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Internet Slow On Laptop

Internet Slow On Laptop – 11 Ways To Fix (Guide)

Having a suitable smartphone or tablet which can be used for everything is great, but in most cases, these gadgets cannot be used for a proper task. At this point, it becomes certain to use a laptop for these tasks. But, laptop users often complain about some problems they do encounter which the slowness of their Wi-Fi connection. This problem has been blamed on the type of wireless card used by the manufacturers, but this does not solve the puzzle because users are still in the pursuit to find a possible solution to this challenge so they can enhance their work.

Wi-Fi connection has over the years been a technical problem that has confused all smartphones and laptop users, especially when the speed on laptop can’t be compared with that of a mobile device. At times, this happens to be the fault of the service providers, which when brought to their attention, technical support will be provided from their back office. However, this might not be the issue but a connection malfunction from your router device, which sometimes cannot be fixed. In this write-up, we’ll look at possible ways to get this problem sorted out.

Reasons your Wi-Fi Speed Slow Only On The Laptop

Often, more significant objects such as walls or furniture around the house act as an obstruction that ends up slowing down your internet speed, especially when your laptop is far away from your router. Some other troubleshooting techniques which you can do are as follows;

  • Uninstallation of Wi-Fi driver from the device manager.
  • Unchecking the checkbox that is inscribed “delete the driver.”
  • Then rescan your hardware.
  • Check Wi-Fi driver should appear again.

This is the basic technique you can try which so many users have found to solve the problem and speeds their Wi-Fi speed.

Ways to Increase Your Wi-Fi Signal on a Laptop

Changes that can be done on your Laptop

The farther you’re from your router, the more your laptop will be losing signal strength.

  • So you can simply move closer to the router to regain full Wi-Fi connection.
  • Another thing you can do is to update the drivers of your wireless network adapter. These drivers’ acts as a controller on how your computer receives an internet network. The more old the adapters are, it will make them prone to bugs attack, which slows down your internet connection. By visiting the manufacturer’s website, you can quickly get these drivers updated. Alternately check windows update for your driver updates.
  • Also, malfunctioning of the Wi-Fi adapter can pose a challenge which will affect your Wi-Fi network. On most laptops, you can physically replace the adapter or better still add a new one.

Changes that can be done on your router

  • Move your router nearer to the position of your laptop. In a situation where you’re unable to do this, ensure your router is on a higher platform in your room without any obstruction from metal objects, furniture or think walls that can block the signal.
  • Switching to a different wireless channel – Interference from other devices can be reduced by changing your frequency channel, which can be set from the router’s setup from the webpage. You can check the manual of your router for further configuration.
  • Firmware Update – Router firmware is similar to drivers on our computer system. They help instruct your router on how to function for improved performance. To update the firmware, check the manufacturer’s webpage to get the latest update and possibly how to install it but most of the router has a built-in tool for the update.
  • You can as well add an antenna to your network which can be replaced in some routers. This important because the latest advanced antenna tends to function better in combination with a repeater to give an adequate signal. It works by receiving a signal which is then broadcasted to different locations.

Purchase a new WiFi card

When none of the above solutions failed to work, consider purchasing a new wireless card. This is important because in most cases, the manufacturer reduces the cost of production by using less Wi-Fi adapter. So a standard, reliable and more powerful wireless card can be what will solve all the problem.


These simple guide, when followed judiciously, can improve your Wi-Fi speed when using your laptop. However, when you still experience the same problem after giving all these a try, you might not be wrong to seek the services of a technician who will take a proper look at it to check for any underlying that hinder the Wi-Fi from functioning optimally.


Why is the speed of my Wi-Fi better on my phone than a laptop?

Wi-Fi card on some laptops may not support the newer and standard Wi-Fi versions available in the current technology market because the majority of them uses an outdated version of NIMO radio which does not support 802.11ac.

How can I fix slow Wi-Fi on my laptop?

  • Ensure the distance of your router is not far from the laptop.
  • Disable programs that exhaust colossal bandwidth.
  • Start over your router again.
  • Always update the drivers.
  • Ensure setting for energy saving is forced on the Wi-Fi card.
  • Reset the configuration of the router to default settings.

Why is the Internet fast on my phone but so slow on my laptop?

Several factors can be the cause behind this. You can reboot the router or modem because some devices tend to malfunction when it has not been restarted. Furthermore, much-connected devices can also slow down your connection.

What is making my laptop so slow?

Whether you’re multi-tasking or not, some programs running in your laptop’s background can, to a large extent, slow down the performance of your computer. For instance, automatic scanning of antivirus in the background or file synchronization can also be a culprit. To quickly fix this, ensure you always check the memory status of your laptop.

Can my laptop limit the Internet speed?

Despite the brand of laptop you’re currently using, it won’t affect the speed of your internet connection sent from your internet service provider. But in most cases, it is likely to affect how fast your internet seems to be.

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