Xfinity status code 580 fix

Xfinity status code 580 – How To Fix Guide

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Xfinity status code 580 is one of the errors you might get at times, which can hinder you from enjoying a wonderful experience, but this does not mean their service is not top-notch. Xfinity is well known to provide high-quality cable TV services across the United States. When it comes to reasonable billing and impeccable picture quality, Xfinity guarantees these value-added services on their subscription. In this write-up, we’ll focus on how you can get this status code 580 resolved.

Xfinity Status Code 580 explained

The error message, “Status Code 580,” will deter you from streaming content on your screen, and the error message will be will appear on a blank screen. This means that the equipment you’re currently using requires an approval signal from Xfinity before the channel you’re trying to stream can be included on your TV package. Some fundamental factors might be the reasons why this might happen. Here is how to fix it;

First, check if the channel is in your cable package.

  • You need to check and confirm what channels are included in your cable package. This can be found on your program lineup page. On this page, you might be required to enter your location Zip Code. When this is done, you can now expand the package to view all the channel’s complete list.
  • Here also, you still have the opportunity of seeing your current package you’re subscribed to. At the service section, click manage >>> under popular topics. Here you can view the topics of all the channels in your package.

In a situation where the channel is already included in your package, then you need to tighten all coax cables linked to your device. This will enable your equipment to be connected properly.

Perform a reset on your cable box.

Assuming that you’ve streamed this particular channel in the time past, you’re not meant to receive this error code. One thing comes to mind; there might be a temporary error that needs to be fixed, hence the need for the cable box reset. To do this; It is compulsory to unplug the cable box first from the power outlet and the TV connection. When all the cables have been removed, please wait for a minute or two before connecting it again. Once the cable box gets restarted, you can now scroll to your most preferred channel and try to stream. This will enable you to confirm if the error has stopped.

Reinstall the Xfinity App

As you make use of the app to stream and watch movies, there are tendencies that it will get bugged. Therefore, you might need to uninstall the app and reinstall it again after waiting for like two minutes. The good thing about app installation is that it will be updated, thereby taking all bugs away. Remember, after installation, add the admin username and the password. This will enable you to use the parental control features.

Contact Xfinity support

When the Comcast status code 580 displays on a news channel you’ve not streamed before, it’s better to reach out to the support department. As a Comcast subscriber, some of these news channels are free to stream, so the error code shouldn’t be seen on them. The support department is well well-informed and also willing to help you find a solution to this error.

In Conclusion

The write-up above clearly outlined the steps you need to take if you’re currently faced with the Xfinity status code 580. Follow it as recommended, and you’ll realize you can completely carry out the troubleshoot yourself to fix the error. On the other hand, you can reach out to the customer support department for more troubleshooting options if you find anything difficult.

Frequently asked questions

What is the meaning of status code 580 on Comcast?

The Status Code 580 on Comcast can be as a result of certain reasons. For instance, it can be because the channel you intend to stream is not currently among your cable package. The error code can also imply that your equipment needs an authorization signal from Comcast before you can stream channels in your package.

What can I do to authorize a particular channel on Comcast?

  • First, you need to access the X1 manage app
  • Then on your remote control, press the Xfinity button.
  • With the help of the arrow buttons, highlight app >>> press OK.
  • Still, with the arrow buttons, highlight “manage channels” >>> press OK.
  • When the manage Channels app finishes loading, the next will be the off-page. You’ll see the premium, sports, subscription On-Demand, and international channels.

Note: All your subscribed channels will be checked beside it. It will appear as Subscribed >>> with a specific price.

What causes my TV to say no signal on certain channels?

At first, you need to make sure your television is plugged into the right input. You can try and change it from TV, AV, DTV, etc., if you’re yet to do so. Apart from this, a faulty antenna can also cause the no signal error. You can also change to a new antenna if the problem is not from the input/source.

My Xfinity cable says not authorized. Why does this happen?

You can get this error when new channels have been newly added to your TV box, but you’re yet to receive the update signal, which will enable the channel to work. Also, when you try to stream channels outside your package, an error can occur.

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