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Verizon unlimited data plans review

Verizon Unlimited Data Plan Review – Is It Worth It in 2022?

Looking for a review about the Verizon Unlimited Data Plans then you are in the right place.

If you have been wondering if Verizon unlimited data plans are still worth it in 2022 then we answer all your questions and more in our review.

As of September 2019, Verizon remains the most extensive wireless phone carrier in the United States, with subscribers numbering up to 151.5 million rocking Verizon Wireless plans. Its network remains the fastest in the nation, so if you want the most reliable mobile service in the US, Verizon remains your best option.

There is no preferred Verizon unlimited data plan. The perfect data plan will depend precisely on what you need the data plan for. Keep in mind that Verizon lets you mix and match various unlimited plans so you can decide on the right plan suitable for you.

Also, Verizon has comprehensive 5G connectivity on all four of the new unlimited plans. They also have other affordable data plans that come with a viable amount of data.

Hence, deciding on what you expect from your data plan will go a long way to help you pick the best Verizon Unlimited data plan. For example, if you want a lot of data that will never get interrupted, premium data plans will be appropriate.

However, if you intend to share the data with your family members or friends, Verizon has a plan that offers that kind of convenience.

Furthermore, some extra perks like Cloud Storage, Apple Music, or Access to Mobile Hotspot, are other features to factor. At this point, if you’re reading this, it’s most likely you’re thinking of joining Verizon.

Not to worry, we’ve gone through the details, to sieve out the best information for you. Whatever your needs are, this write-up will help you understand Verizon’s best plans to make the right choice.


Verizon announced a new set of unlimited data plans priced at $70, $80, $80 and $90 per month, respectively: “Start Unlimited,” “Play More,” “Do More” and “Get More.” With the significant change being the introduction of 5G.

The pricing for each decreased by $5 from the original “Go Unlimited,” “Beyond Unlimited,” “Above Unlimited.” Instead of three unlimited plans, there are now four — together with a Just Kids plan.

Let’s take a critical look at what each of these plans offers for their prices.


Old Plan New Plan

  • Go Unlimited $75 per month Start Unlimited $70 per month
  • Beyond Unlimited $85 per month PlayMore & Do More $80 per month
  • Above Unlimited $95 per month Get More Unlimited $90 per month


The Verizon Start Unlimited Data Plan is the minimum “unlimited” tier they offer, which is comparable to the old Go Unlimited plan.


  • Unlimited 4G LTE domestic data
  • Unlimited domestic talk and text
  • DVD-quality video streaming (480p) – video streaming on tablets is at 720p.
  • Text, talk, and data in Canada and Mexico
  • Unlimited international texting from the US
  • 6-month Apple Music promotion
  • Verizon Up Rewards
  • Optional 5G access for $10/month.

Data is unlimited but may be slowed down at any time during the month if the network gets congested. That is to say; Start Unlimited users can find their data speed being slowed down without prior information, making it an unreliable experience. Mobile hotspot is also unlimited, with a speed of 600kbps. When they’re out of the US, customers can also use their unlimited talk, text, and data, but at 500MB per day.

Who should get this plan: People who intend to save money than streaming high-quality music, or videos to their device with no intention of upgrading to a 5G enabled device anytime soon.


This is an upgrade over the less expensive Start Unlimited plan. It takes over from Beyond Unlimited plan.


  • Premium data — 25GB. Delivered at full 4G LTE speeds.
  • Video streaming in 720HD (with the option to upgrade to 1080p full H.D. video streaming for an additional $10 charge).
  • Mobile Hotspot with 15GB of premium data (necessary if you want to share your data with a computer or Tablet).
  • Talk, text, and data usage in Mexico and Canada.
  • Unlimited international texting from the US
  • Apple Music at no charge.

Who should get this plan: Individuals who need high-speed data and enjoy streaming services with the plan of advancing to a 5G enabled devices.


This data plan is a mixture of Start and Play More plans, with Do More HD video and some perks for a more significant premium data pool.


  • Unlimited 4G LTE (+50 GB premium high-speed data. Video streaming is reduced to 480p standard definition)
  • Unlimited domestic talk and text
  • Unlimited mobile hotspot (15 G.B. on 4G LTE)
  • text,
  • Text, Talk, and data in Canada and Mexico.
  • Unlimited international texting from the US
  • 500 GB Verizon Cloud storage (a $5/month value, which can backup and sync contacts, photos, videos on iOS devices. Android users are not left out. They can backup messages and documents)
  • Perks – Apple Music 6 month’s trial, 50% off Tablet, or JetPack Unlimited plan.

Who should get this plan: If you’ve a lot of videos/photos to back up to cloud or use heavy data applications — but don’t watch a lot of online videos, this plan is for you.


This remains the highest tier plan with the fewest amount of restrictions and the freest perks.


  • Unlimited 4G LTE largest premium data pool of +75 GB.
  • Unlimited domestic talk and text.
  • 720p H.D. streaming on 4G LTE.
  • Unlimited mobile hotspot (30 G.B.).
  • 50% off an unlimited plan for a connected tablet or Jetpack.
  • 500 GB Verizon Cloud storage.
  • Data in Mexico and Canada
  • Unlimited international texting from the US
  • Perks – 50% off Tablet, Free Apple Music, or JetPack Unlimited plan.

This plan is simple to comprehend and an excellent option for heavy smartphone users who want to enjoy the best the internet offers and are buoyant enough to afford it.

Who should get this plan: Multi-device users who hardly ever connect to Wi-Fi and spend lots of time streaming music, video, backing up photos/videos, playing games, and plan on upgrading to a 5G devices.


Verizon’s Just Kids plan can be easily added to your unlimited account at a discounted price, but it is for teens and kids. It allows parents to track location, monitor phone usage, and keep tabs on who their children are texting and calling.

  • $50/month per line for 2 lines (was once $55)
  • $40/month per line for 3 lines (was once $45)
  • $35/month per line for 4 lines (was once $35)


Tiered data plan was introduced by Verizon to slash the monthly data cost as a result of using a smartphone. This is because unlimited data plans are convenient but costly, especially for those consuming less data each month.

So with this, you can quickly turn to a lower monthly bill, which in turn gives you a limited pool of data. They all include unlimited text and talk in the US and unlimited text to over 200 international destinations.

With this plan, you can also have access to mobile hotspot (excluding the unlimited plan). They range in price from $40 a month for 5GB to $65 a month for unlimited data comparable to the Start Unlimited plan.

Furthermore, new discounts are given to users as a reward for their loyalty if they maintain staying with the carrier. Monthly costs for the plans will go down by $5 after three months of use, while users can enjoy an additional $5 discount after nine months. With the addition of the $5 discount from Autopay, that could represent a total of $15 of savings after nine months. That’s a generous slice of data.

You also get your unused data rolled over into next month’s allotment, while a Safety Mode helps you avoid data wastage by slowing your speed.


All Verizon family plans offer unlimited data. Prepaid customers can also get in on the action with Verizon’s prepaid family plan options. And unlike other major carriers, Verizon allows you to mix and match family phone plans, so you’re not limited to one shared data plan for all.

This combining and pairing feature—coupled with Verizon’s fantastic national coverage—makes them an excellent option for your next family plan. The data plans include:

Start Unlimited Family Plan – $140/month

$140 is never a bad deal for a four-line unlimited data plan. But, Start Unlimited comes with a limitation—your 4G LTE data is subject to deprioritization (reduce the level of priority).

That said, if you’re looking for a less expensive way to enjoy unlimited data on Verizon’s amazing network, Start Unlimited may be just what you’re looking for in a family plan.

Play More Unlimited Family Plan – $180/month

Play More Unlimited comprises excellent features like a generous 15GB 4G LTE hotspot allowance, unlimited Talk, text in Mexico and Canada, and high definition video streaming.

It has full Verizon’s superior coverage (and no “anytime” data deprioritization, unlike Start Unlimited). Given that this plan is $80/month for a single line, the $180/month four-line Verizon family cell phone plan is one heck of a deal, earning the nod as our favorite shared data plan.

Do More Unlimited Family Plan – $180/month

At $180/month for four lines, Verizon’s Do More Unlimited family data plan is priced identically to their Play More Unlimited family plan. However, there are significant differences between this cell phone plan and its counterpart.

Get More Unlimited Family Plan – $220/month

Get More Unlimited is Verizon’s top-tier phone plan, offering all of the core benefits of Play More Unlimited. In addition to unlimited talk and text in Mexico and Canada plus HD video streaming.

This plan also gives users a big 30GB 4G LTE hotspot allotment, threshold of 75GB data deprioritization, plus 500GB of Verizon Cloud storage However, your video streaming is limited to standard definition as opposed to HD.


When put side by side to its competitors, Verizon fits in nicely with everything. You can do better both on price and on data (before throttling) but not by much.

If you’ve been a Verizon customer and enjoy their coverage and customer service, you’ll discover that it’s easy to stick with Verizon.


In general, this is our recommendation when choosing the best of the Verizon Unlimited data plans for your family:

  • Consider an individual account on Verizon prepaid if you’re a single user without too many data needs. It will likely offer most things you need at reasonable prices.
  • If you’re an individual user with a lot of data needs or a person who travels frequently and needs a high-speed hotspot, opt for one of the four unlimited plans.
  • If you need a family plan of any kind, stick with the various unlimited plans. Only use the post-paid limited plans if don’t have kids, needs less data and don’t need any other perks.


To figure out the best Verizon Unlimited data plan for your needs, first, what do you use your smartphone for?

If it requires a lot of streaming, such as music or movies, Verizon’s unlimited plan is your best bet

. But, should your data needs revolve around checking email, surfing the internet, and casual social media posting, you can perhaps get away with a tiered data plan. If possible, look at your monthly data usage on your current plan to see how much you’re consuming on average — if it’s below 5GB, Verizon’s tiered plans can help you save money.


Is Verizon unlimited plan worth it?

Verizon unlimited plans may not be the cheapest unlimited plan compared to their competitors, but it’s the best when it comes to the benefits. When you go through their data plans versus those of its main competitors, Verizon’s tends to be a bit extreme, though not always.

What is Verizon’s return policy, including the early termination fee?

Verizon accepts any exchanges or returned devices within 14 days from the purchase date, but it comes with a $35 restocking fee. And this can be done only once. It’s recommended you read through the policy if you’re thinking of discontinuing your service.

Can I bring my phone and number?

There is an online compatibility checker called the BYOD program provided by Verizon. It’s important to check to confirm if you qualify for a free SIM card. Also, you can keep your phone number for free, but it’s essential to check still if you’re eligible for it.