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How To Watch Showbox On TV Without Chromecast

How To Watch Showbox On TV Without Chromecast – Guide 2022

For details on how to watch Showbox on TV without Chromecast, read this write-up. Chromecast which is the most innovative dongle from Google has taken advantage of the possibility of Android to cast video from most streaming apps like the Showbox.

The good thing about it is that it allows smartphones to utilize their full potential when it comes to video entertainment. What this means is that on Showbox, you can comfortably watch your favorite movies and shows.

All these movies and shows are in high definition and this just shows how Chromecast on its own part has continued to be reliable, inventive and very remarkable in 2022 and beyond.

Because Showbox streams free content, it is grouped under the copyright category which makes the app not to be available on some official platforms.

The Showbox app has been banned in most app stores but the good thing is that the APK file can still be downloaded online. free of charge. Hence, if you want to watch Showbox on your TV without a Chromecast device, it’s possible.

Follow this guide on how to get Showbox on Chromecast

Alternative ways to watch Showbox

By using other streaming devices

The alternative devices which can be used for this purpose are as follows; Roku, Amazon Firestick, Apple TV. Any of these can be used to cast content to any TV. To be able to cast video content to a TV set from Showbox using Amazon firestick, tap the home button on the remote to display the Quick Access.

On the TV screen, choose mirroring to start streaming high-quality content. However, if you want the casting to function effectively, it’s important to ensure both the casting device and firestick make use of the same Wi-Fi.

For Roku, you still need to mirror the Android device to the smart TV. Tap on the settings icon, then choose the system.

Tab on-screen mirror that will appear. Next, return to the smartphone, switch on the Wi-Fi, tap on Roku Wireless, start merrowing

For Apple TV. This will only work if you have an iOS smartphone. To do this, tap on the control center on the phone, click the screen mirroring icon, click on displayed Apple TV, then start mirroring your content.

Watching Showbox on TV Using DLNA

It is also possible to watch Showbox on your TV with the help of DLNA which is referred to as Digital Living Networking Alliance. This is a smart tech that allows any form of content is able to share content digitally. Modern TV sets, have DLNA inbuilt app. On the other hand, some smartphones are DLNA certified. With this connecting your smartphone will be easy.

All TV sets do not have this feature, hence make sure you check for the DLNA logo especially if you do not make use of a smart TV and currently finding it difficult to connect any Wi-Fi.

In addition, your TV settings need to be also checked to confirm if it can comfortably connect to the internet. once your television is DLNA certified, follow the steps below to link up the Showbox:

  1. Activate TV’s cast and your smartphone.
  2. Once compatible, automatically it will detect the names from the scan result. Then check for your device.
  3. There will be a popup to enter your password or pin.
  4. When a secured connection has been established, all the phone displays will now be seen on your TV.
  5. Go to the TV’s display through the smartphone’s touchpad. This will validate Showbox content to start streaming.

Watching Showbox on TV Using Anycast

Anycast has the same functionality as Chromecast. The good thing about the Anycast is that it’s an affordable option knowing fully well that it has the same casting procedure and port connection. Anycast casts the contents rather than mirrors. This ensures you won’t be disturbed by unwanted notification popups. It has also been proven to be a more reliable alternative.

Watching Showbox on TV Using Miracast

Smart TVs such as LG, Samsung, Sony, Roku have these Miracast features. This is another Chromecast alternative that does not involve any complex process. If your smart TV already has the Miracast feature, proceed and download the Miracast app with has both iOS and Android versions.

The app makes use of a P2P connection to enhance the mirroring connection. The only challenge with Miracast is that it mirrors rather than casts the screen. With this, all the screens will be mirrored on the TV. Any notification will be seen.

Watching Showbox on TV using MHL Cable

In the absence of Chromecast, you can as well make use of MHL Cable to watch Showbox. The MHL is made up of an HDMI port and two USB ports.

To start, connect one of the USBs to power and the other to the phone then attach the HDMI to the TV set. With the cable, it’s possible to also cast if you’ve got an iOS smartphone by linking the iOS lighting, then wait for the list to pop up.

Watching Showbox on TV using Tubio App

The last but not the least option is the Tubio App. This can be downloaded on Google Play Store for free.

  1. Download and install the app.
  2. When ready, fill in your details in the appropriate column.
  3. Type the PIN to finally authenticate.
  4. When done, the Android screen will be cast on the TV set.

In Conclusion

The listed alternatives above are trusted ways you can still watch the Showbox in the absence of Chromecast.

They’re not the only devices that can be used for this purpose, however; they’re tested and trusted. Almost all of them are free so it’s an opportunity to try all before pitching your tenth to a particular one.

Frequently asked questions

What is the procedure to stream Showbox to my TV?

First, you need to download the Allcast app. Then select the movie of your choice from Showbox then open using the Allcast app. The app will start to search for an available player, select Chromecast then connect.

Is it possible to cast from Showbox?

This can be possible by using the LocalCast. First, it must be installed on your phone. The procedure is simple.

Can l connect a smartphone to a TV even without Chromecast?

From the Quick settings panel, search just cast. A popup list will appear with the list of all devices on the network. Choose the appropriate one, in a few minutes it will be shown on your screen.

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