how does WiFi Verbose Logging work

What is WiFi Verbose Logging – Why Should You Use It

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Programmers and tech gurus don’t usually think of verbose Logging as a technologically advanced and necessary action, but it’s equally important to users that need additional information—that why more and more users are asking about it today. With the increase in the Utilization of technology today, people want to know everything about the systems of their devices, including Phones, Tablets, PCs, and laptops that promise the highest levels of performance. Regular users don’t necessarily need more information than what is already available on the Local Disc C of the computers and other devices.

For some reason, programmers and users want more information, which is why most of them think about Logging. Through this, users can actually get additional information about the device’s system. Although there are several logging methods, the verbose Logging is the most common method used by Computer geeks.

What is Verbose Logging?

Internet communication has really become essential with the archetype shifts in the world. People want to be connected to the Wi-Fi further and access the Internet without any interference. But some devices show issues when they are trying to connect to the Wi-Fi simply because some settings are ineffective.

With the ability of Verbose Logging to get in-depth information, users can gain additional information about logging issues and Wi-Fi connectivity problems. The same function poses some positive externalities on the performance of applications.

Why is it necessary to try Verbose Logging?

As explained earlier, Verbose Logging provides data that cannot be exploited using standard Logging processes. Besides the fact that it helps us gather more system information, some experts claim that it hinders the system operating and processing time. The main reason is that the whole process will take more time to collect the information and display it to the user. But since the information collected is in-depth, this time consumption is pretty normal.

Additional options

This is where it becomes tricky because few users know where the additional options are and how they can help with different settings. These additional options help with many settings and functions, as explained below.

  • Bug Report-Verbose logging helps to gather in-depth information about the system and eventually help with designing device log files. It will create the bug report, and you will end up getting notification after the analysis is done.
  • Memory-Verbose Logging will gather all the information about memory, such as average memory consumption and memory performance, among many other things.
  • System User Interface-This functionality will help clear the screenshots. The only challenge is that this functionality will only be helpful when the low battery warning is on.

Verbose Logging and App performance

Verbose Logging has some impact on app performance. You will end up getting the prompt of reset shortcut, which will analyze the shortcut APIs and ultimately enhance the application performance. Another thing is the ‘’doesn’t keep Activities” option, which checks the battery and enhances its life. This functionality always cuts the app’s activity when the user stops to use them.

Should I enable verbose Wi-Fi Logging?

As explained above, verbose Logging only means that the system will delve deeper to get information about the Wi-Fi. So, you shouldn’t ask whether or not to enable verbose Wi-Fi Logging, ask whether you need all this information, and what you will do with it. Will this information help you solve any kind of Wi-Fi problem with your device?

Another thing, do you look at the logs? If no, why bother wasting the space on the logs? If yes, then you can use the Verbose Logging to solve problems related to Wi-Fi. Just turn the Verbose Logging on, and the information might help you rule out the problem and possible solutions.

Lastly, it’s important to know that Verbose Logging has some downsides. One of the major downsides is that depending on whether the older logs roll-off, you might get more details but only of the recent events that may not be helpful.

How to enable Wi-Fi Verbose Logging

With this information, you may see it important to enable verbose Logging in your device. The process shouldn’t be complicated, but there are some steps that should be followed to make it a reality.

Developer Options

Firstly configure developer options on the phone. Android users don’t have trouble configuring Developer options on their smartphones. This is found in the settings, and users can now infer updates and eventually enable verbose Wi-Fi Logging and also debug the performance of applications.

Enable the developer Options

With version 4.1 and below of android OS, the developer options are available easily on the screen. With higher versions, you need to enable the screen manually. In many cases, the developer options can only be enabled on the Build Number in the Settings app. This is especially the case with android version 9.

Android version 8 is slightly different because the About the Phone and Build Number are accessed through the systems section in the Settings app. Android version 7.1 is similar to android version 9, and the process of enabling Developer Options is the same.


TL;DR Version – What is Wi-Fi Verbose Logging?

This is an action someone can take to increase the Wi-Fi logging level for the SSID that you connect to according to the RSSI, as explained above.

What is the verbose level?

Verbose Logging is considered a computer logging mode that saves more data than the normal logging mode. In simple words, Verbose means the act of using more words than its necessary. This functionality is usually enabled for troubleshooting mainly because they create large logs of files that negatively impact performance.

Is it safe to enable developer mode on your device?

By default, this action will not affect the phone’s performance in any way, but the settings that will be enabled with the developer option can greatly affect the phone’s behaviour.


Now you know what Enable Wi-Fi verbose Logging is and why it’s important. With that information, you can get along well and be able to solve some common issues with Wi-Fi and the performance of your device. Verbose Logging can as well help in the DHCP settings and Wi-Fi.

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