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How To Get Internet on PS4 - 6 Steps To Get Your PlayStation Connected

How To Get Internet on PS4 – 6 Steps To Get Your PlayStation Connected

We all have reasons why PS4 remains one of our best consoles for gaming. I have personally heard a couple of people complaining that other consoles don’t have the performance that comes with the PS4. If you wanted to have a seamless gaming experience, Sony has brought you the best device. The PS4 has been under development from 2008 and was released to the market some five years ago. When you are tired of playing alone, you probably want to connect online and play with other gaming fanatics. This will not be possible unless you have a stable Internet connection. This brief explains all the steps you need to take in connecting your PS4 to the internet.

Why PS4

When the PS4 was being revealed to the users in 2013, Sony praised its hardware and software. The dualShock 4 was one of the technical terms that were revealed. One primary reason why PS4 stands tall in the pool of competitors is that it can be used for much more than just playing the video games.

I know you probably want to browse using your PS4 and at the same time stream your Netflix movies and TV shows. All this is possible with the PS4. This shows that the users with PS4 will probably not need Android Box to stream and browse using their analogue TVs. All the shows, Videos and Disney+ can be streamed or downloaded on the PS4. This was a significant additive by the company that sets the device aside from the competitors.

Installing applications has been made easy. Although this feature is available with PS3 and the previous versions, it has been made a little easier with PS4. You can install YouTube and other applications with ease. The console also lets you use the Blu-ray discs to watch your favorite shows, movies and documentaries.

PS4 Web Browsing

One thing that I’ve personally liked about PS4 is its web browsing feature. This is the feature that let’s you get all the information you want from the internet. It doesn’t matter whether you want to search for some quick Q&A on or want to keep up with livescores for your favourite Bundesliga matches. That is easy, but only when you can connect PS4 to the internet and have a stable Internet connection.

With this Browsing capability, you can access all types of websites but specifically those that don’t use Flash Support. The browser is a big additive to the console, but many people complain it doesn’t have Flash Support. This is what eliminates a couple of websites from the list of the ones that you can access with it.

Word Wide Web on your TV

The PS4 browsing feature provides you with the WWW on your TV. In addition, it allows you to switch back and forth between games and browsing. The best thing about it is that you can do either of them without having to suspend the other. The Browser on your PS4 works similarly to the one on your laptop or phone. The only thing I wouldn’t say I liked about PS4 browser is that typing anything with Dualshock 4 can be a little daunting.

You need active and Stable Internet

To use any of the new features on PS4, you need an active and stable Internet connection. The internet speeds should also be a little higher than normal browsing, especially if you want to install additional gaming applications. With that in your head, let me help you get Internet on your PS4.

How to get on the Internet with PS4

Setting up Internet on PS4 is not necessarily going to be a daunting experience if you have the right information. You definitely don’t need more than 5 minutes to do it. Follow the below steps to understand everything about setting Wi-Fi on your PS4.

  1. Menu screen-The first thing to do is to access the menu screen on the PlayStation 4. This is where all the applications are featured.
  2. Press the upward direction Button-After you have reached the main screen, the next thing to do is to press the upwards direction button. A few options will be displayed here. Move on and go to select the ones which say ‘settings’.
  3. Network Option-after reaching the settings menu, the next thing to do is to press the downward direction button until you are on the network option. Click on the option and choose Setup internet connection from the options available.
  4. Choose Wireless or LAN cable-After you have done all that, you will get a popup asking if you want the LAN cable or the Wireless option. The option you go for here depends on the internet you have access to.
  5. For Wireless Option-You will be asked whether you want the console to set the connection for you or you want to do it manually. You will probably want to tell the machine to do the work for you, but you can as well choose to do otherwise.
  6. Enter password-After all that, you will only be required to submit your Internet password, and you’re good to go. It’s that easy.


How do I browse the internet on my PS4?

Once you have connected your PS4 to the internet, you should navigate to the content area, which has a row of large icons. This is the area you use to launch the applications, games and other services. Scroll to the right to the Internet browser option. This is highlighted and has a www.icon and a Start Button. Open the browser and click on the X Button on the PS4 controller.

How do I connect my PS4 to the internet?

It’s quite easy to connect your PS4 to the internet. Regardless of the ISPs, the procedure for connecting your PS4 to the internet is the same. Select settings on your PS4 and head to networks. Setup Internet connections and eventually follow the onscreen instructions to configure the settings.

Can I connect LAN cable with PS4?

Yes, it’s simple, following the steps above; you will be prompted to either choose wireless or LAN cable to connect the internet.

PS4 has brought the best features for the gaming fanatics. If you want to maximize your experience with the gaming console, you will definitely have to subscribe to a stable and reliable Internet service. After that, follow the steps below to connect to the internet and browse using PS4.

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