckily, most Smart LG TVs have built-in support for Chromecast. If this is the case, then your work will be easy. However, if you have regular TVs, you will be supposed to plug in Chromecast to start enjoying shows and TV series from Discovery Plus.

If you already have Chromecast ready, install Discovery Plus Android App or iOS. Now open the app on your phone and log in to your account. Note: the LG TV and the Phone should be connected to the same network. If they are both connected to the same Wi-Fi, what follows is to play a movie or TV show on your phone using the Discovery TV app and eventually press the Cast Icon. The Cast Icon is usually on the top-right corner.

The service will only prompt you to select your TV from the list and immediately the video streaming on your TV.

Watch Discovery Plus on LG TV using Roku

The next method of watching Discovery Plus on LG TV is using Roku. To do this, start by heading to the Home Screen on the Roku and eventually click the ‘’Home” Button. Immediately after this, select the streaming Channels and open the Channel Store. You will get an option to select or search for specific channels where you are expected to enter ‘’Discovery Plus and eventually click Add channel to the channel list. This will make sure that the smart TV has detected the Discovery Plus app and will be ready to download and use.

Now use your Roku Pin if you have it. Immediately after this, click ‘’Go to Channels and it will start streaming Discovery Plus on Roku. This method will most probably work with LG Smart TVs and not the analog versions.

Watch Discovery Plus on LG TV using Fire TV

Lastly, you can stream Discovery Plus on LG TV using the Fire TV. This is actually one of the best methods for people that want to watch movies and TV shows on a bigger screen. To do this, the first approach is to go to the ‘’Home screen” of the Fire TV and eventually click the Magnifying Glass and search.

Type ‘’Discovery Plus” and eventually select it from the drop-down list by pressing the centre of the directional pad. You now have to use the centre to select Download. After this, select the center directional button to Open and launch the app. Just like the previous method, this will work with Smart TVs.

After launching the app, you will now be able to stream the service on LG TV.


Discovery Inc. is not a new entrance in the market. The company already owns numerous non-scripted Cable TV channels. However, the company eventually launched their online streaming service which has become very popular with time. Unluckily, Discovery TV doesn’t have any native app operating on WebOS which is the Operating system used by LG TV. In this regard, you will only have to use Chromecast, Roku or Fire TV to watch and stream Discovery Plus on LG Smart TVs.


Can I stream Discovery Plus on My TV?

Yes, it’s very easy to stream Discovery Plus on your LG Smart TV anytime, anywhere and directly on your big screen.

Why Can’t I get Discovery Plus on my LG TV?

LG TV uses WebOS and Discovery Plus doesn’t have a native app for this purpose. This means that it can be very difficult to add the service directly to your LG TV.

Will Discovery Plus be on LG Smart TV?

You can stream Discovery Plus on your LG Smart TV easily using the Airplay 2 which is available on the LG Smart TVs.

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