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Why Is HBO Go So Slow on internet

Why Is HBO Go So Slow – How To Fix (Guide)

Having problems with HBO Go being slow? in this short guide we show you how to fix it now.

When it comes to popular video service used for streaming TV shows, especially when you’re outside your house, HBO Go will be mention. In fact, this is an on-demand service.

Since it was launched, they’ve continued to offer top-notch services to its customers. However, at some point, customers have made complaints about specific issues they face with HBO Go, especially with it being sluggish.

Some customers are not enjoying their service because of it. This is why you tend to see some customers asking “why is HBO Go so slow?”

In case you’re not aware, HBO GO is a media streaming app. This means that its service is dependent on the use of the internet to function.

So if you’re experiencing any challenge with your broadband connection or your internet, it needs to be fixed. Sometimes, all you need to do is to unplug your router from the cord and insert it again, and the problem will be solved. Aside from this, in this write-up, various factors why your HBO Go tends to be slow will be considered.

Why Is HBO Go might be Slow? 

Internet Connection

Like I stated earlier because HBO Go is a streaming app used online, it means for you to make use of it, you must have a functional internet that is reliable and also stable. Anything short of these, you’ll really find it difficult to stream any TV shows on your HBO Go. Furthermore, in a situation where you tend to experience recurrent buffering, you can simply remove your router’s power cord, wait a bit before restarting it. The problem can just be solved by doing this.

Testing your connection speed – It is advisable to test your internet speed whenever you tend to experience a challenge with your HBO Go. This can be done either on your Android or iOS devices.

Android: Go to your Google Play Store, download an internet speed test app. Then use the app to test the speed of your connection.

iOS: Go to Apple App Store, download an internet speed test app. Then use the app to test the speed of your connection.

Note: You actually need a minimum download speed of 5Mbps to effectively stream any content without hitches.

Issues with your device. 

You’re free to use your HBO Go on either a mobile phone, TV or even Xbox. So whenever you experience that your HBO is slow, you can restart your device. To restart correctly, make sure you press the down volume together with the power button at once. Hold it for a minimum of five seconds.

Restarting other devices

  • First, turn off or better still unplug your tablet or phone with HBO Go.
  • Also, disconnect the power from either your router or modem.
  • Wait for about 30 seconds.
  • Plug back the power to your router or modem and wait for like a minute for it to establish an internet connection.
  • When this is done, turn on your tablet or phone. Then, open HBO Go and check if there is an improvement or not.

App Update

If for any reason your HBO Go app has not been updated for some time, there is a tendency that the slow performance you’re experiencing is as a result of it. At this point, it’s essential you quickly update the HBO Go App. Depending on the device you’re using, it can be easily done either through the Play Store or Apple Store.

Android: On your Android Play Store, search for HBO Go. Whenever a new update has been released, you’ll see it. Simply tap update.

iOS: On your Apple App Store, search for HBO Go. Whenever a new update has been released, you’ll see it. Simply tap update.

You can Play Some Other Video.

It’s essential you try to play some other videos or even TV shows just to confirm before you think the problem is from your app or internet connection. This is because the video might be damaged or faulty, which causes it to be sluggish.

Cross-check with Other Devices.

When you notice the HBO Go is not working on a particular device, it is not out of place if you try it on other devices. Some devices are not really compatible with the app, which can indirectly affect the performance. Preferably try it on any device that has an updated operating system.

Login Credentials

Not logging out your HBO Go details from a device after use can also make your app to be slow. So you need to form the habit of logging out and then logging in with new details. This alone can make your app to work normal.

Error as a result of HDCP. 

Though this rarely happens but it often happens when HBO Go App is used on a console or set-top box. So to avoid this, you need to check that all the cables are properly connected. Furthermore, ensure you check for any damage on the cable, which can indirectly affect the performance of the HBO Go.

In Conclusion

HBO Go might not give a special recommendation as regards the connection speed needed. But it’s important you know that a 3G connection is needed or alternatively a Wi-Fi network connection with a good speed. So it’s important you’ve a high-speed internet that offers consistent speed.


Why is HBO Go very slow all the time?

You need to know that HBO Go adjusts based on the strength of the network from your internet service provider. In a situation, you keep experiencing a low bandwidth or your network keeps fluctuating, your HBO Go will be slow.

Is HBO Go Gone?

The fact is that recently HBO Go is no longer compatible with some devices. However, you can still stream HBO with the help of your TV provider app, i.e. if it’s available. It can also function on any TV device that makes use of HBO app for at least a limited time.

What will I do to prevent HBO Go from buffering?

  • First, you need to ensure all app is closed. Then turn off your PC.
  • Unplug your modem or router from the power source.
  • Reconnect your modem or the router, but you need to wait for all the device to power before connecting it again.
  • Put on your PC.

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