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Nest WIFI vs Eero

Nest WIFI vs Eero – Which Is The Best Mesh Router

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Living in a bigger house where people in different rooms get significantly varying internet speeds can be annoying. In most instances, you need to factor everything to a point in the house where the speeds are higher. However, investing in a good mesh router can solve this issue once and for all. The router can easily solve the issue of lower and unstable internet speeds in the house by spreading fast and reliable internet in all the rooms in the house. Google Nest and Amazon-owned Eero are some of the best new mesh routers revealed by the two companies. Which one among these two is the best?

Amazon and Google revealed their new versions of mesh routers early in 2019. The Google Nest router and the Eero mesh have a working wifi system. They are both the current versions of mesh systems that have received a lot of praise in the market for their features and performance. The two have actually been tested at CNET and hit the market when multipoint counterparts were gaining traction, with the users fed up with the dead spots in their houses.

To help you decide between these two mesh systems, we have tested and revealed the performance and value for each of them. After months of testing and checking customer reviews and comments, we concluded that Eero Pro is the superior system for several reasons. One, the router is user-friendly and requires little knowledge to set up and use. Secondly, the router is a reliable performer with consistently fast signals and spreads speedy wifi in a wide range to eliminate dead spots in the house.

The Google Nest wifi is a top performer, especially for people who don’t want to use a lot of money. It’s good for people that want to track bandwidth usage. Google Nest wifi sells at $273-$299 in different stores. The Amazon’s Eero Pro 6 mesh wifi costs $229 or $599 for a three-pack. Comparing the prices, Amazon’s Eero pro 6 is relatively expensive. If you want to learn how I reached a conclusion above, read along.

Nest Speakers doubles as Smart Speakers.

The Google Nest wifi I an upgrade of the versions that came before it with an added new, marshmallowy design that you can pick from three colors. Another added advantage is the top speeds and surprisingly with speakers and microphones in each of the points. It now doubles as a smart speaker. The audio hardware gives users a chance to use each of the wifi points just like the speakers from the same manufacturer. This means that you’ll spread the Google Assistant footprints in the entire house and at the same time get a stronger wifi signal.

The router comes along with the full range of Google Assistant commands. You can equally ask the mesh system to run a quick speed test. The same functionalities can help you command the system to pause the wifi for a group of devices on the network. This is the best functionality for parental control.

In most stores, most descriptions will say that the Nest wifi is an AC2200 mesh router. This actually shows you the combined speeds of each of the routers bands. The speeds come at about 2,200Mbps. However, you should know that the actual connection will be lower than that because you can only actually connect to one band at a time.

In this new version, Google has increased the number of antennas inside the device. This allows it to support 4X4MIMO connections on the 5GHz band. This means that if you are using a device with multiple antennas, such as the 3X3 MIMO MacBook pro, you can receive signals from the router from multiple antennas simultaneously. The design for this device has not significantly changed. It sticks with the 2X2 MIMO design.

To test the speeds, we wired the Nest wifi router to a local server and downloaded it using the test laptop. The tops speeds were clocked at close range. There was also minimal interference at 612Mbps. At the range, the speeds fell off considerably. However, the actual speeds will highly depend on your building’s layout and the speeds of the incoming internet. If you live in a 1,300 square foot home with 300Mbps incoming internet, the speeds from two-piece Nest wifi might average 222Mbps tested across five rooms.

The Eero Mesh wifi 2019: It has a tempting price tag

Eero made its name with the popular multipoint system. This was capable of slinging a steady signal ever in the house. The systems came with a price tag of more than $400, which is not cheap. However, they tested well and earned solid comments and reviews from the users. Eero also caught the attention of Amazon, which went to acquire Eero in 2019. After this, Amazon took swift actions to release a new, high performing version of the Eero Mesh systems. The new version of the Eero Router Mesh system had a price tag of $249 for the three piece setup. This was actually half the previous version’s price, which was actually an aggressive bid to most customers at the time.

Unlike Google Nest, Eero doesn’t give any details about the exact speeds of the dual-band systems. There’s equally no hint of this on the product packaging or even the fine prints. However, the company claims that the system suits residential homes with internet connections of up to 350Mbps. The claim lines up with the list of the top-performing mesh wifi systems.

There are many unchanged features in the latest Eero Pro 6 systems. The current versions currently use the proprietary approach that is known as TrueMesh. This seems well developed and robust. Most of the tests carried on the system concluded that this didn’t drop any connections. Eero has been praised for the commendable job of issuing immediate and automatic software updates.

Each of the Eero units has two GB LAN ports, allowing you to wire two units together. There are also plenty of ports to plug in a media streamer or a smart home hub. Unlike the Nest wifi, which only has two GB LAN ports and the wifi points don’t include any LAN ports, Eero seems slightly improved. Additionally, the Eero system can easily integrate with the Alexa, giving you a chance to pause the wifi on specific devices or a group of devices. The router can also tell you which Eero unit is close to the phone if you are having trouble finding out. Unlike the Google Nest, Eero doesn’t double as a smart speaker.

With all that information, you can easily notice that the Eero Mesh router shines in many areas. However, where it shines the most is the price at $249, the range, and the simplicity. Regardless of whether you are actually a tech guru or not, you can easily set the Eero Mesh wifi system within no time. The starter kit includes three units that promise to cover larger homes. You can upgrade to the three pieces Nest wifi setup at a low cost of $349. However, the three-piece Nest wifi setup is unavailable in Australia and UK.

Installation: Eero Pro vs. Nest wifi

Eero Pro is the easiest Mesh system to install regardless of your tech knowledge. It comes with Eero App to help with step by step installation and equally gives you tips and strategies to get the work done. You just need five minutes to get the Eero Pro mesh wifi system working. Unfortunately, the Google Nest wifi has a couple of setup hiccups. It uses a different app (Google Home), but the app doesn’t give any recommendations, tips, and strategies for installing the system. The information available is very likely to leave you hanging during certain steps. In this category, Eero Pro wins as the easiest to install Mesh wifi system.

Software and Features: Eero Pro vs. Nest wifi

Eero is one of the first pioneers of mesh wifi and made networking dead easy for all users. It gives you a chance to enjoy some of the best and most effective features. On the other hand, Google Nest has proven to include some features that are exceptional and highly valuable. The Nest wifi uses the Google Home app. Many users complain that the Google Home app is a watered-down version of the previous app. But it gives users chances to group devices for free-content filters and scheduling. You can download the app to control and manage the system at any time of the day.

Eero Pro features and pros

  • Users can name and rename the devices or groups of devices.
  • You can create a family profile and group devices depending on the user through the Family profiles feature.
  • It has an Eero app that is simple and advanced for use.
  • Tight Alexa Integration-Users can perform different sound actions such as asking Alexa to pause certain devices
  • It’s easy to create guest network.
  • The Activity tab shows how much bandwidth is used by each device in a week
  • It’s easy to see and notice a list of all the devices in the network.
  • HomeKit compatibility-Eero is one of the pioneers of this feature.


  • The Eero doesn’t have a web-based interface.
  • It highly relies on the cloud, and you might not perform any action on Eero App if you don’t have a connection.
  • Other house members cannot get admin access.
  • The ”Activity” Tab only displays the bandwidth data for the week and not on a daily basis.

Google Nest wifi Features and Pros

  • You have the ability to group family member’s devices.
  • Doubles as a speaker system
  • You can create a guest network.
  • The devices on the app are listed in order of their bandwidth usage in real-time
  • The Nest’s Family wifi has a Free Safe Search Feature to block millions of adult websites.
  • If any of the family members has a Google account, they can easily have their accounts added for admin access.


  • The system uses the Google Home app only, which people think it’s a watered-down version of the Google wifi app. It’s cluttered.
  • The Nest wifi also relies on the cloud by default.
  • It lacks a web-based interface


Which is better, Eero or Nest wifi?

Eero Pro 6 is relatively faster, but you should be ready to pay more for the router. Most users agree that the Nest wifi has more than enough speeds for typical use. The two devices are easy to use, but eero proves to give a wider range.

Is Eero the best mesh WIFI?

Eero Pro 6 always leads the way when you clock the top wireless transfer speeds for a single wifi router. The router has a close-range top speed of up to 1,008Mbps. It’s actually one of the best routers in the market, but many users complain about the price.

Is Nest wifi any good?

Yes, the Google Nest wifi is an excellent mesh router. The router is praised for its strong performance, top speeds, and easy to use features. You can pick the router in three colors depending on your preferences.

What are the notable disadvantages of a mesh network?

Besides all the benefits of the mesh network, there are some known disadvantages. The cost of implementing the system is relatively higher, and the chance of redundant connections is also very high. Building and maintaining the mesh topology is also time-consuming and tiring.


When speed and stability are put into consideration, Eero pro wins as the fastest system. It’s actually the most stable network and does a better job optimizing the connection throughout the house without any interruptions. The Eero has more rooms for nodes because it has an extra compared to the nest wifi. It also uses a true multi-channel mesh network, meaning that all the bands are used simultaneously. In terms of speed, the Nest wifi is neck-to-neck with its counterpart. But the downside is that the router has stability issues.

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