Xfinity status code 340 fix

Xfinity status code 340 – How To Fix Guide

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Xfinity status code 340 means the Xfinity cable box is believed to have been “lost” because it was never activated. The Xfinity cable TV box is similar to a DVR box that converts the received analog signals into transferable data sent to the television. The box does not stop at providing reliable transmission of either video and audio; it also has unique features like recording, pausing, and rewinding of your most preferred TV programs, shows, etc. Despite these attractive features, errors can still occur intermittently with the box, just like any other digital equipment. Once you discover that your Xfinity cable box has a minor problem, you need to apply certain troubleshooting methods to rectify the issue.

Causes of Xfinity status code 340

Factors that can give rise to this error code are as follows;

  • Launch configurations can get corrupt – Often, the cached launch configurations directly from the receiver or cable box might get corrupt, thereby triggering this error. It’s actually easy to get fresh configurations once the old one is erased.
  • Wobbly Connection – An you’re using your cable box, the connection between the TV and other equipment might get loose, resulting in this error. Check to ensure that all the wires are firm without any dirt buildup.
  • Outright service outage – There might be a service outage during equipment or system maintenance. These are the important procedure that ensures smooth operation, just that it can result to service outage that will prevent the cable box from functioning adequately.

How to Fix Xfinity status code 340?

Examine all the power Cables

This is normally the first instinct because the cables’ responsibility is to transmit signals starting from the device’s wall outlet. So, you need to check the coaxial cables. Plugging the cables to their right port is another thing to pay attention to. To easily do this, use the labeling on the cables and the box to fix each one at the right port.


In case you’re classifying wiring and cables as the same, there are differences between them. Cables are attached to the cable box, but wiring comprises the entire infrastructure. Therefore, you need to make out time to check the wiring around your home. On the other hand, a professional technician can adequately optimizes the wiring which will eradicate the error code.

Reboot the cable box

You still need to reboot the cable box. The process of rebooting is not complicated. It entails removing the cables from the power source, then switching it off. Wait for at least two minutes to resolve the configuration before connecting it back and switching it back on.


The memory of the cable box is another factor that can give rise to this error. Once the memory is filled up, the error will be displayed. Remember, the cable box contains all the recorded programs. So, you can either delete some or install the hard disk to other devices. When a free memory space has been created, the error will be resolved.

Check television input/output cables

There is a need for correct cable inputs. For instance, if you’re using coax cable, channel three is the optimal input for it. However, if you’re using an HDMI cable, you can use either channel one, two, or even three.


This refers to the light on the Xfinity cable box. For example, when there is a constant blinking of green light on the box, it signifies a hardware issue. You can engage the services of a technician to check the Xfinity cable box thoroughly.

In Conclusion

When you’ve exhausted all possible options, reach out to customer support and explain your ordeal. They’ll surely recommend a different approach to resolve it. You need to explain the issue to them, and they will assist. Rather than wait for them to come around, you can take your Xfinity box to their authorized centers. They’ll thoroughly inspect it and check if anything is wrong with it.

Frequently asked questions

What is preventing my Xfinity cable box from turning on?

Most times, during troubleshooting the Xfinity X1 box, you’re often directed to restart the device or resolve it online using a system refresh. Therefore, you use the Xfinity My Account App to restart it. Alternatively, you can use the help menu, then restart from the power button.

How will I troubleshoot the Comcast cable box?

Once you’re having any issue with your Comcast cable box and you need to restart it, follow the steps below;

  • Ensure there is power on your device. The X1 TV needs to be turned on.
  • Inspect the cable connections, especially the video cables that are between the TV and the X1TV box. It should be well connected.
  • Then, power on the TV and X1 TV box.

My Xfinity seems to be stuck on one channel. How do I resolve it?

Once your Xfinity is stuck on a particular channel, the next thing is to reboot the device. First, unplug it from the source of power, wait for a minimum of 30 seconds, then plug everything back in again. If this still didn’t work, send a message with your name and account details to Comcast. They’ll respond to you with possible solutions.

What does the error message status code 580 mean on Xfinity?

This error message will hinder you from streaming any content. The screen will be blank. When this happens, it means your equipment lacks an authorization signal from Comcast. Therefore, you need to reach out to them for proper authorization.

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