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Netflix Not Working On Fire Stick Easy Solutions Guide

Netflix Not Working On Fire Stick – Easy Solutions Guide

If you complain about Netflix not working on Fire Stick, then this write-up is for you.

Different streaming services have made staying entertained at home to be easy. All thanks to the likes of Netflix and Amazon Fire Stick Subscribing to these services costs less than $10 and you start enjoying different movies and TV shows on Netflix. For about $40, you’re ready to enjoy Amazon entertainment.

The combination of these two services with a reliable internet means that you now have access to a massive database of TV shows, movies, documentaries, stand-up comedy, and other original content.

Just like every other streaming service, issues tend to arise which will hinder you from streaming movies using your Amazon Fire Stick.

The most predominant issue that subscribers experience is the message that shows ‘Sorry, we could not reach the Netflix service’.

No need to be worried because it can be fixed. With this in mind, we’ll highlight different methods on how this can be done so you can start enjoying Netflix on your Amazon Fire Stick.

Amazon Fire Stick not working on Netflix

Cross-check your internet connection

Once you confirm that the problem is not linked to Netflix, then this is the next thing to do. Connect a different device to your internet and observe if it will work and open applications and websites.

When you notice there is nothing wrong with the network, then it’s not from your end. It could be a problem between the Fire Stick connection to the internet.

Power cycle your Fire Stick device

This involves you turning off and then turning on your Fire Stick device. It might be a common troubleshooting method but the truth is that it solves the problem majority of the time.

Fire Stick being a little Android computer, turning it off and on will restore the lost connection to Netflix.

  1. Unplug your device, wait for 30 seconds.
  2. Plug it back again.
  3. If the error remains, try other solutions below.

Update the Netflix app

This is an issue encountered by most subscribers. This is usually a result of making use of a Netflix app that is yet to be updated. You can update the app with the guide below;

  1. From the Fire Stick menu, go-to app.
  2. Navigate to the Netflix app.
  3. Check for the new update. If there is, update immediately.
  4. If there is no new update, the option won’t appear.

Clear cache

If you still experience the problem despite your Netflix app being updated, then follow the steps below;

  1. Navigate to the home screen, open the Fire Stick menu >>> settings
  2. From settings, go-to apps
  3. Tap on manage installed apps >>> search for Netflix and tap on it
  4. Press on Force Stop >>> Clear Cache
  5. Go back to the home screen, tap on the Netflix icon. Confirm it’s now working properly

Reinstall the Netflix app

When nothing else works, you can try this out;

Uninstalling the Netflix app

  1. Go to the Fire TV menu >>> settings
  2. Beneath it, tap ‘Managed Installed Apps’
  3. Select Netflix >>> Uninstall

Installation of the Netflix app;

  1. Go to the Fire Stick menu
  2. Search for Netflix located at the top-right side
  3. Select Netflix app >>> then Install
  4. Login using your credentials

Try to stream a different show on Netflix

When you see ‘Error 0013’ on the screen especially when you’re trying to watch a specific show, there is every tendency the show is experiencing a glitch.

Hence, you can proceed to try watching a different show if it persists. Alternatively, you can lay a formal complaint to Netflix through the ‘viewing activity link’.

Update your Fire Stick firmware

Sometimes the problem might persist even after updating Netflix app. At this point, Fire Stick might still need to be updated. Confirm for a new update following the guide;

  1. Navigate to Settings >>> then System
  2. Click on About >>> then the firmware
  3. Check System Update, a new download will start immediately

Clear Fire Stick data

If you’re still unable to stream, try to clear your Fire Stick data. Most times, the stored data might be the cause of the glitch but by erasing the data, it can start functioning normally again. The steps below will enable you to do that;

  1. Tap the home button >>> Settings
  2. Click on apps >>> Manage apps installed.
  3. Choose the Netflix app >>> then ‘Clear Data’
  4. Double-tap on it to clear the data.
  5. Click on clear cache
  6. Unplug your Fire Stick, wait before plugging it back in

In Conclusion

From the suggested solutions, you can now confirm that the issue is not as serious as it seems. So once your Amazon Fire Stick is not connecting to Netflix, just follow the recommended suggestions and get it fixed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Netflix & Amazon not working after the update?

Normally, when there is a software update like Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube services may stop streaming temporarily while other apps still function on your Android TV. The result of this is because TV clock settings seem to be wrong. Simply set the clock to the network time.

How can Netflix be updated on Fire Stick?

Tab on the home button, then go to the App section to retrieve the Netflix app. If it needs to be updated, you’ll get to see the option on the screen. Choose update and wait until it’s complete. Restart and check it is fixed.

What could be the reason why Netflix is buffering?

One major factor that gives rise to this is a slow connection. For instance, if a download, video streaming, or update is going on it could be drawing off huge bandwidth and there won’t be enough for the Fire Stick.


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