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Connect PS4 to Xfinity WiFi

How To Connect PS4 to Xfinity WiFi – 7 Step Guide

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Connecting your smart TV and your gaming consoles to the Xfinity Wi-Fi doesn’t sound as complicated as we’re made to believe. Today we’re here to make it incredibly easy to connect your PS4 to the Xfinity Wi-Fi. The steps may sound tricky and confusing, but I have shared details to help water down the entire process. With that in mind, before we go any further, let’s start by understanding Xfinity Internet and PS4 gaming console.

Xfinity Internet

Xfinity is an Internet Service provider offering both cable and wireless internet services. Xfinity offers hotspot plans where users can easily connect devices to the internet wirelessly and at an affordable price whether indoors or outdoors. Once you are using Xfinity, their internet and other services provided will take on the connectivity workload. It’s also easy to set up Xfinity Home Wi-Fi, which also doesn’t cost a fortune.


You probably have heard of the Playstation4, which provides the best gaming functionalities for gaming fanatics. It gives you a chance to have some fun with your friends or family members. Also, whenever you get tired of gaming alone, you can connect the device to Xfinity Internet and play with online gamers. Connecting PS4 to the internet comes with additional benefits for gamers, such as free subscriptions to Netflix or HBO.

Unlike some gaming consoles, PS4 easily connects to Wi-Fi networks. All you have to do is make sure your Wi-Fi is working perfectly well. Different gaming consoles come with different settings, and so, the way you connect PS4 to the Xfinity Wi-Fi is not the same way you’ll connect another console. However, the processes are not very complicated unless your device doesn’t support wireless Wi-Fi internet connections.

Connecting your PS$ to your Xfinity WIFI

What is your WiFi name and password?

The first step is to know your Xfinity Wi-Fi name and password. If you don’t know these details, there’s always something you can do. Check the Voice Remote and say ‘’Show me my Wi-Fi ‘’ the details will be revealed on the X1 TV Box. Alternatively, you can choose to visit the Xfinity Wi-Fi site, mobile app, or even the xFi app on the X1 TV Box. Open your account or the Xfinity My Account App and get the details of your Wi-Fi name and password.

The drivers and the software

It’s imperative to make sure the device has the latest software installed. If the software is no longer up to date, you can find this on the equipment’s user manual. The drivers should also be up to date for ease of access and connecting the console to Xfinity WiFi.

Check the wireless Gateway settings

You might be forced to check and change some of your gateway wireless settings. These include the WPA/WPA2, parental control and the firewall settings. Check the Firewall setup on the wireless gateway for additional information about changing Wireless gateway settings.

The WiFi bands should be merged

Some of the game consoles that are only compatible with the 2.4 Ghz band tend to encounter problems with connecting to the Wi-Fi networks that have dual merged bands. But there’s always a way to connect them without having to create a separate Wi-Fi name and password. Here are the steps to follow;

  • Open a browser from a computer that is connected to the gateway and login to the admin Tool at
  • Choose connections and then opt for Wi-Fi
  • Click on edit from the end of the row for the 5 GHz band and then move to click Disable and save the settings.
  • Use the device’s app to complete the settings of the Wi-Fi device
  • Get back to the admin page and re-enable the 5GHz band. This is to keep the Wi-Fi network functioning optimally. For people with xFi pods, make sure it’s off until the bands finally are enabled.

Ready to connect?

If all the steps above have been followed keenly, then you’re probably ready to connect your PS4 to the Internet through Xfinity Wi-Fi. It’s important to note that every game console has its own setup, and the steps of connecting it to the internet vary greatly. For PS4, follow the below steps but before that, you need to go to the settings to look for networks. After detecting the Wi-Fi networks, select to connect to the Wi-Fi.

Check the Internet

If the connection has failed to be successfully established, get back to settings on the console and choose the ”User Guide” then sign in to Xfinity. You probably don’t have to go to the browser just to sign in.

Test the Internet

If, for any case, the Xfinity Wi-Fi connection is not established well with your console, some issues are likely to occur. Firstly, it may continuously lose connections or fail to maintain a steady connection and internet speeds. Therefore, make it a point to test and confirm the connection has been successfully established.


Can we connect PS4 to Xfinity Wi-Fi?

You probably have asked yourself whether it’s possible to connect PS4 to the Internet through Xfinity Wi-Fi. This gaming console is currently a favorite among many teenagers and young fans, and for that reason, it must be compatible with Wi-Fi connections.

Can you put Xfinity Wi-Fi on PS4?

Definitely, Xfinity Wi-Fi is compatible with most gaming consoles. It actually comes with additional functionalities that Xfinity customers are looking for.

How do I connect my PS4 on Wi-Fi?

Connecting PS4 to Wi-Fi is very easy. First of all, proceed to the PS4 home menu and select Settings. After that, choose Network and select setup an internet connection. Choose Xfinity Wi-Fi and use your username and password to connect.


Connecting your PS4 to the Xfinity Wi-Fi is possible and easy only when the device is ready to be connected. Check and follow up with all the steps explained above to make it a reality. You will not be charged any extra cost for connecting your Xfinity Wi-Fi to the PS4 console.

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