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Netflix Not Working On Sky Simple Solutions Guide

Netflix Not Working On Sky – 4 Step Easy Fix Guide

If you’ve been asking questions about Netflix not working on Sky, this write-up is for you.

Currently, Sky is one of the entertainment and media’s leading companies in Europe. They’re also in partnership with the Comcast group. Their subscribers can enjoy the best of sports, entertainment, arts, news, and other original content such as the hit drama Chernobyl.

They’ve been more effort to double their investment as a result of the success of their original content. Now they’re developing another TV, movie studio ‘Sky Studios Elstree’ which will generate

In addition to all these, they have a technology that gives all subscribers access to watch what they desire including their online streaming service ‘Now TV’ which is contract-free.

Their ‘Ultimate TV’ packages especially suit binge subscribers that can’t get enough of box sets. Despite all these, there is a little problem of Netflix not being supported by Sky.

However, the company’s technicians have been doing their best to allow subscribers to watch Netflix from their Sky Q box without the stress of switching to game consoles or Google Chromecast.

We’ll be unveiling how you can get your Netflix work on Sky if you’re currently facing this seemly rare problem.

How to fix it?

As stated earlier, Sky TV is among Europe newest entertainment bundle that gives you access to Sky and Netflix shows on-demand fused. If Netflix on your Sky is not working, follow the guideline below to fix it;

Call for an upgrade

When you start getting this message on your screen, it means that Netflix is currently not among your apps section, hence you need to do the following;

  1. On your Sky Q remote, press Home >>> select Settings >>> System info
  2. Tab on Software version >>> Setup
  3. Select ‘Software Download’. This commences the downloading of the newly updated software.
  4. On your screen, when you see ‘Software update in progress’, make sure you don’t tamper with it until it’s over.
  5. On your screen, when you see ‘Software download successful’, the installation will be completed the next time it’s on standby. So press standby on your remote to turn your box off. It will automatically restart itself.
  6. Press Home on your remote but that will be when all the instructions on the screen disappeared.
  7. Navigate to your settings to ensure the software updated successfully updated. If it hasn’t, repeat the entire process.

Ultra HD problems

This is another issue that can hinder your Netflix from working your Sky. The troubleshooting steps to rectify this are;

  1. On your Sky remote, press Home >>> Settings >>> Setup >>> Audiovisual
  2. Alter the Judder Reduction to ‘On’

Note: Some old TV versions might not be compatible with this. For instance, once you turn on the judder reduction and a black screen suddenly appears or the Netflix app gets closed, go back and turn it off then make plans to purchase another TV.

Sound problems

You can learn how to fix the sound problem below;

  1. On your Sky remote, press Home >>> Settings >>> Setup >>> Audiovisual >>> Digital output HDMI
  2. Ensure the digital output HDMI is set to Dolby or Normal Digital

Netflix error codes

This is another issue that can affect Netflix not working on Sky. Most times, you’ll get to see ‘programmes stuck at 24, 25 or 99%’ or ‘error code tvq-pm-100 (5.2.15)’. The latter usually happens when you make use of an AV cable instead of an HDMI cable for the connection to your television. The reason is that you need HDCP content protection before you can have access to stream Netflix. To fix this,

  1. Use an HDMI to connect your Sky to your TV.
  2. In a situation where this is not possible, change the picture resolution on your Sky to 576p.
  3. Get the remote, press Home button >>> Settings >>> Setup.
  4. Select Audio visual >>> Picture resolution >>> select 576p.

Other Netflix error codes

Also, you might get to see other error codes apart from the ones listed above. It usually comprises five letters and some numbers. Once you see this, navigate to the Netflix help center, where you can fix the problem. Most times, it will be as a result of their server and not your Sky.

In Conclusion

The above-listed troubleshooting methods are all you need as regards fixing Netflix not working on Sky. Therefore, you now have to follow it carefully to rectify it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What could be the reason why Netflix is not working on my Sky?

You might need to refresh the apps in the reset settings. In other to reboot, press standby >>> switch off >>> unplugs the mains. Be patient for at least 30 seconds >>> plug everything back in, then switch the box back to its mains.

How is the Netflix plan upgrade done on Sky?

To change your plan with Sky, move the Sky Ultimate TV bundle that comprises Netflix basic as standard. There is an option to upgrade to Premium or Standard plans.

Does Sky share my preferences or viewing details with Netflix?

For those that are not aware, Sky has its personalization options including algorithms to promote programming which will be based on your viewing habits.

Netflix also follows the same process. But there is no need to worry for subscribers concerned about their data because both companies do not share your viewing habits.

The only information they share is your account details (email address, your packages as you switch). This won’t even be shared when you do not switch your account over.

Is it possible to download Netflix shows directly to the Sky Q box?

Unlike On-demand TV and Sky box sets, you can’t download Netflix movies or shows to Sky. This doesn’t really make any point because streaming will save you a lot of storage space for downloading content in a different place and recordings.

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