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Netflix Not Working On TV Step By Step Guidelines To Fix It

Netflix Not Working On TV – 5 Step Easy Fix Guide

So many subscribers have complained about Netflix not working on TV. Read on to discover how to fix it. Like we all know, Netflix has grown to be ranked among the top streaming services worldwide.

There is so much content to stream. However, this does not mean it does not have its fair share of problems. As long as you rely on an internet connection, apps, or third-party hardware, there is every tendency it will in one way or another affect Netflix from functioning smoothly.

Some of these might include; app crashing, unable to play TV shows/movies, error while opening, loading of black screen on your television. We’ll outline different methods on how to rectify this.

How to fix it?

Ensure your TV is connected to the internet

  1. You need to carry out a network test. Alternatively, you can try to launch a different internet connection service or app.
  2. When the test fails or you didn’t succeed in opening another app, try and contact your device manufacturer. They’ll further assist you to troubleshoot your connection.
  3. When the test returns a positive result, you’ll be open and access other apps.

Reload the Netflix app

  1. On the screen, tap on more details.
  2. Click on reload Netflix.
  3. After the process, try Netflix again.
  4. If there is still no improvement, continue troubleshooting with the suggestions below.

Sign out of Netflix

  1. From the same error screen on your app, click on more details or more info.
  2. If nothing pops up, navigate up >>> click settings >>> select Gear icon.
  3. If nothing pops up still, go to the deactivation screen. Press this sequence on your remote; Up >>> Up >>> Down >>> Down >>> Left >>> Right >>> Left >>> Right >>> Up >>> Up >>> Up >>> Up >>> Select Sign out or tap deactivate. Wait for few minutes then login again.

Relaunch Netflix

  1. From the screen, select exit
  2. Try launching the Netflix app again
  3. Start the home network again
  4. For this step, your TV including other equipment must be removed for at least 30 seconds before connecting them back again

Unplug or turn off your TV

  1. Unplug your router or modem from the power source if you’re using a separate device, wait for 30 seconds.
  2. Reconnect, wait until there is no more light blinking. For those separate routers/modem, plug it but wait until the indicator lights disappear.
  3. Switch on your TV and try Netflix again.

Uninstall Netflix from your TV

Deleting and re-installing is one of the simplest troubleshooting methods the works like magic. To do this, press the home button >>> apps >>> select settings cog. Search for Netflix from the list, then delete.

Next is app reinstallation. Proceed back to Smart Huh screen >>> magnifying glass. Type in Netflix, then install.

Delete TV ‘instant on’

It’s no doubt we all enjoy it when our TV responds once the power button is touched. What if it’s the cause of your predicament? The ‘instant on’ in most TVs is a speedy feature many enjoy but sometimes it affects the apps. However, it is advisable to disable it. Navigate to settings cog >>> general section >>> instant on.

Reset your Smart Hub

This is the heart of your TV; hence this method is a bit on the extreme side. Once you start this procedure, it will remove all apps on the TV. This way you need to install everything again. Remember, this method should be the very last to try. Follow the procedure below;

  1. Press the Home on the TV remote.
  2. With the directional ring, go to the setting tab.
  3. Proceed to Support section >>> device care menu.
  4. Select the self-diagnosis option.
  5. With the directional ring, select the option below, then Reset Smart Hub.
  6. Type in your TV’s PIN; the default is 0000.
  7. That’s all. Your TV is now ready.

In Conclusion

If you’ve carefully carried out the procedure stated above but Netflix still can’t connect to your TV, at this juncture, you must reach out to the service provider.

They’ll help you examine your router to confirm if it’s communicating well with the home network. Finally, the error might also be a result of Netflix’s internal issues. Hence you must wait for them to rectify it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What could cause Netflix not to work on my TV?

This might be a result of a network connectivity issue, device issue, or problem with your Netflix account or app. To fix this, discover if an error code is displayed on your screen. Search online to see how it can be rectified.

Netflix can’t work on Samsung Smart TV. Why?

On the Smart Hub, open apps then try uninstalling from Smart Hub. Once you long press on the app, the reinstallation option pops out to install in older TVs. When the Netflix app refuses to load from Smart Hub, confirm firmware needs to be updated.

Will Netflix stop functioning on my TV in the future?

Samsung some time ago announced that their old version of their smart TV will lose Netflix support. You must not necessarily purchase a brand-new TV. Rather go for a media streaming dongle such as Roku, Chromecast, Fire TV device.

How can I receive Netflix secret codes on my TV?

There is no way these Netflix codes can be entered on the Netflix app especially on your TV or streaming device. It’s preferable to search for genres with your laptop, phone, tablet. Then search the movie separately in the app.


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