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Best Internet Browsers for web surfing

Best Internet Browsers – The Fastest Safest and Optimized Applications

According to 2020 statistics, the United States has over 284 Million Internet users. This means that more than 80% of its population is made of serious internet users. This figure is also projected to grow to nearly 296.7 million by 2025. The country is equally marked as one of the biggest online markets worldwide. Facebook, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger remain the top three most used mobile social networking apps in the country. The United States records a high number of online transactions and browsing on a daily basis. But when we dig deeper on the internet usage basics, a typical American heavily relies on their Internet browsers’ power to access the internet, their favorite blogs and sites.

What is a Browser and why is it important?

In simpler terms, a browser is a software that developers term as a user’s access point to the internet. Given the fact that most websites have introduced their application version of it, it’s very easy to overlook the importance of a web browser. Before the introduction of web browsers, people had to install applications to listen to music, access videos, and their favorite news and other content. Applications still prove to be the preferred choice of many internet users, but a web browser would always come in the picture for people that wants to enjoy diverse content and access other unique factions in the World Wide Web.

In a Business setting, both consumers and Businesses need a digital method of sharing and accessing data. Digital marketing has become a very serious component for the success of any Business. In this case, web browsers are essential in assisting customers and Businesses hassle all the important information.

Any successful Business out there uses digital marketing in all shapes and manners. Businesses have websites. In developing these Business websites, designers ensure that the site is easy to access using all major browsers. Food Businesses and Beauty Businesses rely heavily on images and videos to sell their products. The content should be accessible by the consumers using all the popular web Browsers.

The best Internet Browsers

For your business, it’s all about privacy and security, and if you’re struggling to get the best Web Browser that covers all these categories, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of the most popular web Browsers, their benefits, pros, and cons.

Google Chrome

Being the most popular, secure, and performing internet browser in the market today, it should top our list. Google Chrome is preferred by more than 70% of internet users for its security. The continuous work by developers has made this browser the best overall in terms of performance, security, and features. The interface is sleek and straightforward, giving users an easy time finding content online. But some claim that Chrome takes a lot of Storage. This means that you should be ready to use extra space on your computer, especially if you’re a serious internet user and Streamer. It also lacks a cryptocurrency locker and built-in VPN. This might be a deal-breaker, but the browser still tops the list for its stability, performance, and useful features and extensions.

Google Chrome pros and cons


  • It’s stable and has a couple of useful extensions
  • It enables private browsing
  • It enables content filtering and parental control
  • Google Chrome is highly customizable
  • It works on macOS, Android, iOS, Windows and Linux.
  • Its user friendly
  • Google Chrome has a robust Built-in password generator
  • Google Chrome keeps all your bookmarks and settings at hand regardless of what you’re using.
  • Google Chrome is a secure and high-speed Browser


  • In case the computer has a RAM of 2GB or below, Google Chrome may slow your computer
  • Google Chrome lacks any built-in VPN or Cryptocurrency locker.
  • Google Chrome can track your browsing habits through Browser data.
  • It contains annoying ads

Safari Browser

Safari Browser is regarded as the fastest browser that you can find on App stores today. If you have never used Safari Browser, try it, and it will change your perception of browsing speed. Besides that, Safari Browser’s performance is excellent and has a clean record of privacy and security. Businesses using this browser are in good hands, given the fact that their information is safe and private. Unfortunately, this browser only works with iOS and Mac Devices. This is a blow to android users, Windows users, and Linux users. If you want the best browser that will work with almost all Operating systems, then Google Chrome and Firefox are your best choices.

Safari Browser pros and cons


  • It has integrated Apple pay that makes online shopping easy
  • Safari Browser’s speed is excellent
  • The credit card information is confidential and cannot be shared
  • Intelligent tracking prevention tool-This tool analyzes online advertisers and trackers and gets rid of the data they might leave behind.
  • It blocks suspicious and harmful web activities and websites
  • You can use Safari in the Incognito Mode
  • You can automatically generate Passwords using Safari Browser.
  • The handoff feature lets you continue your browsing activities across all the devices if you are a Mac and an iOS user.
  • Apple claims that Safari is the best performing desktop browser


  • It only works for Mac and iOS users.

Mozilla FireFox

Mozilla Firefox works on all devices and is ranked as a customization champion mainly because it’s the pioneer in online privacy, web capabilities, and customization. It has a list of extensions making it more good-looking to users. Mozilla Version 72 is a good version of this browser because it can alert you when your email address is included in any form of a data breach. Another thing, Mozilla FireFox version 72 blocks annoying notifications and popups and tracking of your browsing data.

Another added advantage is that Mozilla Firefox Version 72 is highly customizable in terms of colors and looks, and even the plugins that are used. But as much as we love these features, FireFox is not one of the safest Browsers. In 2019, there were a couple of Security concerns raised. There are no in-house quality assurance teams. Another problem is that Mozilla’s QA is outsourced, and QA leads were reportedly let go in the layoffs. In 2020, there were certain leakages that the company is struggling for income.

Mozilla Firefox pros and cons


  • This browser works on both computers and Mobile devices
  • Many Customizable features
  • Multi-account Containers extension
  • There are multiple versions of Firefox
  • It’s easy to share a tab open on any devices as long as you’re logged into the syncing account


  • In 2019, Mozilla Firefox was threatened by Malware and hackers.
  • There’s no total privacy for this browser.
  • It’s a memory extensive browser
  • No Multi-process architecture-Working on this browser feels sluggish.

Opera mini

Opera Mini is the Privacy pioneer in the browsing world. This browser has been there for years and has improved its features over time. Several things make Opera Mini Browser unique. Opera Mini works on Windows, macOS, Android, Linu, and iOS. It’s very useful in collecting multiple contents. After installing this browser, the splash screen makes it easy for you to enable a built-in ad Blocker and turn the crypto Wallet for Cryptocurrency, and most importantly, use the built-in VPN. Opera allows you to move between the dark and light modes and, at the same time, enable in-browser messaging. In fact, you can add WhatsApp web messaging on Opera mini and initiate a couple of other features.

Gamers can check Opera GX instead of Opera mini. Opera GX is designed to include gaming features such as Razer Chroma Support and Twitch Integration. Opera Mini Performance is top-notch, and you can open more than one tab simultaneously.

Opera Mini pros and cons

  • Opera mini has a built-in VPN- very few Browsers have built-in VPN eliminating the need to install a 3rd party VPN.
  • Crypto Wallet for Cryptocurrency
  • Opera syncs in all devices
  • You can save the passwords and browser history
  • You can switch from dark to light modes
  • In-browser messaging from its sidebar is another key feature.


  • Opera Mini is not compatible with older websites
  • It may not load some websites properly
  • You have to install Anti-Virus to work together with the VPN for private browsing


Vivaldi is not a very popular Internet browser, but it has some unique features that make it a user’s choice. It enables you to build your own browser with tab-stacking and unique docking. This browser is a brainchild of Opera developers, and it has some similar features to Opera Mini. The browser is all about customization, and you can use a couple of chrome add-ons. It’s easy to pin sites to the sidebar and adjust the page color scheme and fonts. With this browser, it’s very easy to customize how you search for content and give search engine nicknames.

Unlike other browsers, you can view your browsing history in graph form. This gives you information such as your time browsing and how long you stay on particular sites. We also like the tab stacks, which makes it easy to keep track of dozens of open tabs.

Vivaldi Browser Pros and cons


  • It’s incredibly customizable
  • Creative Interface features
  • It supports chrome extensions


  • Vivaldi is bad for procrastinators


Chromium is an open source browser that was created by Google. The browser can be modified to meet all your needs. For people that know how to code, creating your own web browser by working with the source code is very easy. If you don’t have any coding knowledge, you can download the web browser as it is.

Chromium pros and cons


  • This browser supports all Goggle Chrome features
  • It syncs between different devices
  • You have a fast and secure way to browse
  • It collects and transfers less data than other browsers, which is very important in privacy.


  • This browser has an automatic update mechanism that can eat a lot of your data
  • The updates can only be downloaded and manually installed.
  • The browser not better than the chrome browser.

DuckDuckGo Browser

This is a browsing innovator that many people prefer for its speed and performance. This browser has some of the best features that you need for the best browsing experience. It is a 3-in-1 solution to a stand-alone mobile browser, search engine, and a browser extension. There are a couple of browser security tools.

DuckDuckGo Browser pros and cons


  • It’s a 3-in-1 solution
  • It has useful privacy tools
  • It offers great speed and has a couple of perks
  • Built-In shortcut known as iBangs.


  • It doesn’t have a desktop browser
  • It doesn’t remember your search history.

Brave Browser

Brave browser has got its name for a good reason. It’s the best in terms of privacy, speed, and features. It has all you might need for an alternative browser. If you don’t want to be closing ads now and then, it’s advisable to choose Brave Browser.

Brave Browser pros and cons


  • The browser is designed to block ads by default
  • The browser is good in terms of privacy because it will never store or save what you’re browsing
  • It loads news sites by up to 6 times faster than Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.


  • It’s new in the market and may delay updates
  • You should have macOS X 10.10 or higher to use it on macOS.

Microsoft Edge

This browser has some unique features that set it aside from other browsers. Microsoft Edge is a villain of browser wars that eventually led to the development of Chrome and Firefox. Over time, Microsoft Edge has really grown to browse faster and offer privacy.

Microsoft Edge pros and cons

  • Microsoft Edge is a top performer
  • Crystal Clear Privacy tools
  • You can save sites as Apps


  • Windows want to make this browser default.

K9 Web Protection Browser for iOS

K9 web protection Browser is a 100% free internet browser. Unlike other Browsers, it’s perfectly fit for kids. The browser will automatically block violent posts, racist posts, nudity, and extreme content. It’s preferred for children because it can filter potentially malicious sites for proxy avoidance, spyware, and questionable content.

K9 Web protection Browser pros and cons


  • It blocks extreme content
  • It can filter all unnecessary content
  • It’s 100% Free
  • The browser can display how many results it has blocked


  • It’s for iOS

How do you know what web browser to Use?

Knowing what’s the best web browser to use is very important, especially if you are working from home or a serious internet user. Here are some top traits of a good and a performing internet browser.


Web browsers perform differently, which in most cases is determined by their speed and responsiveness. A good Internet browser for your business should load web pages very fast and display all the content without bugs. It should be able to work fast enough, regardless of how dynamic the content is. Remember that videos and images dominate the current internet world. In fact, 300 hours of videos are uploaded every minute on the internet. Facebook gets about 8 Billion average daily views for its videos.

With such changes, you need a web browser that can open and seamlessly display all the content, video, and images. Given the American’s internet activities, the speed and stability of a web browser are critical. Americans involve themselves in heavy web browsing activities. Most of them spend hours looking for information and other streaming videos online.


Is the browser user friendly? That is the second factor to consider. A good browser should be simple and very easy to navigate. To rule out, check the user interface and make sure it doesn’t take a lot of the screen. The search icon should be easy to find and better used to get the content. Take, for example, Google Chrome, it has stripped away almost everything to leave the minimum for the sole purposes of making it easy for the users to focus on the content and not just the browser. Checking clearly, you will notice that Google Chrome has an all-purpose box named ”Omnibox. Omnibox is used for keying in the keywords and web addresses for search queries. The tabs are easy to open, and most importantly, you can click to check the browser history and other information.


Security is also vital, mainly because most of the information you share online is vital and confidential. Malware remains to be among the biggest threats to internet use. Sharing passwords and Usernames on the internet can be very risky if the browser is not secure. Malware, on the other hand, can lead to serious data leakage for major businesses. Quora, Marriot, and Facebook have all suffered this in the past. Luckily, web browsers are currently prioritizing user security. Taking Google Chrome, for instance, it scans your computer for any suspicious activity and defends itself against any malware. While this can help to reduce instances of a data breach, it’s advisable to use premium anti-malware software for real-time protection.

Tips for choosing the Best Web Browser

Choosing the best web browser for your specific web activities heavily depends on your particular needs and the features you’d like the browser to have. We will share some pro tips to help you get the best browser for your Business use or individual usage.

Check the safety features

If you need a web browser for your business, you definitely have to prioritize security. At a time when the world is trying to fight hacking and data leakage, web browsing can be very dangerous. The latest news shows that sponsored cyberattacks have hit a firm that protects hacking and data leakage for Businesses. FireEye has been a victim of Cyberattack on 9th Dec 2020, which shows how vulnerable Businesses and organizations are to cyberattacks and data leakage. It’s important to note that specific programs will try to infect your computer with dangerous viruses that can either destroy your data or expose vital information to criminals. Choose Browsers with an advisor feature that ranks websites depending on their safety record.

Favorites and Bookmarking

As a Freelancer or company owner, it’s crucial to choose a web browser with the ability to save links to websites that you like visiting often. Almost every browser today has favorites and bookmarking features. Check to be sure this feature is functional and usable. Some other Browsers add features such as IE’s Frequent Pages, which will appear after opening a new tab.

Tabs and ease of Use

Browsers should allow you to open more than one website simultaneously. This is an important feature that allows you to jump to and from any of these tabs to gather information. Google Chrome has introduced Private tabs where you can browse anonymously, and your browser history will not be saved. This is an imperative feature, especially if you are using public computers.


What is the best browser for 2020?

There are lots of web browsers you can use in 2020. Some of these browsers include Mozilla FireFox, Google Chrome, Opera Mini, Microsoft Edge, Apple’s Safari Browser, Vivaldi, and several others.

What is the best web browser for users of Windows 10?

Windows 10 can work with all popular Browsers. In fact, you can easily install Torch Browser, Vivaldi, Chromium, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge Chromium, and Google Chrome on your Windows 10 Computer.

What is the safest browser to use?

I already pointed out that security is vital for web browsers and especially Businesses. Most Browsers understand how important Browser security is, and for that reason, Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox, Opera Mini, Apple’s Safari, Microsoft Edge, and Chromium have invested heavily in security.

What is the fastest web Browser 2020?

If all you care about in a web Browser is speed and performance, then Chromium, Edge, Google Chrome, and Opera are the best web Browsers for you.

Summing up, the choice of your browser for either mac, Android, or any other Browser comes down to what you want and the real features you are looking for. We have listed the top ten most popular Browsers that you can choose from. Use Chrome, Opera, and Brave Browser if you are looking for secure browsers.

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