Verizon Mobile Network Not Available

Verizon Mobile Network Not Available – Fixing (Guide)

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Are you struggling with Verizon mobile network not available? In this write-up, we’ll outline the reasons behind such an error message and the best possible way to rectify it.

From time immemorial, Verizon has always possessed a strong coverage. They have a reliable network of towers, especially within the United States. There are no double thoughts about this. The Verizon mobile network not available in most cases can be a result of software and hardware issue. Not to worry, these are simple issues that can be rectified in no time.

When you’ve ascertained what is causing the problem and how to fix it, indirectly, you’ve stopped it from reoccurring. Gone are those days when you’ve to miss your important and urgent calls to either your family or friends because of a network’s error message.

You can follow the straightforward and swift fixes we’ve provided in this write-up to eradicate such errors. These simple fixes work as a solution for Verizon’s mobile network not available for iPhones, Android phones, Samsung, and Feature Phones.

Reasons For Verizon Mobile Network Not Available

Whenever you notice this, there is no point in panicking because it can be rectified. Here are solutions that can help you troubleshoot this error. Below are possible solutions you need to try;

Check Network Operators

Mobile devices are configured to automatically pick the particular network being coded inside the SIM inserted in the phone. For instance, if you slot Verizon SIM in your phone, on its own, it will select Verizon network. The same thing applies to other networks. Because you’re battling with your mobile network, you can choose it manually to see if it will rectify it. Below are the steps to do so;

Navigate to Settings >>> Mobile Networks >>>Network Operators >>>Search Networks and tapping/choosing the desired Network.

Enable/Disable Airplane Mode

After manually selecting the network, if it didn’t solve the problem, switch on the airplane mode and switch it off as well. The purpose of this is to reestablish a connection with the BTS network tower that is close by.

Access the Coverage

At this point, you need to check and access the coverage of the mobile phone you’re using. For those that reside in urban areas, ensure you avoid any building with a basement.

Also, ensure the walls around you’re not that thick because this alone has the potential to affect your mobile phone’s signal strength. In as much as Verizon has a reliable network that functions well both in rural and urban areas, the towers are not that close because of so many users tapping from it. As a result of this, it’s essential you get to a reasonable height (maybe a rooftop or hill) to receive a strong signal.

Network Settings Reset

Your network settings need to be at auto selection. So you need to check if you’ve mistakenly adjusted it. For instance, when installing a third-party application that requires access to these settings, the application can alter the settings without you being aware of it. Hence, this will affect the network unless it is fixed.

First, you must uninstall such an application from your phone before resetting it to default. Another thing is to ensure the automatic selection feature is switched on for your network. Next is to restart the phone.

  • Uninstall any such applications from your phone and reset the settings to default.
  • Make sure that you have the automatic selection feature on for your network, and then you’ll need to restart your phone.
  • After this, you’ll notice your phone will start to function optimally as before. Hence, your phone can now connect easily to the Verizon network, which will enable you to receive calls over the network. Furthermore, you’ll also have access to 3G and 4G data connection without any interruption.

Restart your phone

At times there won’t be anything wrong with your network; instead, your phone will be unable to receive signals due to a minor error, which can be rectified. In fact, this appears to be the case most times for people experiencing this error. This can still be fixed in due time. At this point, what you need to do is reboot the phone, then try the network again.

At the point of rebooting the phone, it will automatically disconnect the phone from the network in other to reconnect it again. The right signals will appear when the phone is adequately connected again.

Factory Resetting

This remains the leading solution whenever your mobile network is having an issue. The process restores your device as it was when you first purchased it—furthermore, it’s more effective to any issue related to the software on your smartphone.

Note: It’s important to remember that this process wipes out your entire data except the operating system. Therefore, you need to backup all your essential files.

In Conclusion

With these tips listed in this write-up, you can now bid goodbye to anything pertaining to Verizon mobile network not available. Hence, if you’ve been searching for how to network issues on your Verizon, these tips, when followed religiously, are what you need to get it working optimally again.

Frequently asked questions

What is the leading cause of network not available?

Once you start experiencing a mobile network not available, it implies that your signal is weak or unavailable in your area. Furthermore, it might be that you mistakenly switched on your airplane mode.

Why is Verizon mobile network not available?

Before complaining, you need to confirm if your phone is configured to select a network automatically. Alternatively, you can manually set your network to the Verizon network. For the change to effect, you need to restart the phone after configuration. Alternatively, you can as well try your SIM on another mobile phone.

How do I check my phone’s network connection?

  • Navigate to the upper right corner, tap on account settings.
  • Click on the “Diagnostics” tab.
  • Here you’ll see run network text under the connection diagnostics.
  • This process will automatically run a series of network tests to ascertain if your network works optimally.

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