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Verizon safe mode for data

Verizon Safety Mode – Control Your Data Caps Easier (Guide)

Majority of people are often used to exhausting their data plans before the end of their subscription period. This has been a serious concern because most people tend to dislike data caps. This is where Verizon Safety Mode comes to play. In this write-up, we’ll look into what this service by Verizon entails and how to go about it.

Introducing Verizon Safety Mode.

Verizon Wireless is well known to provide a wide range of products that cuts across cellphones, telephone including Internet connectivity. One of these products is the Verizon safety mode. This service will be suitable if you’re a subscriber of the new Verizon FIOS Internet plan. The safety mode gives any subscriber the privilege to continue to use data but at a reduced speed limited to 128kbps when their data gets exhausted before the expiration date of their subscription.

Simply put, you’ve the opportunity to continue to access your internet without boarding of any forthcoming overage fees. This is a welcome development from Verizon after various complaints from its customers. Though the speed might be slow, this is a great feature, especially in an emergency case where your data gets exhausted without you being buoyant enough for another subscription. It’s fair to say that this service has so far lived up to expectation since the launch. With this safety mode, you’ll be deprived of any connection at the point when it’s of utmost importance to you.

Switching on the safe mode from your device

Your entire cellular account can have access without worrying about overage charges to this service, unless in a situation where the mode has been disabled. But with a click, you can turn it on. The challenge of using this service is that you won’t enjoy streaming and video or music because the speed runs at 128kbps. To activate this feature on your device, simply navigate to your My Verizon App and follow the guidelines below:

  • Open your Verizon app.
  • Navigate straight to the data center.
  • Gentle scroll down and click on the safety mode.

Turning off the safety mode form your device

Turning off is also as easy as the first process (turning on). First, it’s essential to check if it has been enabled or in disable mode before turning it off. Follow the steps below;

  • First login to your app.
  • From the home screen, navigate to data overview.
  • Click on my user page to show if the safety mode is actually enabled or disabled
  • Toggle off to inactivate the safety mode

Category Of People Who Will Use Verizon Safety Mode

The truth be told, no matter how you intend to conserve your data, it will end up getting exhausted before the actual expiration date. Those at home might be covered as a result of their Wi-Fi network, but at some point, you’ll be desperate, but the safety mode can save you from unplanned expenditures if you enable it. Come to think of it, it actually a good deal at no extra charges especially when you intend to be online rather than being totally offline but if you’re intolerant, this service is not for you because you might not be able to bear the speed. It’s advised to check the app and activate it to avoid overage especially if you’re an active internet plan with Verizon

Reminder: You might wish to know that this safety model has been added to all Verizon’s data plans for free. Just be aware that when this service is nor=t enabled, you’ll be charged about $15 per GB as overage charges. So to avoid this, enable the feature.

Is Verizon Safety Mode Free?

At first, this service attracts $5 per month for any data plan, which means that all subscribers need to pay $5 to get a slower inter. Though, it was available as a free service for XL and XXL plans. For all the new plans, there is no need to border because it is totally free. Surfing the web may be an excruciating experience which means that you won’t be able to do your regular stuff online such as streaming.

Eligibility for this feature. 

Once you’re on a new and shared data plans, you’re eligible to enjoy this service from Verizon. However, in a situation where your current plan is not covered, reach out to Verizon customer support for further enquiries about your active internet plan.

In Conclusion

It’s not compulsory to use this feature, primarily if you’re not used to slowing the internet when your data gets exhausted. You can pay for an overage fee if want but know that it’s expensive at $15 for every used gigabyte. It’s advisable to jump in and enjoy extra bandwidth of data at no cost while the offer lasts and save yourself from unnecessary expenses. Call them up today and find out more about this feature in your area.


Does Verizon safety mode attract any charges?

The feature is automatically included in any Verizon data plans unlike before when they charge $5 per month. With this, subscribers can be free from the overage fees, which is $15 for every used gigabyte. However, the fees are still available if you want the extra LTE data.

Can every line access the Verizon Safety Mode?

Yes, every line under Verizon can access this feature. In other words, some line is not excluded from this service. Hence, you can only enable and disable it if you’re the owner of your account or an account manager. Irrespective of your data allowance, there is now NO charge for safety mode

How slow is this safety mode feature on Verizon?

The data speed to expect is 128 Kbps. Be reminded that audio and video streaming won’t be impacted while in Safety Mode.

Does Safety Mode get to turn off automatically?

In the Just Kids plan, the safety mode is automatically enabled and can’t be turned off. However, in the business account, you can manually turn off and on once you’ve an eligible plan. In other words, when you login into your account, you can navigate to safety mode when your data gets exhausted.

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