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Roku Not Connected To Wi-Fi & Lost Remote Don't Worry We Have A Solution

Roku Not Connected To Wi-Fi And Lost Remote – Fix Guide 2022

If you’re worried about Roku not being connected to wifi and lost remote, read on to find out how to fix it.

Everybody wants to enjoy streaming videos online. Roku as a service delivery company offers video streaming which allows customers to enjoy different video content.

This can be easily done through the use of Wi-Fi. However, in some situations, it might be difficult for Roku to connect to your Wi-Fi and it becomes worse when you’ve lost the remote that would’ve given you access to the Wi-Fi.

This is a difficult situation because you’ve to do something and won’t just wait until you find the remote. Follow this write-up to get the perfect solution on how to handle this situation.

The importance of remote in connecting Roku to Wi-Fi

Those that own a Roku device know that it is difficult to operate it without using the remote. This is because it has no navigation buttons other than to use the remote to connect Roku to Wi-Fi.

So, it will be a hard nut to crack if you misplace your remote.

For those who are currently in this situation, alternatives to get to resolve this has been provided below;

Connecting Roku to Wi-Fi without any remote

There are other possible ways you can use to connect your Roku device to Wi-Fi without a Roku remote. It’s either to apply these methods to get it done or you’ve to purchase a new remote.

1. Connecting using digital remote

In this method, you need to navigate to the settings of your mobile device, then switch on the mobile hotspot.

After doing this, give a new name to the new wireless connection then choose WPA2 PSK as your security mode.

Save if you’ve completed this process. The next line of action is to download the Roku app into your mobile device.

For those who already have the app on their device, tap to open it.

Scroll towards the bottom of the Roku app, you’ll see a remote option. Tap on the icon to open the digital remote.

Then, the digital remote will be displayed on your screen. There is no much difference between this and the hardware remote.

The same way you make use of your actual remote, use this to establish a connection between your Wi-Fi and your Wi-Fi and your Roku device.

To do this, navigate to the settings and scroll towards the wireless network. From here, type in the password you entered during the setup.

The connection to the Wi-Fi will be established accordingly if you followed these outlined procedures

2. Make use of the old remote if available

There is every possibility this isn’t the very first Roku device you’ve purchased. So those that have an old remote, whether the same or an upgraded model, it’s time to make use of it.

There are chances it might work though not all the old model remote will work with a new model. But those with the same series will surely work.

3. Reach out to the customer service center

This is important especially when you have a smartphone. But in an emergency, you need to reach out to the customer service department to help you find a solution to this situation.

They’ll offer you the necessary guidance until you’re able to connect your Roku to your Wi-Fi.

In Conclusion

If you’ve misplaced your remote and still want to know how to connect your Roku to your Wi-Fi, follow the solution outlined above.

By carefully following it, you’ll be able to find a lasting solution to any issue that is related to connecting Roku to Wi-Fi. You can go ahead and try the method.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the absence of Wi-Fi, can I still connect Roku to Wi-Fi?

Yes. This can be achieved by using your mobile hotspot. To connect your Roku stick to Wi-Fi without remote, select the setup mobile option, then navigate to the hotspot menu.

This varies depending on the Android mobile device you currently use. Tab on OK on the screen of the mobile data usage.

How can I download the Roku app?

You can download the app for Android, Windows, and iOS, then connect to your Roku. However, the download can only be possible if both devices are connected to the same wireless network.

What is my fate if I misplace my Roku remote?

For those who have misplaced their remote control, first, you need to download the application which is free for Android and iOS (Apple) devices.

With this, you can then turn your phone into a unique control center for both any streaming player and your Roku TV.

The app can be installed on your smartphone or even on tablets.

How can I locate my Roku IP address in the absence of my remote or Wi-Fi?

Navigate to the main menu of your Roku, scroll down to settings, locate the networking option. From the submenu, search for Abort.

Here lies your Roku IP address including other vital network information about the device you use.

Does Roku TV continue to disconnect from the internet?

For those who are constantly getting this problem, there is every tendency there is something wrong with the Wi-Fi settings on your router.

For instance, the DHCP is has been mistakenly disabled. Check the settings again, then you can go back and restart your router again. The problem will be solved.

What distance can Roku be from the wireless router?

According to Roku, a wired network is more preferable to a wireless connection. But if you still want to use wireless, 5GHz wireless is much better.

This can be placed 10 feet away from the device and you’ll still be receiving excellent connection.

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