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How To Block Channels on DirecTV - the easy tutorial guide

How To Block Channels on DirecTV – The Easy Tutorial (Guide)

In this short guide we will show you how to block channels on DirecTV. If you have kids then this function is perfect for blocking adult related content that you don’t want your children to watch.

In recent times, DIRECTV introduced a parental control feature to be used by their subscribers to block any unwanted channel. With this in place, it’s now easy to put a restriction on any movies or TV shows you do not want your family to have access to, especially kids.

This feature aims to give you peace of mind knowing that you’re in better control of what content your children or a family member are exposed to. You can pick a package that is suitable for you and stream it in your master’s bedroom and not part an eyelid what your children could be watching in their room.

How To Block Channels On Directv

As a guardian or parent making use of DIRECTV, you must take advantage of the parental control used to block certain channel from your family members, which you consider inappropriate. Peradventure you’re unable to make use of the feature, below are steps you need to take to rectify it and as well have your password handy.

Step 1 – First, you need to turn the particular channel you intend to view. The parental control PIN, as well as the password column, will pop up on your screen. If you can’t remember your PIN again, try the following default PINs “1234” “0000” “1111”. This can also unlock your parental controls.

Step 2 – Get your account information handy. This can be found on your monthly billing card. Alternatively, you can also login to the official website of DIRECTV using your username and password.

Step 3 – At this point, you need to key in your account’s four digits inside the box allotted for parental control. Tab enter to unlock the channel. Also, by doing this, you can bypass the password you previously set for your DIRECTV account.

Step 4 – If the default PINs, including the last four digits of your account, refuse to activate the channels successfully, you can reach out to DirecTV at 800-531-but before this call; you need to have your account information handy for identification purposes. Without it, there is every tendency that the representative won’t attend to you. Alternatively, you can also refer to your receiver model for the default PIN. This is because the majority of the models have different PINs.

Resetting your DIRECTV Password.

Like it was stated earlier, as a subscriber of DIRECTV, you can use the parental control feature to block any channel you want. But first, you need to set up your unique password to be able to activate the feature. To change your password or even manually reset it to the default settings, you need to be aware of your current password. You can follow the steps below if you do not know your password.

Resetting Without the Password

  • Reach out to the DIRECTV customer care department with the number on your billing. You can also get the number from the contact page of their official website.
  • Inform the customer representative that you mistakenly forgot your unique password for your receiver.
  • Request for them to reset your password to its default setting. The representative attending to you should be able to reset your receiver’s password remotely once your identity has been verified.

How to manually reset your password to Default

  • Turn on your receiver, including the TV.
  • On your DirecTV remote control, press menu. The display will appear on the left-hand side of your screen.
  • Using your down arrow button, highlight the “Parental, Favs & Setups.” Next, click “Select” for it to switch to the “Parental, Favs & Setups” menu.
  • From here, click on the “Parental Controls,” >>> “Edit Settings,” >>>”Unlock Now.”
  • With the aid of the number pad, type in the current password of your receiver. This will set it to the default settings.

Why block channels on DIRECTV

Having under aged kids in the house is enough reason why you need to block some channels. Aside from that, some channels can be annoying, so it’s better to block it. However, you can create a favorite list of all your channels. The spending limits can be useful, so it’s advisable to consider the prices of pay per view events. However, you might end up being too excited or anxious at some point. With a spending limit, you’ll stay responsible without bingeing on events you do not want.


Now you’ve known how to block channels on your DIRECTV. However, it’s important to note that, as you subscribe to DIRECTV, the parental control might not be configured to your taste. For instance, straight from the factory, these receivers already blocked unrated and NC-17 videos.

The subscribers have widely applauded this family feature since the receiver was rolled out. But you still have the right to stick with the factory settings, or you can reconfigure it to your taste. Finally, With DIRECTV, you now control what TV content your kids can be exposed to. It’s indeed nice to know that there is still a way to take control of these things.


Is there a way to block some channels on DIRECTV?

Yes. With the parental control feature available in all DIRECTV receivers, you can now block specific channels, regulate viewing times, and also set limits for spending for movies or any live Pay Per View events.

How do I get local channels based on my zip code on DIRECTV?

With DIRECTV, you can receive local channels at no extra cost. To do this, you need to order your favorite Cheapest DIRECTV package, which already comes with the local channels depending on where you stay. It’s essential to avoid any TV provider that won’t grant you access to local channels at no extra cost.

How do I cancel specific channels on my DIRECTV?

  • First, you need to remove any premium package
  • Login to MyAT&T and select My DIRECTV.
  • Click on the Manage package.
  • Next, scroll to My add-ons, locate the particular premium add-on you intend to remove, and then select.
  • Select Remove. You can decide to keep it if you’ve changed your mind.
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