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Verizon 4G Not Working - How to fix guide

Verizon 4G Not Working – How To Fix (Guide)

Sometimes, you might experience your Verizon 4G not working on its own without any prior warning. This occurrence puts every smartphone user off guard and in turn, defeats the aim of being connected in other to perform your regular activities online.

This problem cuts across other internet service providers, of which Verizon is one of them. Verizon offers a series of packages that comprise of internet, voice, calls and messages. These services are designed to function using the 4G connectivity. Unfortunately, there has been a complaint of Verizon 4G not working which makes users struggle. In this write-up, emphasis will be made on how you can troubleshoot your device in other to rectify this minor setback.

How to fix Verizon 4G Not Working

Unavailability of 4G in your Coverage Area

When you discover you cannot connect to the Verizon 4G connection, there might be a possibility that the area where you found yourself have unstable 4G network. Therefore, at this point, you need to move away from where you’re and see if you’ll receive the 4G network on your device.

Recheck your Connectivity

If you’re currently experiencing this challenge with your Verizon, there is a possibility that you might have switched on your Wi-Fi feature without being aware of it. To get this corrected, you need to switch off your Wi-Fi while ensuring the data, including the data roaming, is switched on. The importance of resetting this is to make sure you can easily streamline the connectivity plus the connections without any struggle.

Inappropriate Network Settings

In a situation whereby the correct network setting is not being entered as it supposed to be on your device, it will, in turn, affect your 4G connection. Hence, at this point, it’s essential to quickly optimize the network settings of your device to LTE mode. Since you’re using Verizon network, you should select the CDMA/LTE mode. After doing this, reset your network settings using the guide below;

  • Navigate to the setting on your device, from there, click on the reset button.
  • Move down and locate the network settings reset option. By doing this, your network settings will go back to the default settings. Also, it will eliminate any connection that involves Bluetooth or Wi-Fi pairing.
  • Next is to enter the PIN code or passcode of your device.
  • At the end of this, your phone network will be reset, launching your 4G network back.

Toggle and check the Airplane Mode.

The process of toggling the Airplane mode of any device is among the easiest method meant to give you access to a durable 4G network. Meaning, this is sure to be effective when it’s done. To do this effectively, navigate to your device’s settings, there you can toggle the airplane mode. This should be done twice. When this is done, you can the access reliable 4G signals.

Unmount your SIM card and readjust it.

In a situation where none of the above-suggested methods worked, you need to check your SIM card to see if it’s ill-positioned. Carefully, eject it from the SIM tray and adjust it. The SIM is very sensitive, so you need to be careful while readjusting it. There is every tendency your 4G network will start working again if the problem is from there.

In addition, you still need to check the SIM slot. Majority of dual SIM phones have a dedicated slot for 4G. So, when the SIM is placed on the wrong slot, it will hinder the 4G signal. Therefore, you need to check the SIM tray’s write-ups (if there are any) and place the SIM accordingly.

Finally Restart and Reboot

Restarting and rebooting your phone device plays a considerable role in the elimination of any software glitch that prevents your 4G from functioning effectively. To do this, press and hold on your power button and the volume (depending on your phone) together. Automatically, the restarting will be initiated. After restarting the phone, then switch on your data to be able to make use of your 4G connection.

Note: You might need to take your phone to be checked by a phone technician if none of these methods worked. The technician will check the hardware for any possible problem which most times cause inconsistent 4G connection. This occasionally happens when you mistakenly dropped your phone on the ground, which sometimes damages the internal components.

In Conclusion

The troubleshooting tricks listed above are some of the methods you can use to rectify your Verizon 4G when it’s not working. On the other hand, if your phone device is a brand new one and you’re experiencing inconsistency 4G on Verizon network, it means that the unit might be faulty. You need to contact the manufacturer but before then, ensure you back up all your essential files before sending it over. If you’re lucky, the device will be replaced within a short period.

Frequently asked questions

Why is my Verizon 4G not working on my phone?

When you notice this, first it’s important to check that your Wi-Fi is not switched on. Only your data and data roaming should be switched on. In addition, the network mode should be set at CDMA/LTE. Overall, you must be in an environment that has a durable Verizon 4G network.

Why am I having a problem with my 4G LTE?

You need to enable the Airplane mode. This might vary depending on the type of phone you’re using. Navigate to the Settings >>>Wireless & networks >>> Airplane mode. Here, you’re meant to switch it on for some seconds, then disable it. Most times, this resolves the LTE connection problem.

My Verizon cellular data is not working. What could be the problem?

At first, you need to turn off your phone, unmount the SIM card and allow it for some moment. When you eventually put the SIM in, please give it a couple of minutes to properly refresh the connection in other to establish the 3G or 4G connection.

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