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How to Install Netflix on Chromecast

How to Install Netflix on Chromecast – Easy Updated Guide 2022

If you find yourself asking “How to install Netflix on Chromecast?”, you are not alone. You are far from the only person who has recently had this question. Luckily, we have a solution for you! We will go over how to download it through Google’s Chrome extension, which is one of the ways users can access the Netflix app on their devices. So, what are you waiting for?

But before that…

Does Netflix work with Chromecast?

The question is: Does Netflix work with Chromecast? And the short answer is yes. Netflix does work with Chromecast, but the setup process is a little different than it is for other devices.

It’s not hard, but it does require some extra steps. Here’s how to get Netflix on Chromecast. But before that, we need to make sure you have the right Netflix Version.

The update also improves the search function, making it easier to find the content you’re after. And if you have a device with Android 4.2 or later, you’ll be able to use Google’s voice search function to find films and TV shows.

So how do you get the new version?

If you have the app installed on your phone or tablet, go to the Android Market, tap on the Updates icon at the top of the screen and then check for an update. Otherwise, just download it from Google Play.

Netflix is free to download from Google play – but you’ll need a subscription to watch anything. You’ll also need a Chromecast or compatible smart TV or Blu-ray player. But don’t worry if that’s not in your budget: they’re coming out with a standalone Netflix box soon, too.

Make sure you have everything you need to install it

If you want to stream Netflix on the Chromecast, you’ll need to make sure that your device is set up and working. You’ll also need a PC or a Mac since that’s where you’ll be installing the application for casting.

A Netflix subscription

This video-streaming service is available on a variety of devices, from smart televisions and set-top boxes to tablets and smartphones. It’s available as a stand-alone service for about $8 per month, or as part of a bundle with cable or Internet.

A Smart Device

Fire up your computer/Smart TV and go to www.netflix.com. Click “Sign in” in the top right corner of the screen and enter your username and password if you have one; if not, enter the required information and click “Sign Up.”

Have the Chromecast Set

Before you begin, set up the Chromecast. After you’ve connected to Netflix on your Smart Device, plug the Chromecast into an HDMI input on your TV using an HDMI cord (not included). If necessary, connect the USB power cord to an outlet. It is also important to note that you should have the right Chromecast Version. Here are some of the versions you should familiarize yourself with.

  • The Chromecast 1st Generation
  • The Chromecast 2nd Generation
  • The Chromecast Ultra.

In this example, we’re going to use Chromecast 1st Generation as a sample. Here are the steps of setting the Chromecast 1st Generation:

  1. Connect the 1st Generation to the TV through the HDMI
  2. Make sure that the Google Chrome device is Up to date
  3. Now Set Up your computer: You are expected to type Chromecast.com/setup in the Chrome browser address bar and click Enter. You will get a window asking you to set up Chromecast using this computer. The browser will automatically detect the device and begin the setup process. Follow the prompt until the device is set.

Cast Screen with Computer

This process is easy if you have the right information:

  1. Launch Google Chrome Browser and click on more at the top right side
  2. Now select Cast
  3. You can change the Cast to Location
  4. It’s important to click Cast Desktop and choose the Chromecast Device that you want to cast to.

how to Stream Netflix to Chromecast

After you have set the Chromecast and the Google Chrome Browser it’s now time to watch Netflix on Chromecast. Note that the Chromecast allows you to use your Smart TV as your second screen. Here are the steps.

  1. Open Chrome Browser on your computer and head to Netflix.com.
  2. Head to the Menu at the top right and click on Select.
  3. You are now expected to choose your Chromecast from the list when the Cast Menu is opened.
  4. On your TV, make sure your Chromecast is selected as the Source and the Netflix logo will appear with a new Icon “Ready to Cast” displayed on the screen.
  5. Get back to your computer and select a Movie you want to watch and click “Play”.
  6. Instead of playing this Movie on your computer screen, it will not play directly on your TV screen

The controls such as Pause, enable subtitles, fast, forward, or rewind will all appear on your browser at the bottom.

Top Best Upcoming Movies and TV shows on Netflix

The number of Netflix content is growing by the day, with over 4800 titles available for streaming on the platform, including original Netflix content. This makes Netflix one of the largest media providers in the world, offering unlimited entertainment to its users. Here are some of them.

  • Witcher – If you are a fan of epic action series, then you might have watched Witcher season 1 and now we have Witcher season 2 available on Netflix.
  • Lost in Space – Lost in Space is also available for anyone that would want to watch Netflix movies and TV shows on a bigger screen.
  • The Power of the Dog – The Movie is led by two real-life couples Kirsten Dust and Jesse Plemons


How do I get Chromecast support for Netflix?

Chromecast support for Netflix requires a Google Chrome Browser and a premium Netflix membership. Once you have these things set up, installing the latest version of the Chrome extension will enable you to use Chromecast with your Netflix account.

Which TVs are supported by Chromecast?

At launch, Chromecast support for Netflix works on ‘smart’ TVs from Samsung and Sony as well as audio devices like the Denon AVR-888WCI.

How does Chromecast work?

Using the free Google Cast extension for Chrome, you can send any website to your TV through Chromecast. This makes it possible to use Netflix even if you’re sitting at a computer with no video output ports (for example, a laptop).

If you are a Chromecast owner you can install Netflix on the Chromecast. It is easy to do so, and within five minutes you will be up and running watching your favorite shows.

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