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Reset Amazon Fire Stick Easiest Reset In Only 4 Steps

Reset Amazon Fire Stick – Follow These 4 Steps Guide 2021

Among the many streaming options is the Amazon Fire TV Stick. If you have been using this device and lately it’s not working as expected, it may be time to reset Amazon Fire Stick in this 2021 guide.

The major device makers waste no time in releasing new products that customers can hook to their televisions.

Sometimes the Amazon Fire Stick becomes slow, making it almost impossible to stream seamlessly.

In that case, it’s crucial to learn how to reset Amazon Fire Stick and restore it to the best working conditions. This guide will help you do it.

How to reset Amazon Fire Stick?

There are different ways to reset your Amazon Fire Stick. One way to go about it is through the settings. Keep in mind, when you reset the Fire Stick to factory settings, all of the previous data and personal settings on the device will be completely erased.

Follow the steps below to go about it successfully;

  1. Find Settings on your Fire TV device. This is often found at the very top of the home screen. Alternatively, hold down the home key on your remote control until the screen dims and Settings appear.
  2. Scroll and select My Fire TV. If you’re using an older Fire Stick device, this might also be marked as Device or System.
  3. Scroll down and then select Factory Reset to Factory Defaults. You may have to enter your Pin if necessary.
  4. Eventually, click on Reset. Once you do so, you’ll be notified promptly that the device is currently resetting to factory defaults. Give it a few minutes for the process to finish. Meanwhile, refrain from unplugging the device during the ongoing process. This is because it will interfere with the reset and you may have to start all over again from the first step.

After the reset is complete, the device automatically restarts in a similar way to when it’s set up for the first time. Furthermore, it automatically optimizes the applications and system storage.

How to reset your Fire Stick using your remote control?

If for some reason, you can’t possibly reset your Fire Stick device through the on-screen settings, you can use the remote control to do it.

Here are the required steps to follow.

  1. Switch on your television as well as the Fire Stick device.
  2. Proceed to press and hold the Back button on the remote as well as the Right directional button. Do this for at least 10 seconds.
  3. When the pop-up message appears, click on Reset. Wait a few minutes to let the process finish. In case the power supply is cut off during the ongoing process, you will have to start the reset all over again.

Use another Remote Control

Perhaps your Fire Stick remote control isn’t available. How are you supposed to reset the Fire Stick device?

If you need a remote to conduct the reset process, you can always get one from a family member or friend with a similar Fire TV stick.

All you need to do is borrow their remote and then pair it with your own Fire TV Stick.

Once it’s successfully paired, use it to reset your Fire Stick using the steps in the previous method. This should solve any lags and issues on your Fire Stick and restore its optimal performance.

How to Reset the Fire TV Stick without a remote control?

If your remote is really nowhere to be found or simply not working, use the following methods to reset the Fire Stick;

Use the Fire TV App

Nowadays, there is an application for almost anything. Luckily, Amazon has Fire TV apps for both iOS and Android devices. You can use the app to control the navigation of the Fire Stick on your television.

You will actually have to download the Fire TV Stick app on your iPhone or Android and then connect to the same WiFi network as the Fire Stick device.

The device will promptly show up in the app. Proceed to tap on it. Instantly, a four-digit code should appear on your TV screen.

Enter the code into the app and afterward use the app to control your Fire Stick’s navigation. Next, go to Settings > System, and factory reset just like in the first method.

Use your TV Remote

Using the HDMI-CEC technology, it is easy to use your TV remote control to control and navigate the Fire TV Stick.

For this to occur, you are required to enable the CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) setting in your television. Keep in mind, the setting name and location might vary from TV brands.


The Amazon Fire Stick, just like any other device, is prone to experiencing issues now and then. There are several reasons why users are forced to reset their Fire Sticks.

Most of the time, it’s because the device isn’t working as optimally as usual. It may be slow or not working at all. Resetting is often the best solution to such problems.


Why is my Fire Stick not working?

There are several reasons behind a Fire Stick not working. Sometimes, even a simple reset won’t work to solve the problem. One cause issues with the WiFi connection.

This will make the device go offline and not stay connected. Therefore, check for interference between the Fire Stick device and the WiFi signal. Another thing is to check the Fire Stick remote and ensure it’s working.

How do I fix an unresponsive Fire Stick?

All you need to do is follow the steps we have provided above to reset the Fire Stick device. The issue might also lie with the remote control. If that’s the case, try to reset the Fire TV remote.

Why would my Fire Stick freeze?

It could be due to some typical problems with the internet connection, notably a slow internet connection. Also, check the Fire Stick hardware to make sure everything is alright.

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