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Amazon echo to wifi

How To Connect Echo To WiFi – Be Connected in 5 Simple Steps (Guide)

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If there’s a device with thousands of uses is the Amazon Echo. The device is termed as one of the most popular Alexa-enabled Smart devices in the market. With its unlimited number of advanced and sophisticated features and capabilities, it can be used as a house speaker or even be placed in your entertainment room. The many uses should be a good enough excuse for you to purchase the device and start using it. But most people always face troubles using this device especially if you don’t have enough information about the setup and how to connect Amazon Echo to the internet.

When connected to the Internet, you can play music through the voice command. The device also helps people control all the gadgets and devices in the Smart Home. Amazingly, you can as well shop online, create your schedules and do so much more with this device. But how do you activate this Alexa device? How can you connect this device to the internet? Here is a step by step guide to connect Amazon Echo dot to the internet and fix some common issues with the connections.

Connecting Echo to the internet for the first time

If you’ve just purchased this device, connecting it to the internet might require some more sophisticated steps. Plug the device to the power source and wait for the orange light. The light might show up after some few minutes.

Make sure that the Alexa app in your phone is open. If the app is open, then you are ready to connect this device to the Wi-Fi using the below steps.

  1. Click Settings-Open the menu on the left and click on settings and eventually proceed to Device settings.
  2. Choose your device and click on Change. This is found next to the Wi-Fi network.
  3. The device will go through the setup process mainly because this is the first time you’re using it.
  4. Proceed to the Alexa app and choose the Wi-Fi network
  5. Now log in to your Wi-Fi and eventually tap connect.

Your device is now connected to the Wi-Fi and is very ready to start working. Besides doing it automatically, you can tap the Add network option to carry out the whole process manually, especially if you cannot find your network. It’s also easy to check the network by tapping Rescan to search for available network once again.

Some users choose to add the Echo device to a list of approved devices by adding the MAC address. The device also comes with two optional settings. The first one is to set your Wi-Fi password to Amazon. This is important because the system will remember the new devices when you want to set other Echo devices in future.

You also have the option of connecting the Echo device to a public Wi-Fi network. This works in the sense that when you are going to the public, you can enter all the information you want in a browser-based pop-up. This will generally pop up when you are going through the Wi-Fi setup.

Amazon Echo won’t connect to Wi-Fi? Here are 5 quick fixes

The Amazon Echo device can develop issues when connecting to the Wi-Fi network. Besides the fact that all the fixes are found in the Troubleshooting and resolving internet connectivity issues posts and guides, here are some important steps to take before you proceed;

Have you entered the password correctly?

Mostly, if the connection is unsuccessful, you should check to see whether you’ve entered the correct password. This happens mostly because the password is often hidden and it’s very easy to mistype some of the characters. Try to re-enter the password and reconnect before you proceed to other troubleshooting procedures. It’s also critical to make sure that the CAPSLOCK key is not engaged.

Try putting your smartphone in Airplane Mode and reconnect again

The next step to take is to try putting the phone into Airplane mode and try to reconnect it to the Wi-Fi. Remember that the Alexa app in your phone heavily relies on the Wi-Fi and if that is not connected perfectly, the app may fail to work.

Try connecting to a different Wi-Fi

If you have a couple of network connections, it’s important to try connecting to a different one. There’s a likelihood of issues with your current internet connection.


Why won’t my Echo connect to my Wi-Fi?

There are several reasons why Echo won’t connect to the Wi-Fi. First of all, make sure that the device is less than 10 meters away from the wireless router. If the problem persists, restart your router and the Echo to see whether the issue will be solved entirely.

Can I change Wi-Fi on Echo?

Yes, it’s very easy to change Wi-Fi from your Echo. Visit the settings by swiping down, choose the network and click on it to connect. If possible, switch off the internet as explained in this post above.

How do you reset your Amazon Echo using the app?

To restart the Echo using the Alexa app, open the app on your android or IPhone and go to Devices, choose the Echo & Alexa and eventually tap at the Echo that you want to wipe clean. After that, scroll down and confirm ‘’Factory Reset”. Eventually click on confirm.

Why can’t I set my Echo dot?

The device might not be connected to the Wi-Fi. To fix the setup issues, check the connection and ensure it’s stable. After that, also confirm that you have the latest version of Alexa App.


Amazon Echo dot device is very important in the Smart Home systems. It helps users perform multiple tasks at the same time. However, connecting it to the Wi-Fi can be daunting especially if you don’t have adequate information about the setup. Even after following the above process, check whether the device is connected well. If there’s an orange ring of light around the device, then it’s trying to tell you that it’s not connected. Luckily, it’s quite simple to fix some of the connectivity issues as explained above.

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